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  1. Is Moneygram in partnership in the red sign above or competitors ?
  2. Everyone seems to be in a good mood. No depressing or sad posts
  3. I’ll get one for myself. Thank you
  4. That’s actually me quoting myself. It’s too early here. That’s why we have the same thoughts. Haha.
  5. Agree.. We'll see $.60 tonight (or today to others). Hopefully, we get a rebound soon. It's hard to talk crypto now in the office.
  6. A good green candle is forming up. I'm going to sleep now and hoping for some good news tomorrow.
  7. I will be tempted to buy BTC if that happens. Long term I think it will go back up again. But, the question is when and how deep it will fall.
  8. We might see 80c again ? Perfect time to buy more !
  9. I just thought that when we reach $100, $1000 at least will be very likely. I will keep HOLDing until then.