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  1. Hi @daniel_wwf - I'm curious on how currency fluctuations work with BRM? I deposit £100 into BRM, I do a few games of Blackjack at Casino 1, some slots at Casino 2, and some sports bets at Casino 3, and at the end of the week I end up break even - got my £100 back. If CSC price has dropped whilst I'm playing, when I go to withdraw do I end up with £95? Or is somebody else taking the hit?
  2. We're only partial converts really! Any small distance is happy metric, but anything a bit longer we're back in miles. Drinks come in pints, steaks in ounces etc!
  3. You ain't going to be getting any extras for $1.25 tip!
  4. Have a look on the Gatehub thread, seems to be some apparent dispute between the hackers, and the data has now been dumped online from the original hack.
  5. As I understand it, VET does not need value. But, the network requires VTHOR, which is generated by owning VET. So long as VTHOR has value, VET will be worth money as you are basically printing money.
  6. I find myself in a strange situation owning some VET, but not pulling the trigger on more, kind of wishing it down at the moment. It should come down really in absence of further good news, or stabilise at least. The current good news should be priced in by now you'd expect.
  7. Anybody clever than myself able to take an educated guess at what the top 5 by Liquidity would likely be?
  8. Apparently, the pre-generated list is turd !
  9. What's that. about half total supply? Price should be going up near 50% then maybe?
  10. Maybe VeChain could look apply it’s use case to this market? What a great use case for supply chain authentication.
  11. There is a world of difference between using a product, and having a dedicated manager primarily there to implement it. Sounds like proof of concept went well, and now they looking at rolling it out. Also... who said this is a new role anyway? Maybe it’s a vacancy due to the incumbent leaving?
  12. I suspect the real challenge is how to keep the reserve high enough to make account creation for the purposes of spam at bay, but yet with a reserve realistic for use all over the world. At ATH prices, talking $80 USD in reserve, which is some money. If you talking about serving the unbanked in Ghana... that’s roughly 6 months salary - ouch.
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