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  1. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    ^ this, 100% percent agree. Certain European banks have apps or services that help you save money by rounding up (to a full euro) every payment done online or by debit card. Probably this is also provided in your jurisdictions. While saving, you could easily buy xrp while applying dollar cost averaging. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/d/dollarcostaveraging.asp Saving products by rounding up (not limited to) BNP - Easy Save Rabobank - Peaks etc.
  2. xRapid Production Launch

    Yeehaaahhhh ! Thats good news
  3. Ripple meeting?

    Lijkt me verstandig, hoort bij het vak. Hij kan niets zeggen. Ik heb me verbaast dat Rabobank de recente samenwerking met Ripple via Twitter communiceerde. Nadien niet meer van vernomen in tweets. Hoe ziet het landschap verder eruit in NL? ING is zeer positief over blockchain en gebruik in oa Trade Finance. https://www.ing.com/Newsroom/All-news/Press-releases/ING-posts-2017-net-result-of-EUR-4905-million-4Q17-net-result-of-EUR-1015-million.htm en heeft een blockchain techniek die data privacy garandeert: https://www.ing.com/Newsroom/All-news/Blockchain-transactions-just-got-a-whole-lot-safer.htm ING neemt toch ook nog deel aan het R3 consortium? Hoe is de status bij ABN? Volksbank en andere banken als Triodos, Lanschot, NN zullen naar mijn inschatting (nog) geen activiteiten ontplooien. Iemand andere informatie?
  4. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Goedemorgen vanuit Nederland ! I'd expect a Euro 1.11. Last day of Carnaval festivities here and no. 11 is the magic Carnaval number
  5. The Flippening, The Rippening, or The Zerpening?

    What about z-day ? we will be landing on BTC-beach this time. I expect a walkover.
  6. Can you really HODL?

    I am not familiair with how this works for private individuals. Would expect you need a lawyer, agent or other third party service provider for this. Can imagine one could have reasons to be able to sell if really needed. (serious illness, to help relatives whenever they have (financial) problems etc). Could be pretty difificult if you did forget about such things when drafting the deed of agreement at the start
  7. Can you really HODL?

    same here, my GF said exactly this to me early this morning (CET) when we were around Euro 1.00 and I had a very relaxed start of this Saturday morning
  8. Can you really HODL?

    Buy a vault. Put the vault in a house of a relative or very good friend who lives at a substantial distance from where you live, few hours drive or something like that. Put all XRP on cold storage inside the vault. Add a few extra hurdles if needed and your beloved Zerps will be safe during new bull runs. I have done something similar. Gives me a good feeling and you'll be checking price chart less frequently
  9. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Yes I did: conclusion: <QUOTE> IOTA is the worst cryptocurrency I’ve reviewed so far. Installing the IOTA wallet was a pain. Receiving and sending IOTA tokens is technically challenging and time consuming. Address reuse can lead to loss of funds. There is no functional IOTA mobile wallet. There is no IOTA hardware wallet support. But most importantly it is very clear that IOTA cannot be used on Internet-of-Things devices, the problem it markets itself as solving! How can a smart lightbulb or drone stay in sync with a “tangle” that requires vast amounts of CPU cores, RAM, and network bandwidth to stay in sync with? IOTA is a shitcoin. I don’t recommend buying or holding it. I’m even going to short it. However, if you choose to go against my recommendation, trade on Binance with my referral link. At least then your misery helps me. <UNQUOTE>
  10. In was not only bearish stuff. In the research piece GS also had a very bullish contribution from Dan Morehead, founder of Pantera Capital, an investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets See : https://www.panteracapital.com/portfolio/ Dan is a former GS employee.
  11. GS published a research report this week on Bitcoin, the (bursted) bubble and (the use) of other crypto currencies. Their view is that probably no currently existing crypto's will be around in five years from now, but that the blockchain technology is promising and will be disruptive.
  12. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Probably he bought 0.001 BTC just to be able to say he's long BTC. Remember the tweet from him recently? That was not his best tweet I think. Probably the communication team came up with an idea and he bought that 0.001 BTC after the tweet to be able to publicly say he is also long BTC. I really enjoyed watching Brad ! He's a superb sales guy ;-) Just HODL for another 3-5 years and everything will be perfectly fine
  13. The Future Zerpening: 2020

    2020: Paradise Papers part 3 reveal that Weiss Ratings had a stake in 75% of all sh!tcoins at time of release of their first Crypto Ratings in early '18
  14. The Future Zerpening: 2020

    2020: Mr Katz named as honourable advisor to Garlinghouse Administration and gets own state-of-art blockchain development wing in White House
  15. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    No a native German speaker, but time for some music about all the upcoming XRP green candles : " Das gehts ab, wir feieren die gaze Nacht " ( ENG ; it will start and we party all night long) Ich hab dieses Gefühl, Das wird heut' 'n riesen Ding Das ist die Party des Jahres, Ja das sagt mir mein Instinkt Heut' sind alle dabei Es ham' sich hier alle getroffen Wir feiern bis zum abwinken Hier wird Konfetti geschossen Hebt die Hände in die Luft Und macht die ganze Nachtkrach Damit auch jeder Partymuffel geht Weil er abkackt Kackst du ab hast du verkackt Denn die Party geht erst los ENGLISH I have this feeling Yes, that's going to be a real thing today That's the party of the year Yes instict tells me this Today everybody is there All have met here We celebrate until dawn Here confetti will be shooted Raise the hands into the air And make noise all night So that every party-pooper leaves Because he sucks If you suck you're messed up Because the party only starts now Gruse aus Holland ! Greetz from Holland !