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    MiLaNka reacted to Julian_Williams in Charting the course of XRP   
    The problem is that the present chair at SEC is a sit in.  The case itself was brought by a team under his management, and that team remains in place. The sit-in chair is a very lucid straight talking guy, I like him.  He is however sticking to the line that XRP is a security which seems to indicate not much will change under his leadership unless they sit down and work out some deal (not impossible, I am sure XRP would love to pay a fine and settle).
    I think XRP/ODL/FLR is a giant killer, but just now all the market sentiment is that XRP is in deep s**t and almost uniquely the price of XRP is stuck at 10% of its last ATH.  A few days ago XRP seemed to be rebounding after the panic selling, and I was thinking if it can go back up to .40 sentiment would turn very rapidly back in XRP's favour, and we could have an XRP supercharged rally.  Yesterday looked very ominous to me, XRP went static whilst everything else gained.  It now looks as if Dot, LTC and ADA might overtake XRP in the MC rankings.  If this happens sentiment around investing in XRP could just go on getting darker.
    I think this situation is in the balance, and could go either way.
    The next 6 - 9 months should be boom time for the alts.  I have no idea which way XRP will jump, but it probably has everything to do with sentiment, and very little to do with analysis.  Yesterday I de-risked my XRP folder to 50% ADA and 50% XRP.  I do not want to be stuck in a backwater when alts explode.
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    MiLaNka reacted to automatic in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    My take is that we are witnessing the end of impulse wave 1.  The retraction will probably briefly dip into 26-28k range, bounce up and reconsolidate in low 30k range for a month or two, and then impulse wave 2 will commence.  The party is only getting started, and it should continue until impulse wave 3 or higher are completed.
    That's what my crystal ball says anyway.
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    MiLaNka reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Yes I'm a lawyer, but I am writing this from just a bystander point of view as I haven't reviewed the arguments in depth.  To me it seems the suit is irrelevant to the bitcoin price and also I think the claims againt tether and bitfinex are overblown.
    Max Keiser addressed this very issue in an interview.  From what I remember he said that Tether is mainly a way for Chinese and Russians to move money around and it has very little effect on the bitcoin price amounting to I believe 8% of the trading now.
    Also the fact that Tether has grown something like 800% since the NYAG's lawsuit (and if I'm right this is basically a copy of that) shows that most people aren't worried.  
    I think someone on this thread was posting a doomsday type date for bitcoin.  Maybe this was it, I'm not sure and I have that person on ignore. 
    I'm not worried. 
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    MiLaNka reacted to Raiden in What the hell is going on????   
    Price increase without news is basically what xrapid should be doing. 
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    MiLaNka reacted to Blubber in What the hell is going on????   
    Nonsense.  Something is afoot over here.  The cows are nervous. I saw a dog doing backflips in the street.  Things are moving.
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    MiLaNka reacted to FelixNYC in What the hell is going on????   
    Would like to know the answer as well. Always high emotions and then a let down, but I just saw 2 million sell orders get chewed up on bitstamp and still go up. I dont want FOMO, I want utility! Going to bed now.....Would like to wake up to another 15%....
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    MiLaNka reacted to johnlogan in Justification and Excuses Coming soon!   
    Its very apparent that 2019 will be the year of XRP, all the good news, the momentum. I would argue that most people ment EOY 2019 when they spoke about big profits. The fundamentals are there, the utility are in place, we are all very confident with our investment but its EOY 2019 -NEXT YEAR- that will grant us huge profits. I just urge people to buy more now. Dont miss out. 
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    MiLaNka reacted to JA8 in Anyone feel like it's too late?   
    Some are still here
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    MiLaNka reacted to Chewiecoin in How Are We All Doing?   
    Guys and gals.
    Thought I would just “check in” to see how everyone is doing?
    A year ago I got my start in this Club and learnt so much from it. I hate seeing the negativity which often takes over in here.
    As anyone knows that has seen my posts I have no problem with counter arguments and differing opinions I think that is very healthy. I don’t spend as much time in here as I should. 
