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  1. Dev Null Productions is pleased to announce that we are running a contest in which eligible participants can win $50 worth of XRP. To enter follow us on twitter and like, retweet and comment on the following tweet: You must do all of the previous by one week from today Thurs July 08 2021 @ midnight (EST). Good luck!
  2. One final reminder... it's your last chance to sign up for this event tonight... you're not going to want to miss it!!!
  3. As a reminder this event is two weeks from tonight and the lineup is great! You're not going to want to miss this one... sign up today!
  4. Whichever wallet you use (hardware, software, etc) you can claim Flare Spark using FleXRP. FleXRP is developed by Dev Null Productions, a highly reputable software vendor in the XRP ecosystem. See our twitter for more details. Also feel free to contact our CEO Mo Morsi with any questions anytime.
  5. Of course! All are welcome to attend, participation is completely optional. Hope to see you there!
  6. The NYC/XRP community is inviting all to attend our next virtual meetup being held via Zoom on the evening of Tuesday April 20th at 7PM (EST). Besides an open discussion we will be hosting a series of demos in which developers and business building on the XRP ledger will showcase their projects. Come see the latest and greatest of new innovations being built on the Blockchain! The complete schedule is as follows: 07:00-07:15 : Meet & Greet / Open Discussion 07:15-07:30: Wieste Wind (XRPL Labs) - The Xumm Wallet 07:30-07:45: Richard Holland (XRPL Labs) - Hooks / Smart Contracts on the XRPL 07:45-08:00: Mo Morsi (Dev Null Productions) - Monitoring XRPL with Zerptracker 08:00-08:15: Nik Bougalis (Ripple Labs) - Recent XRPL Developments from Ripple 08:15- : Open Discussion All are welcome to attend, sign up for the event on meetup.com to receive details of the Zoom conference when they are posted. Hope to see you all there!
  7. Many thanks to @FlyingFox for submitting the feature. The bounty award has been distributed and this is now closed.
  8. Hi @FlyingFox, thanks for the PR! I tried it out and it worked great. There are a few changes that need to be made before it can be accepted though, please check github. One they are made, I will merge, and send you a DM to coordinate the bounty distribution!
  9. Greetings! Dev Null Productions has recently published a blog series diving into technical differences between these two Blockchains. You can find the four parts on the Dev Null Productions at the links below: Part I - Project missions, prerequisites, transaction metadata Part II - Common Transactions Part III - Blockchain specific transactions Part IV - Miscellanea (transaction results, streaming, account flags, network topology, source code) Hope you enjoy!
  10. Please like & retweet this tweet announcing the bounty for exposure. Thank you greatly!
  11. Feature bounty: Dev Null Productions will pay 100 XRP to the first developer to submit a pull request to FleXRP adding support for #XRP private keys, while maintaining existing support for the secret key. https://github.com/DevNullProd/flexrp This is a commonly requested feature as many wallets only allow exporting the private key and not the family seed. To be eligible for the bounty: - A pull request must be submitted to the FleXRP repository on github - The patch shall add support for specification of a private key in hexadecimal in the existing 'secret key' field - The input field label shall be updated to 'XRP Secret Key / Private Key' - If a private key is specified, the patch shall verify it's validity - If a private key is specified, it shall be used to sign a valid XRP transaction when the form is submitted - Existing support for the secret key shall not be broken - README documentation shall be updated to reflect a secret key or private key may be specified - Code shall be clean, documented, written according to standards, and in accordance to existing style of the application The first developer that submits a pull request satisfying these requirements shall be eligible to receive 100 XRP upon verification and merging into the codebase. Inorder to claim the payout the developer must provide Dev Null Productions an XRP address which to send the payout to, including destination tag if applicable. This address may be provided directly in the pull request, by direct message on xrpchat or twitter (@DevNullProd) or via email (devnullproductions@gmail.com). If address is provided by direct message or email, the pull request must reference the associated xrpchat account / twitter account / email address which will be sending the address. Happy hacking!
  12. Dev Null Productions is pleased to announce the general availability of FleXRP 2.0.2, an app used to setup #XRP accounts for the FlareNetworks Spark Token Distribution. https://github.com/DevNullProd/flexrp New enhancements to this utility include: - A redesigned, polished interface - Expanded user guide and documentation - Security audit and enhanced compliance - Support for multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) Download it today!
  13. NYC/XRP is planning a virtual meetup for the near future, at which we are going to discuss this topic among others. Be sure to join the meetup group to find out when it's scheduled!
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