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  1. if you're a HODLER than this post shouldnt scare you. Realistically you lost your money when you purchased XRP, no matter the price. The only price that matters is when you sell. I started buying in September 2017, December, and a couple of more times in the first half of this year. I'm very much in the red (not only with XRP but also 2-3 other coins). I only plan to sell when I'm making a profit (preferably a rather substantial one) and if I have to wait several years for that so be it. It's been going downhill for the past 9 months or so, so another 8 months of decreasing prices is much more likely than XRP reaching $1 before that time.
  2. Don't worry guys, Chinese New Year and the Wall Street Bonuses are just around the corner!!! $$$$$$$ ?
  3. Got to love people saying "last chance to buy at this amazing price!!!" I've heard people say that here when it was $1.50
  4. I've said it before in a topic somewhere, people are making ridiculous predictions inhere all the time. Not just the people who got into ripple recently. People were predicting in December/January that XRP would be worth $10-20 by this time. And now they're still making predictions and preaching it like they know what's happening. I agree that the future is bright for Ripple/XRP. I firmly believe that it WILL go up. To all the "newbies" on here, NOBODY knows what will happen in Crypto. If you read predictions here it's most likely people predicting the price they would want it to be. I try not to make predictions, especially since all crypto seems to be going through a weird phase right now. Remember, crypto is not like anything we've ever seen, it's something completely new. I don't believe in Trading analysis either. Crypto is not a stock, it's something completely different and unpredictable. Anything is possible with XRP, it could keep dropping for a few months or even longer but I do believe that it will increase in value in the future. When and by how much is something NOBODY knows.
  5. Thats pretty easy, it's the internet, anyone can sign up to this forum and write whatever they want. Some people have nothing better to do. If I had to react to crap on the internet that offends or doesn't make any sense (in my eyes) or is stupid, I wouldn't have time to eat, sleep or go to the loo.
  6. I'm all in with XRP. I hope it moons. But the super positive stuff you read here all the time is all very biased. I think it's very healthy to hear from 2 sides. And since this is an XRP forum it's only logical that most people will want it to moon. But some price predictions on this forum just go too far. People are also saying stuff like oh it will be MINIMUM $50 (example) by the end of the year. I'm pretty sure if I go digging in previous topics from a few months ago I can come across several people saying it will be $15 (again, example) in March for sure. The problem is that NOBODY knows what will happen and it bothers me that some people act like they know what it will be worth.
  7. I watched it a few hours ago (not live). I loved it. He explains it very very well. Couldn't have gone any better!
  8. He thought of numbers that he would like them to be, didn't want a round number so he just added some decimals. I can do that to. But I won't.
  9. Terrible article. Where does the $692.30 come from? The author just mentions it but he doesn't explain how he got to that price. I can write an "article" like that as well...
  10. I also dont see what this has to do with Ripple. This isn't the case with most banks so Ripple won't have any effect on this. And you should convince your bank to go Ripple, that would be a lot better
  11. Your bank sounds stupid. I've never heard of that before and I didn't even know that was possible
  12. I've only invested in Ethereum (traded that for ADA), Litecoin, Ripple and Power. I thought they were all pretty reliable from what I could tell.
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