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  1. Yar, got me one dem new calcumerlators I think I could consider giving up work at 8.2 million Be interesting to know what the average stack is to be honest. The early ones here could have some serious stacks for not a lot of cash. If you came in like me at ATH (d'oh)... then it's a lot of $$ investment to get retiring money at $50 USD.
  2. Not sure what you think the average stack is, but let's say you were just coming into the top 5% at around 10,000 XRP... that's only 1/2 million USD. Less tax etc, back in GDP that buys you a very average house in the UK...we not talking retiring money unless you much older. My cash exit strategy... very boring. If the price is utility based, there should be no rush to "cash out", and even see steady growth over time. I'll bring it back to cash when the rush is over...
  3. Ah, that's a problem. Where do I start.... Okay... so we are all keen on something called an "XRP". It can be pronounced either as d-ed, or ban-kur-shi-tcoy-n
  4. As @Zedy44 says, the big take away is the redirection of institutional buyers to market to buy XRP. VERY IMPORTANT. Firstly (and obviously) this means more buy pressure on the price. Secondly (and maybe over looked) is that Ripple believe now that the market is in a position to support them orders. This now is the part where the organic growth in the XRP market comes in. Your 'Marker Makers' etc step in to meet the demand rather than Ripple. Fantastic news!
  5. Spent $16k, saw it go to $160k within 7 months, back down where you started... now you sell? Damn.
  6. I’m not saying burn some XRP... but if Ripple wanted to Escrow a whole bunch for say 1000 years... that would be nice of them...
  7. Be interesting to see, and very good chance we will float up with the rest of the alts at some point prior to decouple/real utility. If we do rise up to say $2-3 on an general market bubble this year... who would have the balls to sell? Probably not me, be too sh*t scared of missing "the big rise" whilst playing at trader!
  8. Well now I'm confused. I'm excluded from getting my lambo moon gains for saying it might go up. But you, in the same post, also say "XRP may fail". OK.... cool....
  9. I remember these kind of posts around second week of Jan 2018 right through to now. Those who sold then (against the fury of many) were ultimately proven right. Maybe it will go up from now, maybe it won't... those righteously ranting may equally be proven wrong. There is no "deserving" or not. And those who DCA in today at 90% less than some of us paid in Jan 2018... well lucky them.
  10. I guess the question is why? I think most of the regulars here have a stack from various airdrops etc. Mines in Gatehub... or was last time I checked.
  11. Assuming your statement is correct, increasing demand will offset the price suppression effect over time. But yeh, mining / escrow release reduce prices. Extra supply requires extra demand to sustain price.
  12. Why does this stop in April? Moon expected circa Sept?
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