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  1. A very easy trap to fall in to unfortunately. Crypto is gambling at this stage, and I think these leveraged options to amateur traders are not really any different to playing online slots. The addictive nature of chasing the earlier win, and making more reckless choices to get back equal are really typical. Try not to dwell too much on the ‘loss’. We are all going to ‘lose’ some profits along the way. Everybody could have brought in at a different time, traded differently, and ultimately exited at a different time. People who rode BTC from $20k to $3k would have been kicking themselves for years no doubt they should have sold at $20k. And other who did sell at $20k who felt smug for years, would be regretting it now. It’s all relative. When we have top companies buying BTC, banks supporting custody and likely some regulatory clarity from USA all this year, in the grand scheme of things this will probably be a small blip in your journey. The biggest challenge will be deciding when to exit I think. It sounds like you have above average sized stack still anyway, so you gonna be just fine 👍
  2. Yes, tonnes of it all the time. And given the breach included addresses, it is quite a concern really.
  3. Jed certainly has stopped selling via the usual route, but Ripple continue to release: https://bithomp.com/explorer/D5A875918F4BFA65A7371D07848D2C73F5051BFBA5D13238DAA8C080316E5787 I think Ripple has significant XRP reserves not tied up in Escrow, and as they selling via market makers OTC... hard to know what they doing right now. They may have paused selling due to the low price anyway (as per SEC allegations).
  4. Is this confirmed? If so, from where? As far as I’m aware we know for a fact Ripple have been selling, and have not heard anything to the contrary yet.
  5. Buying XRP in the US won't be a problem, it will be the on/off ramps as ever. As Brad says, it's all KYC/AML
  6. I think we are actually exhausted on the bad news for the moment. Obviously the SEC case could go against Ripple... but that is going to take some time to get there. Short of Kraken, there is nobody else of much interest to delist XRP state side anyway, and the market us numbing to these delists anyway. On the flip side we are massively down against USD and BTC. We could at any moment when we least expect it hear that the SEC suit has either been settled, or dropped - which would be a massive moonshot boost for us with zero notice.
  7. Sold 100%, rebrought 50% later. Then sold that, and then rebrought that again. What was XRP is now split between BTC and XRP... if I swapped the rest from BTC back into XRP I’d be about 50% up on my XRP stack over the last few days.
  8. Also basically a pyramid scheme. The ‘owners’ get in much earlier, and also exit much earlier. They are just hoping that the mugs in the general group are left holding their bags.
  9. As per previous, you obviously think for some reason you are more qualified to make this call than the SEC. You should write them, let their legal team know where they going wrong
  10. Point 206 would seem to be saying exactly that?
  11. You seem to forget that somebody had to bring it before a judge in the first place If it goes before a judge, then I'm sure you'll find a precedent is then set. You may or may not agree with it, and it may or may not be superseded by a later judgement, but one will be set none the less. What I cannot fathom is why you think your analysis of the question is somehow better than that of the SEC... unless of course you are a top legal professional in disguise
  12. @Finesse - It's great you (and may others) have the view that XRP is clearly not a security. The problem with this position nowadays is that we finally have confirmation that the SEC do think it qualifies, and not only that are willing to risk taking that to court. The only peoples opinion that really matters here is the SEC, and the courts... despite the XRP Twitter army claiming to know differently. As I've said elsewhere a lot of people seem to fail to realise that the law is not static. The Howey definition is not the law, that is simply the "go to" case when interpreting the law. The act was 1933, and Howey 1946... you could say things have changed a little since then. When a new question arises, such as the Ripple/XRP issue, then the courts will decide, and that becomes part of the most recent interpretation. We may well see a 'Ripple Test' to which others are measured against in the future.
  13. @ClintOconnor- Also don’t join that call! No doubt they want to take your details for further fraudulent purposes. Sorry to hear about your funds.
  14. I’m not sure I immediately see what the inconsistency is there? The point I suspect the SEC are trying to make is that the XRP given to these partners was not as something useful to be used as part of their dealings... but simply as a source of money. A kick back / incentive / bribe to encourage them to use a system they would have not done so otherwise.
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