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  1. Don’t you think that the SEC is giving Ripple time to avoid the security label and is providing guidance as such? Further decentralization of the nodes and the existence of other companies like Coil using XRP would seem to be steps in the right direction.
  2. I’ve had fiat sitting in CB for over a week. Am waiting to see if we dip into the 50s. Pretty close now. I’m very content with the number of zerps I own but will add a little and then just sit back and watch how it plays out. I’m very positive about my investment even in the midst of this bear market.
  3. I’d be shocked if xrp was only at $1 in three years. We’ve had so much good news lately, everything seems to be on track. Within the next year or so we should have a lot more clarity as far as regulation and xRapid usage. I think some people will be surprised at how quickly the price will increase and how high it will go. I’m in this for life-changing profits. Getting back to the ATH won’t get me there. My current plan is to not sell any until it reaches $10.
  4. I’ve been reading Loki’s posts for a while and she rarely mentions gender. Are you going to call out all the men now who confirm their gender by consistently posting b**b and a** pics? Not a fan of double standards.
  5. Either way, you are both equally annoying and ill-advised.
  6. I’m beginning to think that @johnlogan and @Qasim_786 are the same person. ?
  7. Yeah with only the first 20k registered users given access, and millions more potentially this summer, this would seem like a strange time to sell. Also with all the other good news building...
  8. Summer begins June 21, though psychologically many view it as starting June 1.
  9. My sister passed away from pancreatic cancer at 31. It’s a horrific disease. If XRP takes off, one of my goals is to contribute more time and $ to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. It’s a solid organization and sadly, research for this disease is underfunded.
  10. Sorry for your loss, @buckor, and thanks for taking your time to contribute.
  11. I interpret this as meaning XRP’s current price is just the tip of the iceberg. See, there are even clues in random pics! IT’S ALL HAPPENING!!?
  12. If it were just XRP going down then I’d be concerned but obviously it’s the whole market. It’s still a very immature market. We’re at the mercy of bots, Mt. Gox, and whichever way the proverbial wind blows. I think the second half of the year looks promising.
  13. Ha, good catch. Certainly not a natural cough. It was like he was catching himself saying something unintended perhaps.
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