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  1. Also received... looks pretty convincing to the point I came on here to double check!
  2. Going back to this for a minute... Is that a random video of Brad talking, or a deep fake where he actually appears to be backing the scam himself?
  3. Can't you just use the place you normally trade...? Or....more likely, you just (as always) casually trolling on this forum. Sad.
  4. Indeed. And there seems to be (in the mainstream media atleast) a complete lack of coverage on how other less severely locked down counties are fairing. I understand for example the Brazilian president basically does not believe in it, in Sweden bars etc are still open & ofcourse there is refugee camps / slums around the world. But yet, we seem to be lacking stories coming out about these such places being proportionally greater affected as yet.
  5. Companies with strong balance sheets and cash reserves will be able to weather the storm for longer and better. Any companies without, particularly in the leisure industry are frankly going to be at high risk of collapse.
  6. Depends... The market has priced in a certain amount of disruption and uncertainty. If things unfold better than expected, it will go back up. If worse, down more. Problem being history shows us that humans always tend to underestimate the probability and severity of major negative events.
  7. Tempting, though I wonder what your thoughts are in terms of ROI on Ripple stock versus holding the underlaying asset XRP? I find it slightly bizarre those “diversifying” in Ripple stock, XRP and MGI stocks. To me, their fates are all intrinsically linked.
  8. Well to quote yourself from another topic, ironically about something actually of interest... Statement: XRP is not on Google currency Reply: So, who exactly does give a f if Google has it on their currency list or not. What does it mean, do you think? Ps... Feel free to check my post history. Plenty of criticism of Ripple etc there. Just mine tends to have some kind of reasoning or relevance.
  9. For why? Putting aside the rather large fact that a purchase of XRP is not a stake in Ripple... XRP is purchased on the free market, with no guarantor offering any kind of protection. And even if it was... do you see companies offering increased share dividends on years where the share price falls by way of compensation to their backers?
  10. Does your life just revolve around posting thinly disguised fud? Literally all you do here. The clue should be in the name, but this really is primarily a place for those who are interested and a fan of XRP. How many other different assets forums are you on doing the same thing for? As Google Ventures is an angel investor in Ripple, I’ll probably sleep OK at night not assuming that the lack of XRP on Google Currency is some kind of sign from above.
  11. Information taken from Gatehub security breach I assume.
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