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  1. BTW, somewhat related to Wipple, we've recently launched out new twitter (better late than never right) and plan on posting updates to the project as well as ledger stats (automating the later). If you're interested in following those and/or just want to help out the project (every bit helps, we're a tiny shop!) please click the follow & "like" buttons! (also github stars help attract visibility to the project!) Thanks everyone! Keep Zerping!!!
  2. @Tinyaccount thanks for the feedback. You're not doing anything wrong, rather the color used for both the background animation and the EscrowCreate were both green, albiet different shades. I can see how this can cause some confusion so I changed the EscrowCreate color to a different one to alleviate that confusion (the OfferCreate color was also changed to provide more contrast). You can see the update on Wipple Live The README has been updated, thanks for pointing out the typo, and appreciate the bug report regarding iOS. I'll try to figure out how to investigate though don't own any apple devices myself. Happen to know if the issue appears on MacOS? I do have a macincloud account, so if it can be reproduced there I can use that to test. And no spam, all feedback is more than welcome... keep it coming!!! 😄
  3. Happy Saturday everyone! I'm pleased to announce the release of Wipple 0.8.8 which brings in Ledger Object Support in addition to a whole new look! To view objects associated with any account simply navigate to that account and scroll to the 'Ledger Entries' section. There you can view all the entities in the current ledger as well filter by entity type. We intend to further enhance ledger and transaction output in the near future by autoformatting relevant fields and linking semantic data, stay tuned for more updates!!!
  4. riptidel

    Issue Sending Cross-Currency Payment

    I apologize, I just issued the successful cross-currency transaction and this is a non-issue. I made a mistake in my payment client specifying the wrong parameters to the getPaths method. Once I specified the correct parameters the payment went through.
  5. riptidel

    Issue Sending Cross-Currency Payment

    As a side note, a quick way to view the testnet accounts would be to go to: http://wipple.devnull.network/live/settings enter wss://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51233 as the rippled uri and then user the account explorer on the left to view the aforementioned accounts.
  6. **Updated** please ignore - see reply below Greetings! I've been doing some extensive integration testing against the ripple test net the last few days and have successfully conducted all my tests except one dealing with cross-currency payments. If anyone had any insight as to what the issue is, I'd greatly appreciate it. You can follow along by connecting to the testnet ledger (via websockets: wss://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51233 or http/json-rpc: https://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51234), an inspect these accounts: - rHDnw4aEipwp6PweJDDzouNhPisgAd8d72 : the issuer of multiple test currencies ('FOO' and 'BAR') - nicknamed issuer - rhaBuBWnVPSDcztLT3bQSRgRWc1HusZWii : extended a trust line to issuer for 50 units of 'BAR' - nicknamed client1 - rLLqUjDSMaA8ijgNhpwfwnuxsc2VkyZUCK : extended a trust line to issuer for 50 units of 'FOO' - nicknamed client2 - rpQaiJGdqPoDACoAfqqbTTAmDZK3pCxvHV : extended trust lines to issuer for 50 units of 'FOO' and 50 units of 'BAR' - nicknamed trader Before proceeding we should note issuer had previously set the 'rippling' flag on their account, and when the trust lines were extended the 'rippling' feature was enabled on each of them (so if I understand correctly rippling should be fully enabled in this scenario and not an issue). At the onset issuer send a payment of 10 'FOO" to client2 and send a payment of 10 'BAR' to trader. trader then created an offer where the taker would get 1.25 'BAR' (issued by issuer) in exchange for paying 0.25 'FOO' (issued by issuer). Finally to wrap up this expirement, we attempt to send 1 'BAR' to client1 from client2 specifying a 'SendMax' of 1 'FOO' (this was attempted with and without a 'DeliverMin' value). The problem is the payment fails with tecPATH_DRY as confirmed by a path lookup which is returning no paths. So my question is why is this failing? I was under the assumption the rippling feature would see that client2's 'FOO' could be exchanged into 'BAR' via trader's offer which would then be sent to client1. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help
  7. This is definitely a good idea @Wandering_Dog, we've added it to the backlog and should hopefully get to it in the near future. In the meantime, we've been doing some tweaking & tidying up of the Wipple codebase and noticed the lack of tools which to issue raw transactions to the network. We were looking for something fully parameterized, where we can select which transaction type we wanted to issue, enter the options manually, along with our account key via a GUI, and create a live transaction right then and there. Many different tools implement a subset of the transaction types, but none allowed us to issue the scope that we were looking for... until now! We're happy to announce we added support for live transactions via Wipple Live. Simply go to the transactions section click the "+" symbol and select the transaction type you want to issue (see screenshot below). After filling in the params, you can sign and submit the transaction right then and there. Account keys are completely managed clientside, and never sent to any server, there is no chance at compromise (our source code is 100% open, and we welcome any audits, furthermore our production code has _not_ been minified or obfuscated in any way). Additionally, you can specify the XRP server which to connect to (such as the XRP testnet) via the settings tab . Please note this tool is very early in development and is prone to being change. We intend to continue to develop it so as to handle more use cases, transaction options, and to be more fault tolerant to user input. But be sure to check back often as it will be seeing alot of improvements in the coming weeks! (or just follow us on our newly created twitter, we'll be posting everything there!
  8. riptidel

