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  1. To weigh in on my end (alot of good discussion since I posted!), I was the one to leave my full time job two and a half years ago (early 2018) to pursue Dev Null Productions full time. I'm a firm believer that there are no guarantees in entrepreneurship, and if it's obvious it would already have been done. Risk is part of the picture and I'm comfortable with not seeing the full path to profitability on outset. So we started up with limited resources working on things that I felt would give us the highest chance of success. At first this was data and analytics services (originally known as "Wipple" which turned into xrp1ntel which turned into xrpintel). The idea is for a truly decentralized network to flourish, external data sources are needed, traders, market markers, etc cannot rely of data from Ripple alone. Just like it's important to decentralize the operation and ownership of the network, it's important to decentralize the extraction of value from the network. So we built to the product and started promoting it at conferences and meetups left and right. Unfortunately we didn't get much if any traction, quite the opposite, we were scoffed at for choosing XRP as our platform (by this point you all know the "centralized shitcoin" narrative). But no big deal, as an early Bitcoin adopter (2012), I was used to individuals casting doubt / belittling these ideas, I feel most people are sceptical by nature, and when your involved with an early stage community / technology, it comes with the picture. Since you can only push so far on a given front, last winter we decided to pivot and focus on other efforts (still based on XRP as I am a believer in the technology & team driving it). Specifically Zerp Tracker was built to allow for users to setup notifications whenever their accounts are modified or any other activity they are interested in transpires. Again another "obvious" / "must have" piece of the picture for any technology claiming to allow you to "be your own bank". We also have a 3rd unannounced project that I alluded to earlier that we are still working on (to be released next spring). Zerp Tracker ended up taking alot longer than I had hoped, 100+ hour work weeks, 15 hour work days, 7 days a week from February to mid-June. But we got it done and it was released. The community support has been great but that's where it stands. Official funding would be of use and put to good purposes, but we also need official endorsement and partner referrals. In return we offer the perspective of a solid / independent developer shop with proven contribution. In addition to the projects above we've contributed code and amendments to the rippled codebase, have run the NYC/XRP meetup for over a year, run a full history node, and much more. --- With Dev Null Productions, Ripple and the community can feel at ease knowing that their support of us will be backed with a solid team working on critical pieces of the ecosystem that are consistently delivered with the highest quality. We can and have added alot to the XRP ledger and are confident that given the opportunity we will prove to be an increasingly reliable partner, helping drive innovation forward and growing the footprint of these ground-breaking technologies.
  2. We're pretty familiar w/ many folks at ripple, have met many of their engineers, managers, etc in person at various conferences, meetups, etc around the world but will do. Continued support from the community helps (you guys are really awesome!), want to get it to the point that its an "obvious" direction to go in.
  3. Our projects xrpintel and zerptracker are based on the XRPL (and one undergoing stealth development... to be announced soon!) but unfortunately we have not be able to secure Xpring funding or collaboration (we've been trying!).
  4. Zerp Tracker - XRP Blockchain Monitor:
  5. Over the weekend we pushed an update to Zerp Tracker enabling free trials of premium features which several users have asked for. If you would like to try out features such as txt msg alerts & webhooks, sign up for an account & fill out the following form: https://zerptracker.com/about#contact Keep Zerping!
  6. Zerp Tracker will be down briefly for a software update. We don't expect downtime to last more than 15 minutes after which #XRPL ledgers/transactions which transpired will automatically be replayed to ensure 100% filter coverage. Incidentally this is the first major Zerp Tracker update... wish us luck!
  7. Please note, we had a recent issue w/ deploying an update that resulted in downtime. If anyone tried to register / login / etc but was unable to please try again, the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience as we roll out this release.
  8. @Corei5 Weird seems to be accessible locally, tested from multiple browsers / computers. Is it still not accessible? What browser / operating system are you running?
  9. @pucksterpete Did you get a confirmation email and click the link?
  10. Dev Null Productions is pleased to announce the general availability of their latest product, Zerp Tracker, now accessible at https://zerptracker.com Zerp Tracker is an XRPL transaction monitoring tool that allows users to create persistent server-side alerts to be notified of transactions of interest via email, SMS, and webhooks. A user simply signs up for an account and sets up filters to match the types of activity they are interested in, Zerp Tracker will take care of the rest. - Monitor accounts for incoming and outgoing transactions - Watch scammers' accounts so as to immediately notify law enforcement when transactions are sent to an exchange - Track particular currencies and order books for subsequent algorithmic trading execution. - Watch for money flow and volume pattens - Many more possibilities Dev Null Productions invites the general public to sign up for a free account at https://zerptracker.com. The interface has been designed with easy-to-use and intuitivity in mind. Zerp Tracker fulfills a much needed role for an account and transaction monitoring tool not satisfied by any other utility in the sector. --- About Dev Null Productions Dev Null Productions is the leading provider of XRP data and intelligence services. XRP is the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market cap and is being adopted by financial institutions and payment providers worldwide for cross border remittances. Dev Null Productions' solutions in the sector are focused on delivering high quality and robust tools and services for use by institutions and enthusiasts alike. You can find our more at https://devnull.network
  11. Greetings #XRPCommunity and happy Friday! We're looking to compile a list of XRP transactions for a database we're building to be used for testing purposes. The goal is to compile a complete set of all transaction field permutations that have gone across the live network. We've already assembled a variety of transactions but still have gaps to fill in. Instead of performing a tedious and time consuming process of scanning the entire ledger history for those (or crafting testnet transactions for each), we'd first like to crowd-source that lookup here incase community members know of transactions satisfying these requirements offhand. Transactions that we are missing: - AccountSet transactions with ClearFlag, Domain, EmailHash, MessageKey, SetFlag, TransferRate, TickSize - AccountSet transactions with combinations of the previous - DepositPreauth transactions with Authorize, Unauthorize - EscrowCreate transactions with Condition, DestinationTag - EscrowFinish transactions with Condition, Fullfillment - OfferCreate transactions with Expiration - PaymentChannelCreate transactions with CancelAfter - PaymentChannelFund transactions with Expiration - SetRegularKey transactions with RegularKey - SignerListSet transactions *without* SignerEntries (deleting SignerList) - Also any of the above transactions and all others w/ non-success status codes. Once we compile a complete list we'll tag each and publish the example transactions to a new section on xrp1ntel for use by the community. Many thanks!
  12. Agreed, in addition to accessing fees and other data through the web site you can pull in the metrics into statistical models via our API.
  13. You have to remember fees are expressed in drops, which are integeral units. In order to express them in XRP, we divide the number of drops by drops-per-xrp (1,000,000). Hence a fee of 10 drops becomes 0.00001 XRP, a decimal. I agree that the site could use some UI/formatting love, we're working on many things and that type of thing tends to break quickly as things are changed / added. Rest assured we'll dedicate time to improving that in the near future! Appreciate the feeback
  14. Not at the current time but great idea, we'll add it to the TODO list!
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