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  1. You send your XRP to the wallet address in exactly same way you'd send it anywhere. No special way of doing it.
  2. As somebody who made my first XRP purchase Jan 1st 2018, I've led my Crypto life (bar a few days) completely in the red *cue violins*. Hodl is easy when you stubborn, "I ain't selling" requires no real thought, and I've been buying as and when I can afford it, so now sit on 5-6x what I had. Thinking back to them frantic days is crazy, I was signing up to every place I could think of trying desperately to get verified. The buzz on here was insane, and almost nobody thought it was about to all bleed back out. Most of us were thinking "this is it", about to go mainstream etc ... guess we a lot wiser now. Should history repeat itself, with BTC going flying up to $20k, and XRP (on no additional news) following suit with the alts to maybe $2-$3... what are you going to do? Do you expect a crash this time, and try to cash out? Do you just hodl on come what may? Do you maybe think this time it is for real? I'd love to know... because I don't have a clue!
  3. Most likely correct, but so long as there is enough buys who don't think that... then could be gains to be made. I'm thinking about getting £100 worth or something as pretty much a gamble.
  4. If some random asked how much money you had in the bank, would you oblige?
  5. Probably not a lot I suppose. Biggest challenge is probably convincing people to pay $1 (or whatever) for your coin in the first place. People need to have a reason to buy it in the first place, and confidence they’ll honour the conversion back to FIAT. I think what Binance have done is very interesting with BNB to pay fees at a discounted rate. Maybe something eBay or Amazon could do at some point, either as a stablecoin or something with floating exchange rate.
  6. Carney gives Facebook currency cautious welcome https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48711950 “Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is expected to give Facebook's proposed digital currency Libra a cautious welcome in a major speech on Thursday. He will say it could could substantially lower costs and increase financial inclusion, but needs regulation. Mr Carney is also expected to announce that non-banks will be able to hold Bank of England accounts.”
  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the spread is just where they make the profit on the trade isn’t it? They sell at a fractionally higher price than they buy. As a Market Maker I’d need to hold significant stack, but not only that I’m likely to be needing myself to go to the market regularly too. I need to surge my capacity for busy times / big transactions, but then have to hodl or sell back when it quietens down. How would one mitigate the risk of buying for $1 today (to service a busy few days), but finding the price is now $0.80 when I need to reduce exposure for the weekend? Somebody somewhere has to hold these XRP, and an unstable price is a real problem for them. Again, to flip it around. Apart from us impatient speculators, who would lose out if XRP grew at a steady 5% year on year forever?
  8. Just to further add... I'd be interested to hear the counter arguments @Tinyaccount, can we maybe get Ripple a good alibi to show they did not commit the crime? Also, I trust that IF Ripple are somehow keeping the price low/steady, then that is because that is precisely what needs to be done for the long term success of the project. Slow & steady wins the race!
  9. I've no special insight or knowledge to 'know' anything more than most. What I do do though is try to apply logic, and also flip the question around. We would probably all agree Ripple / XRP is pretty much unique in the space. Who else has so much backing in place, real world teams, real world contracts, actual good news and sat in the room with the IMF etc, so why on earth is that price not doing anything?! If we agree the price should be higher, then I guess we also agree something is keeping the price unnaturally down. Is it some random whale(s)? If it is....then why? I've seen various explanations, but I don't see any making sense. Some BTC fan boys who hate XRP so much they'll spend their money trying to crash the price... unlikely. Huge institutional investors/speculators who want to buy in cheap... well they've had forever to do that already. Whales just playing to make money... but they'd want to create mini price surges to cash in/out. On the other side of it, have to remember Ripple are not flogging XRP as a 'get rich quick' scheme to their clients. The profit for the banks comes from the lower transaction fees. The price of the XRP should actually be fairly irrelevant to them... so long as they can sell their XRP for what they paid for it. Ripple need somebody to hold XRP, be that a money maker or client themselves. Business craves certainty, and is not going to want to hold a volatile asset on their balance sheets. The whole "we can save you 50% on yours costs" sales pitch does not work if there is a big unknown risk of the asset dropping in value too. Yes, Ripple want to see the price go up as they hold a huge bag. But, everything is easier all round if that price rise is slow and steady... and the escrow means they can't sell today anyway. They in no rush. Standard crime solving at the end of the day... opportunity, motive and means. If we accept the price is suppressed, who else realistically fits the bill as our perpetrator and is a more likely suspect?
  10. It is an inconvenient truth that Ripple is logically among those who have the most incentive to stabilise the price in the short to medium term.
  11. I’m pretty sure we’ll see this gain some traction. Few people here are in a bubble thinking it won’t. Most the population WILL trade privacy for convenience. There might be a vocal few who won’t, but the massive numbers of users of Facebook, Alexa etc show otherwise. Very interesting article on WeChat the other day on the BBC. It is completely unprivate to the extent China will block you for sharing photos of protests etc with your friends. To get back in you have to take a selfie and basically confess. And you’ve got no choice really, because if you don’t use it... you excluded from a lot of society. Imagine a kind of Facebook, Gumtree, WhatsApp, dating site all rolled into one. It’s good news as far as I’m concerned anyway. General public only knows Crypto = Bitcoin = Criminals. Can’t under estimate how much awareness this brings to the space. Secondly the more walled gardens the better, this is what XRP is born for. Besides if Facebook is getting involved in the money transfer business, they need a cash out strategy for these low volume currencies. More walled gardens the better!
  12. It's a risk isn't it... If Ripple pull this off with MoneyGram...then we're off. Proven use with hundreds of other RippleNet members waiting in the wings to jump on the bandwagon. On the flip side, if Ripple fail to pull this off... that could be the death of the project as we know it.
  13. @ALiiBEAR As we've seen with Gatehub etc, you are placing a certain amount of trust in these companies. They should be safe, and some may say they'll insure your losses in the case of worst event... but you'll never know until it's too late. With using the Nano, a paper wallet etc you move that responsibly onto yourself. You have to either trust these companies, or trust yourself with the keys. With a company a hacking or corrupt employee is an issue. With yourself loss or theft of your keys is an issue (so long as you don't fall for any phishing attempts). I've gone for the Nano myself, but that means I'm now trying to keep 2 sets of seed words safe in physical locations.
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