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  1. Thanks Folks, I appreciate the input
  2. Hi, I have a handful of years of experience trading stocks and options and am being compelled to dabble in the cryptocurrency market. I realize there are pathways such as gbtc to rather easily and safely invest in the CC market, however, it seems to fail to grip XRP. I believe in the XRP has a huge upside potential, perhaps to $50 within 2018 and who knows, this crazy market could see it skyrocket past that number. As a newbie in this market though, I am confronted with some new challenges such as exchanges and wallets.... Consensus picks would have one believe coinbase is a standard exchange to begin with but they would appear to be fixated on the big 3. Suggesstions? Inputs? on a solid, relatively friendly, secure, and low fee exchange as well as wallet? Thanks in Advance
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