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  1. welcome @peebo38 ! I hope you have a great time around here and you will be able to broaden the community even further than xrpchat, reddit and the XRPARMY at twitter. there is a lot of interest in video footage of conferences, fire-chats, AMA's etc. Most people here are really interested in the technicalities and love explanatory videos. Probably you could increase Ripple exposure on YouTube?
  2. He seems to be using Apple Pay as well and has ordered stuff at Amazon recently. He even used Google, the search engine OMGOMG...
  3. Holidays, taking a rest I assume. The country has an interesting history. I would not expect major developments would we orchestrated out of Morocco. From a banking point of view, Morocco is not a major player and I cannot find any conferences / forums taking place there at the moment. There are dozens of countries that are home of at least three "systemically important cross-border banks".
  4. This dip is just in time for me. Coming payslip is including a small bonus for good performance last year. Guess where I put part of this money at work ?
  5. That's what I call "Impact Donation"
  6. Same here. Only investing money that I can lose. Besides a monthly budget all dividends I receive from stock holdings are invested in Xrp. Also money that I can lose... probably boring but a safe strategy to me.
  7. Zag op Twitter iets langskomen van Bank v Lanschot over de belasting aangifte : https://www.vanlanschot.nl/expertise/kenniscentrum/hanneke-kroonenberg/belastingaangifte-2017-moet-u-cryptomunten-opgeven "Geen vrijstelling in box 3 Dit betekent echter niet dat u de cryptomunten niet in box 3 hoeft aan te geven. Cryptomunten hebben namelijk wel degelijk een waarde en die waarde moet u dus ook opgeven. Cryptomunten worden niet gelijk gesteld aan contant geld. De vrijstelling van € 522 per persoon (2017) voor contant geld in box 3 is dan ook niet van toepassing. Cryptomunten worden gezien
  8. Yes. For Rabo that is my understanding. See Twitter chain (in Dutch ). ; https://mobile.twitter.com/Rabobank/status/956916950944419845 url found in a ILP topic in the subsection Technical Discussion.
  9. And/or was it Rabobank? They have stated on Twitter they had looked into an old ripple product a few years ago and that was not satisfactory. But now they are testing a new Ripple product. Likely xcurrent.
  10. Happy to read that a rating agency like Moody's is positive about this. In Europe Moodys is perceived a far more respectable rating agency than Wiess Ratings.
  11. ^ this, 100% percent agree. Certain European banks have apps or services that help you save money by rounding up (to a full euro) every payment done online or by debit card. Probably this is also provided in your jurisdictions. While saving, you could easily buy xrp while applying dollar cost averaging. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/d/dollarcostaveraging.asp Saving products by rounding up (not limited to) BNP - Easy Save Rabobank - Peaks etc.
  12. Lijkt me verstandig, hoort bij het vak. Hij kan niets zeggen. Ik heb me verbaast dat Rabobank de recente samenwerking met Ripple via Twitter communiceerde. Nadien niet meer van vernomen in tweets. Hoe ziet het landschap verder eruit in NL? ING is zeer positief over blockchain en gebruik in oa Trade Finance. https://www.ing.com/Newsroom/All-news/Press-releases/ING-posts-2017-net-result-of-EUR-4905-million-4Q17-net-result-of-EUR-1015-million.htm en heeft een blockchain techniek die data privacy garandeert: https://www.ing.com/Newsroom/All-news/Blockchain-transactions-just-got-a-wh
  13. Goedemorgen vanuit Nederland ! I'd expect a Euro 1.11. Last day of Carnaval festivities here and no. 11 is the magic Carnaval number
  14. What about z-day ? we will be landing on BTC-beach this time. I expect a walkover.
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