    I am still very bullish and see XRP at over $100 one day in the next 5 years. As always don’t let short term price affect your opinion of the potential of our investment. The price rises will come. With xRapid finally launching we will start to see adoption of XRP and utility demand that we all crave. After 10 months of a bear market it’s easy to fall into the trap that we will never see a bull market again. Not at all, we will see bull markets again and XRP will be taken along for the ride. But with utility demand supporting our base it will drive our minimum price higher and should fuel our speculative runs even higher.
    The price will come.
    Be patient and HODL.
    So how are we all doing?
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    MiLaNka reacted to Bearmark in What can we do as a community?   
    Just hodl, that's all.
    I personally ignore a lot of the daily noise, but that's up to you.
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    MiLaNka reacted to lucky in Big players affecting it for SEC reasons   
    I don't know what calender you use, but mine has three more months this year.
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    MiLaNka reacted to lucky in Big players affecting it for SEC reasons   
    "first bank this year, dozen next year"
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    MiLaNka reacted to lucky in Big players affecting it for SEC reasons   
    Market moves in cycles. Always. On the long term, for the digital asset class, the only way is up. A lot.
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    MiLaNka reacted to lucky in Big players affecting it for SEC reasons   
    The market reaction will come, just like last year. Just not immediately, just like last year. The Internet of Value has not been cancelled this week, it has moved a big step forward.
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    MiLaNka reacted to BeSeriousXRP in Ready for the Moon launch?   
    I hate those people claiming they want the price to go down... It has been going down for months now. If you haven't bought enough zerps by now you are just really indecisive or your salary is just painfull low so you couldnt afford to buy more.
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    MiLaNka reacted to nicktemple in 589 EOY could actually be possible.   
    Mate I've see it rise and fall, personally I don't think it will hit those targets this year, but crazy things do happen. If it doesn't it's not going to stress me one bit, but if it does, now that would make us all happy.
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    MiLaNka reacted to Bearmark in 589 EOY could actually be possible.   
    We will know for sure on the 1st of January. 
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    MiLaNka reacted to johnlogan in All systems ready for take off   
    Its 06:46 in Kingston Australia now!!! Lets hope for a sexy pump. 
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    MiLaNka reacted to BigDawg2323 in All systems ready for take off   
    If we hit $3.50 by the end of next week, the beers and strippers are on me!
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    MiLaNka reacted to ZerpTidalWave in All systems ready for take off   
    $3.50 by next week. HODL. 
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    MiLaNka reacted to 2ndtimearound in New millionaires are being created every hour right now.   
    Also there are only about 15,000 top 1% wallet holders with XRP....it's a surprisingly small amount.  FYI, it costs only about $40,000 at today's XRP price to be a top 1% wallet holder.  That might sound a lot to layman, but it's not really.  The risk/reward ratio looks honest to me.  If XRP did go to $100, then the relatively few people who've invested in XRP (a tiny amount of people in the grand scheme of things) will be seen as a small band of risk-takers.  And we are...let's face it, MOST people sold this year on the way down.  Those that held took the risks.  I've been down as low as $35,000 in the red on this particular investment.  If that's not risk, I don't know what is.  I say - bring on the risk, because I want the reward.  I'm willing to risk it to go to zero. 
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    MiLaNka reacted to spiras in New millionaires are being created every hour right now.   
    The world has 15-30 MILLION millionaires... Let's just call is 15 for the sake of argument.  EVEN IF XRP went to $100, we would only add about 60K more millionaires, bringing the world total to 15.06 MILLION.  Not a significant growth.
    The standard of living increase would NOT be noticeable.
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    MiLaNka reacted to anteksiler in New millionaires are being created every hour right now.   
    $1m wouldn't change my life. Just a nice house + a nicer car maybe.
    $10m+ is life changing though
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    MiLaNka reacted to txferrari in New millionaires are being created every hour right now.   
    Not me.  Unfortunately, like an idiot i sold last year at $3.  Had about 25k XRP's.  Sold em all.  Just started buying again a few weeks ago when it was .24.  I'm on the brakes now and just gonna ride with what I have.  If I see $15, I wont be a millionaire, but I'll be damn close.  If It ever gets to $100, I'm out.  Off grid.  Never to see me again.  So, I'll miss you guys. 
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    MiLaNka reacted to Deeznutz in All systems ready for take off   
    I want XRP to hit $100 just so I can watch everyone lose their minds.
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