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  1. Just signed up & transferred some Ripple. It does require KYC to register & become fully functional.
  2. It's a repeat but with nice twist to it: https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/04/ripple-apple-partnership-potential-sky-rocket-xrp-price/ ... This is a very optimistic outlook for a currency that only seems to grow. Investors hope to see Ripple hit the $10.00 mark soon, yet at the time of writing Ripple is only valued at $0.65, so we can say at this point, there is still quite a long way to go. It does go without saying however that should Apple start using XRP and facilitating XRP payments, the $10.00 target could grow to a $50.00 and beyond. As more news about the Ripple and Apple partnership surfaces, expect the value of XRP to change. It could sky rocket, given the circumstances I have discussed above. ...
  3. https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/04/02/ripple-xrp-wont-be-this-cheap-again/ Reasons and Opportunities to Invest in Ripple XRP when it’s cheap 1) Bithum-Korea Pay Service partnership will boost Ripple value Bithum is South Korea’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, and it recently partnered with Korea Pay Service to create a crypto friendly payment system for South Koreans. This will create a rise in the number of people spending crypto tokens in South Korea. Bithum sees a large amount of XRP token trading, and an increase in Bithum usage will drive the volume of XRP trading up. South Korean traders accounted for a 100% surge in Ripple price a few months earlier, and the same might happen again. 2) Uphold, and London Block Exchange have added Ripple (XRP) Uphold is a crypto bank that allows you to buy and hold Ripple for no transaction fee and convert it to 7 other cryptocurrencies and 23 fiat currencies as well as 4 precious metals. London Block Exchange is UK’s only crypto exchange. Both of them adding Ripple will result in the price going up, and your investment will surely pay huge dividends.
  4. https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/03/24/santander-confirms-ripple-based-cross-border-payments-coming-soon/# Santander has Always been Confident The relationship between Santander and Ripple dates back to 2015. At the time, the institution made its first investment in this distributed ledger outfit. One year later, they doubled down on that investment. It quickly became clear Santander had high expectations for Ripple. So far, it seems the company has been right all along. Only time will tell if this integration will be successful, though. For now, the focus lies on Spain, Brazil, the UK, and Poland. This launch will occur at some point in the next three months. No further specifics have been announced just yet. We do know all transactions will be settled within 24 hours or less. It is a big step up from how cross-border transactions are handled as of right now. More importantly, this new solution offers unprecedented transparency. Users can figure out the exact transaction cost beforehand, which is rather impressive. For now, we have to wait and see if this new solution will make use of XRP as well. There is no official indication that will effectively be the case, but the details are scarce. Assuming the project is successful, the appeal of Ripple will only continue to increase.
  5. https://nilsonreport.com/publication_the_current_issue.php Refresh of News from a Reputable Source: CAMBRIDGE GLOBAL AND RIPPLE´S BLOCKCHAIN Cambridge Global Payments processes over $25 billion in cross-border payments annually on behalf of more than 13,000 business clients in the U.S. and Canada. Those payments are made to suppliers and employees in 200 countries. Cambridge sees a client’s full accounts payable file and selects the best payment option for each invoice. It maintains direct banking relationships in many countries, uses Swift to facilitate data exchanges for cross-border transactions in others, and in some cases makes payments using virtual Mastercard cards. However, Cambridge wants to lower costs and reduce the time it takes to make financial settlement on cross-border transactions while providing more comprehensive data to accompany settlement. That won’t happen with any legacy systems for cross-border payments. Cambridge sees blockchain and related technologies available from Ripple as the answer.
  6. Personally, I appreciated the last paragraph "As Japan’s retail banking market prepares for what would be the largest consumer-end implementation of blockchain tech via a consumer payments app powered by Ripple, the world’s biggest central banks were told cryptocurrencies “do not pose risks to global financial stability” by the international Financial Stability Board (FSB) during the ongoing G20 summit in Argentina.
  7. Twitter Banning Crypto Articles: https://cointelegraph.com/news/unconfirmed-report-twitter-to-ban-crypto-related-ads-in-response-to-regulation-concerns
  8. Perhaps because it's becoming a part of their policy to not allow posts related to Cryptocurrencies (like Facebook & Google).
  9. Cuallet’s Money Transfer Service Integrates Ripple’s xRapid
  10. I would like to see Ripple, the company announce an IPO. I'd be buying shares with both hands.
  11. Note to Newbies in the World of Trading I've seen at least three (3) of these Flash Crashes (i.e. Stop-Loss raids) over the past couple of weeks. I'm not providing Trading Advice, but please be aware that if you have a SELL Stop-Loss below current price & down to 0.024, there's a chance that these Stop-Loss raids could force an unwanted SELL execution. I don't mind a Stop Loss being executed based on Fundamentals or even technicals but just plain high Volume Sell Orders @ Super Low prices used to manipulate the price is just plain WRONG. Even worst ... Contacting Poloniex or SEC is going to a waste of time. Nothing will be done. The volume is the grey bar shadowing the long thin Stop Raid line that drops all the way down to the 0% Fibonacci Line. Once the Stops are taken out (stolen Ripple), the price immediately goes back up from which it came. Ripple Gone at a Major Loss. Now you have to rebuy the Ripple at the High of Day at another Loss with the chance of another Flash Crash @ the Whim of some Big Buyer (banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, etc.)
  12. Thanks. This is what a Short Attack looks like & Retail Investors do not have the purchasing power or influence to make this happen. It was well calculated to end right below the 38.2 Fib Level where the Buy Orders were waiting. Notice the HUGE volume. The huge green candle (the Setup / Trap) to the Left of the Super Huge Red Candle (Short Attack) & the Huge Green Candle to the Right of Big Red which is where the Big Boys are buying the Cheap shares. Then notice that the volume dried up after those 3 Big Candles. It Happens. Also Note that Poloniex which is a large Exchange just so happened to go down during this 30 minute window & retail Investors were Stuck & could not Sell or Buy XRP. Coincidence?
  13. Thanks for the Insight. I'm new to this site & just wanted to share my experience. There are some who are not as experienced & need to understand that 'Games' will be played by the Big Boys. Like today ... Many lost their Tokens due to the 'Short Attack' while out watching little Johnny play soccer. They left the house as happy as can be only to return with a Loss & No Tokens (due to Stop-Loss orders being placed earlier). There are some who had their accounts liquidated and now deep in debt due to Margin Calls. I'd like to be a contributing member of the community. Regards,
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