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  1. @Staigera Obviously you don't have the capacity to actually respond like an adult, so let's just check in when the SEC clarity comes out? 0.5 cents is a long way down, and we just had the US government talking about cryptos again. Good luck!
  2. No offence taken Donoizzy, let me try and clarify. I understand the language when taken out of context would appear vague. The full sentence was : We look to be heading down to the long term bear reversal line, which I peg at around 43c AUD, this is concerning, but not surprising. We should see a strong bounce here, or a dip under then back up. I am buying. What this means : We are approaching a level of support that is long term, and is respected by the market (bots, day traders, TAs) and therefore we will see a reaction at that point. A strong bounce means we touch that support lin
  3. So you believe in the asset enough to stay in it, and assume you are the only one "husseling"(sic). You have no idea about my investments or dollar cost average. You seem angry at your investment of time and money, and the lack of returns. Why should that stop me posting in a forum about XRP? You're only response is to take the **** out of me with a highly negative and immature response. Try responding to my actual thought out post, rather than copy pasting "plans within plans" for attention like a child. If you and your "bro's" (who are these bro's?) are so sick of people talking abou
  4. My mistake, I cut off the end of my chart, 14 August is the correct date
  5. Sound like @Staigera is at capitulation point, along with a lot of people. It's understandable, it's stressful watching it go down, but if you're in cryptos and not the slightest bit diversified, expect to feel this from backing the wrong horse for maximum short term gains if that is your motive. That said, I am not in this to trade a speculative market, this is a long term investment, and I am 99% XRP in my portfolio. I think it's a matter of perspective. You've chosen an investment that has gone up 34% since it's low in August 14, 2018, yet compared to BTC, this seems like nothing. Yet
  6. And there have been higher lows since Sept 2018 August 14 2018, that is a reversal from the previous trend of lower lows.
  7. Fill up that hopium pipe, here's my stress free run down of where we are at: Charts : We look to be heading down to the long term bear reversal line, which I peg at around 43c AUD, this is concerning, but not surprising. We should see a strong bounce here, or a dip under then back up. I am buying. Correlating with the BTC/USD chart, we are at a decision point with BTC, will we push up through this chop zone, or pull back. I am betting on BTC pulling back to 9k USD before it runs again. This will drag XRP down, likely below the long term support momentarily. This is where I wil
  8. "You'll never see it at these prices again" - yes, I'm buying
  9. Can relate! It has made me "save" more money than I ever have in my life.. although the interest rate isn't currently great
  10. You asked this question 6 weeks ago, the entry I posted is still correct, are you still waiting for @ripplewaytogo price prediction of 35c AUD?
  11. By experiencing, you mean FOMO'ing into the market at $4.34 AUD at the start of January 2018 "my girl"?
  12. Well they do say a fool and his money are easily parted I do my best to give educated TA / Fundamentals based responses because when I first got into trading I just hit buy and assumed it would go up forever (ahh the 2017 bull run was an exciting time! Followed by a long disappointing time...). Turns out it's not nearly that simple and that lack of understanding cost me some serious gains. Fortunately an experienced trader took the time to educate me to understand the market better and I am trying to help others not make the same mistakes. I don't expect to be right all the time, but i
  13. Funny, a month ago, you told someone not to buy because : "If I am going to look at an entry price I be looking to enter at 35c" (AUD) Despite me posting a chart with the entry point exactly right, and we haven't dropped below that entry point again. We are now up 30% from that point and that guy might still be sitting on the sideline waiting for 35c as you insisted. Maybe it's easier throwing out random guesses when it's your husbands money, but consider that people actually come here for trading advice with their money.
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