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  1. Maybe VeChain could look apply it’s use case to this market? What a great use case for supply chain authentication.
  2. There is a world of difference between using a product, and having a dedicated manager primarily there to implement it. Sounds like proof of concept went well, and now they looking at rolling it out. Also... who said this is a new role anyway? Maybe it’s a vacancy due to the incumbent leaving?
  3. I suspect the real challenge is how to keep the reserve high enough to make account creation for the purposes of spam at bay, but yet with a reserve realistic for use all over the world. At ATH prices, talking $80 USD in reserve, which is some money. If you talking about serving the unbanked in Ghana... that’s roughly 6 months salary - ouch.
  4. I’m struggling to see who the target market is here? People trying to FOMO in today, who don’t have funds a available until some point in the future.
  5. On the basis Ripple staff are fairly consistently slagging Libra off in the press... I doubt it very much.
  6. Had a quick look, the defence appears to be... Firstly, it’s not a Security. It’s virtual currency as per the 2015 fine Ripple & XRP II was given. After that, various reasons why the plaintiff can’t make a claim. Ie, it’s too long ago (timelimit on law), they didn’t buy directly from Ripple, can’t show they brought it in the State they bringing the action. Didn't see anything new in terms of no action letter from SEC etc.
  7. I’ve not really followed Coil in a huge amount of detail, but your point seems fairly obvious so I’d hope there is a solution in the making. If I’m personally paying, I’m inevitably going to be willing pay more or less per minute depending on what the content is. The issue I suppose is making the price comparison uncomplicated for the customer. It does not work if I’m trying to figure out my likely expenditure in fractions of a penny / cent per second. The model / starting point I do like is something along the lines of this song or movie is X price. If you decide it’s terrible and turn it off half way through, you pay half.
  8. I don't feel they need to focus on just one. Coil needs to hit a certain critical mass, then it comes unstoppable. The next Netflix etc. If that is achieved by getting some customers from micro gaming transactions, some from PAYG content, some from as an alternative to advertising... then great. Once the person is the customer via one method, you've got them ready for everything else you facilitate. Netflix / Amazon Prime literally threw money at their projects to get them to where they are now. Content creators will go to where the audience is, and the audience goes to where the best content is. Classic 'chicken or the egg' scenario. Coil has to get the ball rolling, and force the issue. If they can do that, no reason why it cannot be huge.
  9. This bit makes no sense at all. If millions of people already pay say £8 p/m for Times, £10 p/m for Spotify, £12 p/m for Netflix etc, there is 100% without any shadow of a doubt a market for those who consume less to use a pay as they go system. New customers for these companies that would not otherwise buy at all. Look at Sky Sport, traditionally you would have to add this to your TV subscription at a monthly cost of around £20-£30 p/m. They know that for the football addicts etc, that is an acceptable cost. For the person who wants to watch the odd match once in a while, it's prohibitively expensive. Now they cater for that market in a 'pay as you go' model via a "Day Pass" for a one off £10.
  10. Do you think this just happens over night? Let's rewind say 5-10 years.... "The top actors, writers and producers are always going to work on Hollywood blockbusters and major movies" And it's true, until suddenly you look around one day and find the biggest names in the industry are in huge budget TV series, with bigger budgets than most films. When did that happen? How did that happen? Somebody changed the rules of the game and tempted that talent to something new. They didn't all come over at once, a few did, then a few more, and a few more after that... now A list celeb in a TV series is fairly common. Same applies to the gaming sector, it's following the same pattern as above right now.
  11. ... Correct, but when the total market size is approximately 4 billion internet connected people worldwide you don't the majority. A large newspaper in the UK (The Times / Sunday Times) now currently has 500,000 users paying a subscription starting from £2 per week for content. 15.4 million UK users have subscriptions to either Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV. Spotify has around 10 million UK users. YouTube Premium.... not sure Now... are you trying to tell me there is no market for a pay as you go solution? Potentially one Coil subscription that would let you seamlessly move from online journalism, to music, to TV shows, to favourite vlogger with just one account, paying just for only what you consume?
  12. Well sir, I'll have to respectfully disagree with your disagreement! "Manipulation" is vague and unavoidable, plus the same action/inaction would be classed as positive or negative depending on what stake you had in the game. Besides, "manipulating" the price (legally and ethically) upwards is pretty much the purpose of Ripple and Brads job! The question should have been maybe along the lines of is Ripple deliberately suppressing the price through dumping... which would be a question Brad could answer if he wanted. Ripple have two options at any given moment. Sell, creating downwards price pressure (simple supply and demand), or hodl. Unfortunately hodl is not creating upwards price pressure due to lack of scarcity (currently). Come back to the point (and I'm sure we've had this discussion a few times) that you have to have faith that the short term pain is worth the long term gain. In my view that looks like Ripple holding a lot less of the total supply of XRP, to enable better things in the future. Ofcourse Brad can't really say 'yes, we're dumping... but bear with us, you'll understand when you older it was for the greater good'.
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