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  1. Great potential news! I have a feeling that Ripple are keeping all announcements contained for a while, rather than slowly getting peoples' hopes up ... they'd probably prefer to come out and say they've sealed a contract to implement xRapid across X number of countries with multiple banks (in effect, successfully replacing SWIFT, one can hope); that would then be a proper "announcement" rather than general fluff that seems to constantly come out of the rest of the crypto World. The Ripple team is the reason I invested in XRP - I believe they can pull something magical out of the hat, which others don't stand a chance at doing ... even if it takes a couple of years to come into fruition! Keep us updated on your side @CliffyB :-)
  2. IMO they’ll use their stockpile of XRP provided at discount prices for the pilot stages to get the partnerships off to a start. Then, it’s in Ripple’s interest to get those partners to be buying XRP at the going rate on the open market or via 3rd party liquidity providers to counter some volatility (bear in mind the transactions are completed in a few seconds so they won’t be exposed to too much volatility in that time anyway). That then raises the value of XRP, which in turn benefits Ripple (and all of the investors/hodlers).
  3. Great idea about keeping the wallet at a distance from you! Others should follow suit if they feel they could get floppy hands during the next 1-2 years. I’ve promised myself that I’ll keep accumulating XRP at a rate I can afford to not notice it “if” the whole crypto game collapsed, and not sell regardless of what happens, until at least Dec 2019. Hopefully the latest manipulated bull run has taught a few XRP hodlers to just be patient and watch the graph over a longer period of time than just a couple of weeks.
  4. Couldn't agree more! Bought at $2.3, $1.8, and $1. Ok, not the ideal rates, but I have a good stack of XRP that I can afford to lose if worst comes to the worst ... and in 2 years when I look back and XRP is trading at $50+, these few dollars I missed out on at the beginning will seem fairly irrelevant to be concerned about. No point crying about hindsight, if we knew what the markets were about to do, we'd all be buying/selling at the same time.
  5. Same situation. Like an idiot, I transferred ETH from Coinbase to Gatehub 2 and a half days ago (still not cleared today - I have enough XRP to cover the ETH wallet, and the relevant trust lines are open etc). I should have exchanged it for Litecoin and sent it straight to Binance for speed and lower fees (as pointed out by @MOONWALKER on a previous thread, lol). Lesson learnt, means I still can't buy a top up of $800 XRP for my portfolio as that money is just floating in crypto-heaven for the time being. Managed to get the other half into Binance within an hour yesterday and bought XRP at just over $1. Basically, like others have said on Reddit and Twitter, just avoid GateHub if you can - anytime there's a lot of transactions in the markets their system just falls apart. Buy on Binance, never experienced any issues, then transfer straight out to your Ledger Nano.
  6. Same, managed to top up some XRP at $1 though, but the rest of my ETH funds still haven't cleared with GateHub, so watching the dip and couldn't buy anymore. It was a good top-up at $1, but could have been better. Some were 'selling' so I can't feel too bad.
  7. As others have said, just buy back on the next dip (even if it's higher than what you sodl at last time); chuck it on your ledger and hide it securely so you're not tempted every few weeks to sell when 'manipulated' news comes out. Hopefully it wasn't an expensive lesson for you to learn from, and you'll still reap the rewards in a few years anyway ;-)
  8. I agree to a certain extent. If recent news has taught us anything (political and financial), it should be that the vast majority can easily be manipulated with fake/real news, fake/real announcements, interviews with 'leading figures,' whales/manipulators, and looking too deeply into what the Asia markets are doing. It's herd mentality. It would only take a slightly aggressive campaign from XRP/Ripple to get a few major institutions in various countries to come out and say that XRP will be utilised in the mainstream "in the coming weeks" ... and the herd will flock to it - as you've said, it'll come down to investment and public education (plus a bit more media attention in crypto). Then, perhaps the Exchanges will catch on early and detach XRP from ETH and BTC. Don't get me wrong, your analysis that we're a few years away from any of this looking likely to happen is what I totally believe too ... but if they wanted to do it earlier, it is possible. Ripple have the right idea though in allowing the crypto market to mature naturally and not keep jumping on to each announcement prematurely for short-term gains.
  9. BTC is seen as the 'established' coin so the alt-coins need something to be pegged against for the time-being. I don't mind the correlation for now. However, give it 12 months, and I can see XRP being it's entirely own entity with no correlation to other coins whatsoever.
  10. ETH is still considered more ideal by crypto purists who want the 100% de-centralisation, with less supply and thus higher prices per coin. Can it really be a 'useful' coin in the long-term or will it just run the course ... yet to be decided. For utility in 1-2 years time, I believe XRP will be far more mainstream and accessible than ETH or BTC (not necessarily meaning that the price tag will reflect this).
  11. Love this idea! Even a graph for the past XRP prices showing dips and peaks, so it's visually clear that it is volatile, does go down (but bounces back up), and not to panic.
  12. I realise it's wishful thinking that XRP investors just stay positive at the dips :-)
  13. So, with everyone concerned that XRP was the biggest casualty with 30% drops yesterday (whilst other coins floated around the 20% drop mark), XRP has now bounced up 22% compared to a 1-3% rise with ETH and BTC as of this morning. Can we remember this fact for the next time a dip occurs (which it will), before we start speculating that XRP is on a collision course with death, and all the FUD that appears (even from XRP holders)? If you've invested in XRP, you've invested in the ENTIRE infrastructure/team/tech around it ... so when a market crash happens, just remember that we have a system that is far superior and will thrive 'long-term' ... don't keep judging every 2 days. Still far off the $3.8, but it won't be long. Ta.
  14. Wouldn’t it make sense for Ripple to run their own subsidiary LP? Use a fraction of the 50bn reserve XRP for the pool when institutions need it, selling at a standard rate without any fluctuations for at least a fixed period. Just thinking it may be a good use of the reserve (a fraction of it) and a way to entice the new partners in on lower risk. still think it was a very astute move to keep that reserve to build partnerships etc, even if the die-hard crypto fans hate the idea of Ripple keeping too much control.
  15. Wise. Will be doing this going forward! Not used GateHub much but I like to keep options open and use various sources, but will stick to LTC to Binance for future transfers.
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