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  1. Every day that bitcoin grows, it grows the potential market cap of Ripple.
  2. All of the gigantic interest in cryptos has swamped every site and none of them can respond to tickets for days. I know it's frustrating. One possibility is searching your local craigslist for someone you can meet up with and sell you some Bitcoin (which you would then sell for XRP).
  3. I don't know how he did it either, I bailed many times and was a very early adopter. Oh well, the past is in the past, let's all get ready for the future!
  4. What's up Hodor, keep fighting the good fight man, hope you have wild success!
  5. I followed your instructions, definitely saw an eligible balance, then followed Stellar's instructions and nothing has happened. Is there a delay in the giveaway Stellar appearing in the account?
  6. I may be way off base, but I'm starting to wonder if we will not ever hear about Ripple's most important partnerships because of NDAs (non disclosure agreements). If all of their deals are private and they make private coin sales to partners, we the public have no way to guage the success of the company. The total number of Ripples stay the same, roughly. Please tell me if I'm wrong!
  7. I never said that XRP would triple the day of the conference. I assume that the conference will lead to new contacts and business deals that will, in the future, make Ripple more successful.
  8. BREAKING NEWS: #Money2020 attendance record broken. Most visitors/companies present in history. Only crypto present today: #XRP #Ripple
  9. I've used 6 or 7 and I keep coming back to Bittrex and Kraken. I think they are the most reliable.
  10. Here's another place to discuss Ripple within the world of Stock Investing: https://stocktwits.com/symbol/XRPUSD
  11. Some good stuff here guys, thanks. I don't think it's pointless at all to try to find more advanced metrics. I'm looking for a formula or metric that would allow me to compare any two crypto coins and see which ones look promising for future investment.
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