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  1. Some very good points here about market cap, which really are logical when you think about it. What is also very interesting is the argument works both up and down, and goes to explaining Dec 2017. Firstly, if the price went to $5 in the next minute, not everybody can cash out at $5 per Zerp. The market suddenly gets flooded with sell orders, which needs an equal amount of willing buyers to sustain the price. The price is $5, but I don't want to wait around in the queue for my buyer, so I sell at $4.99. You don't fancy waiting either, and undercut me at $4.98... and down we go. Where it get very interesting, and where Dec 2017 give us clues, is the way up. The days where the price went crazy was because loads of people were trying to buy, almost willing to pay any price and the supply was tiny. The exchanges were closed to new business, and who wants to sell theirs in an rising market.. so the want to be buyers were left squabbling around trying to outbid each other for the ones available for purchase. Imagine if you will a scenario where big banks hold stacks we can't even imagine. They are not selling, as they use it in their ecosystems (ie, R3 Corda). Ripple still have locked in Escrow billions, so new bank has to tempt the retail buyers to sell their zerps in order to do their business. BOA etc would not be able to liquidate their stacks without huge slippage, but us retail customers with tiny (by comparison) stacks could find they could almost name their own price.
  2. Some of you got this backwards.... If major players such as SBI and R3 spend years building solutions around Ripple / XRP. Great indicator that they will actually follow through, and that in a significant enough way to justify all the time / money on prep work too.
  3. Giving the public address itself is not an issue at all, afterall... it’s public. The issue is confirming your link to that wallet. If the wallet has significant funds, you identify yourself as a target. Potentially somebody could look to target you with Phishing, or worse still if they managed to link you back to a real life identity, to get your private key. Neither which is particularly likely, but an unnecessary risk if giving the public address was simple a “willy waving” exercise.
  4. I’m going to sit in my safe space and assume he does not want to be accused of insider trading, so selling a bit now just before it goes parabolical!
  5. Not quite everyone... https://ambcrypto.com/breaking-sbi-virtual-currencies-delists-bitcoin-cash-bch-in-response-to-binances-bitcoin-sv-delisting/
  6. Where does one sell their aforementioned ALV ? Edit: Meh, don't worry. Found it on Gatehub.... $4 worth. Guess I'll be going to work tomorrow still.
  7. I’m fairly sure this came from Brad originally... but have to remember this is not a zero sum game. Unless you think Ripple / XRP is going to sweep 100% of the market. Then you have to accept there will be other options, and in a way they add to the legitimacy of the space. The size of the slice is important, but only in relation to also the size of the pie.
  8. If you look hard enough, you can find it everywhere! Spotted it whilst kids watching "Bing" the other day, help me....
  9. XRP-JAG

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Second question @BobWay (Assuming I'm allowed to 'double park'!) In your view, when or what needs to happen within the XRP ecosystem for the XRP price to become primarily a reflection of the potential of XRP - rather than (as it currently stands) being mainly driven by relationship to BTC price movements? Follow up question, would you anticipate this transition to be more likely a gradual one over time, or do you think there will be almost a watershed moment when the actual fortunes of XRP itself will suddenly be a greater influence than following BTC?
  10. XRP-JAG

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Would / could / should there be any issue in Ripple loaning XRP to Market Makers with the intent on facilitating sufficient market depth at the sharp end to enable true stability? I'm thinking along the lines of let Market Maker 1 have 100million XRP... and the repayment is for the physical XRP themselves, not the $ equivalent. Therefore no risk for the Marker Maker. The million dollar question, which is by no means new, seems to remain. Chicken & the egg. Can you obtain the stability for mass adoption, when mass adoption is the way to bring stability?
  11. XRP-JAG

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thanks @BobWay Have a look here: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rBvA65GxkHJuwB74KeBVLhgiiW24txy6TJ Fulfilled buy orders at around $3+ USD equivalent
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