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  1. Is Moneygram in partnership in the red sign above or competitors ?
  2. Everyone seems to be in a good mood. No depressing or sad posts
  3. That’s actually me quoting myself. It’s too early here. That’s why we have the same thoughts. Haha.
  4. Agree.. We'll see $.60 tonight (or today to others). Hopefully, we get a rebound soon. It's hard to talk crypto now in the office.
  5. A good green candle is forming up. I'm going to sleep now and hoping for some good news tomorrow.
  6. I will be tempted to buy BTC if that happens. Long term I think it will go back up again. But, the question is when and how deep it will fall.
  7. I just thought that when we reach $100, $1000 at least will be very likely. I will keep HOLDing until then.
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