    Know Your Gateway

    Incidently the previous ^ also brings up a related question, which is of curiosity to us (perhaps someone here knows). Inspecting the account balances and obligations owed to the various XRP accounts, we find there are _alot_ of issuers (thousands) which do not appear on the official gateways list. Here are a few randomly selected for example r356Njw9iEtmDEb8fuZajYNk6JZwv2gqb9 rhoDneHNVkNhCYcXE1bZ7e2ie3mMxTuwTd rs1qJSePBZqsrkVPQkPNRAuFCrKmiNgfXx Now obviously any account can extend a trust line to any other, and perhaps these are development / testing accounts, but the fact that there are so many does lead one to question if there is any sort of rhyme or reason to all these issuers. Perhaps the more pertinent question is how Ripple generates the list of "official" gateways as presented via the data.ripple.com API? Is it a manual vetting process? Or is there some registration process / criteria / etc? (and why hasn't it been updated in a long time? the majority of the gateways on the list are now defunct!)
  9. riptidel

    Know Your Gateway

    @EasterBunny good observation. I just inspected the gateway metadata as returned by data.ripple.com and it seem SnapSwap is dual listed as "BTC 2 Ripple". The same issuing address (rMwjYedjc7qqtKYVLiAccJSmCwih4LnE2q) is associated with multiple names. Because BTC 2 Ripple appears first in the gateway list, this is the default name that Wipple picked up. This is confirmed by looking at the issuing account where we see both the "SnapSwap" name and "btc2ripple.com" domain. Our investigation into BTC 2 Ripple also revealed this fact. To clear things up, we will add an 'alternate names' field to our local data store and populate / use that when reporting. Be sure to check back for that feature.
  10. riptidel

    Know Your Gateway

    Thanks @Malloy, took some time to compile the list but it should be complete (as of today, I'm assuming more gateways will be added in the future at which point we'll strive to keep it updated). If there are any mistakes on info that needs update just let us know and we'll incorporate
  11. I'm pleased to announce a new gateway research section which has been added to Wipple XRP Intelligence. We've amassed a knowledge-base of information pertaining to gateways listed on the XRP ledger, both active and defunct. Now you can lookup information such as known contact details, outstanding obligations, and overview for all XRP gateways in one convenient place!
  12. Shout out to @Graine, you're missed on these forums buddy! --- Greetings XRP'ers!!! Recently we updated the XRP Transaction Waterfall feature in the Wipple Intelligence framework and figure it'd be a good time to share! What you're seeing is a live view of all XRP transactions, in the form of a "Code Waterfall", where transactions of the various types are color coded differently. Here you can see the majority of transactions are OfferCreates / Cancels, but payments and payment channel claims are frequent enough to be regularly represented. You can see the exact breakdown of which transactions transpired when via the Wipple Report Additionally JSONPath filtering has been added to the live transaction stream (and the transactions section on the account details page). This allows the user to filter out the transactions in real time according to powerful JSONPath expressions. So for example, you can filter out payments above/below/within certain amounts like so: $..[?(parseInt(@.Amount) > 50000000)] (Note transactions specify payments in drops, where 1000000 drops = 1 xrp) You can filter transactions by result like so: $..[?(@.TransactionResult == 'tecPATH_DRY')] This of course is the tip of the iceburg, JSONPath boasts features similar to XPath where you can include / exclude target data based on powerful predicates. --- Finally I want to wrap this update by asking what features do users here "always wish they had" out of XRP tooling? I'm talking about ways to gain additional insights into the network which aren't readily accessible with existing tools. The intent of Wipple has always to be a community project where we rapidly respond to the market and user-demands, so if you have any thoughts we'd love to hear them, who knows maybe they will be included in the next release! Happy XRP'ing!!!
  13. riptidel

    XRP Inspired Top

    Ha! Realized I forgot to include the link to the 3D model. Ya'll we're probably wondering what the hell I was talking about 😄
  14. riptidel

    XRP Inspired Top

    https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2970151 Just intime for the new XRP logo, the old logo!!! If you like this please consider donating to the open source XRP intelligence project: Wipple. Donations are accepted at the following XRP address: rhkvfNv6tzh6CMfpXZdX2t7HGN2ZX46Tco If you donate 50XRP or more and include a mailing address in the transaction memo I will send you a 3D printed top as a thank you! If you donate 75XRP or more (again including your mailing address) I will send you a double sized one!!! (If you do not wish to include your mailing address in the public ledger, simply include your email as the memo and then send an email from that address to devnullproductions@gmail.com containing your mailing address)
  15. riptidel

    We are all Doooomed

    I'm sorry but I can't resist. I've been trying to stay away from these speculative topics (noise) but every time I see this topic's title, I can't help but think of: 😄