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  1. Okay: for xrp LEdger transaction this is in pipeline from Wietsewind : Coming up: encrypted messaging on the XRPL 🎉 Using Diffie Hellman (sender private + recipient public key), so no exchange of keys / secret required beforehand 😎 So: sending secure, encrypted messages from/to XRP accounts for only a few drops, with the possibility to add extra XRP as payment As for Scalability: http://highscalability.com/blog/2017/10/2/ripple-the-most-demonstrably-scalable-blockchain.html So far me its seems no trilemma for XRP-> they solved it.
  2. Which part of it?Why only Ripple? XRP is not only ripple. As far as I remember : Decentralization , Scalability and Security . right?
  3. Depends on what is importand for you . Do asking 4 times is absolutly the right thing : 3rd Meeting of the International Financial Architecture Working Group -Paris 10.9.-11.09 4th Meeting of the Framework Working Group - Amsterdamn 10.09.-12.09 4th Meeting of the Infrastructure Working Group -Kyoto 12.09.-14.09. Main DISH 4th Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors -11.10-12.10 All of them could give us some clues.
  4. Talinos

    SEC Decision XRp Security any News ?

    False- no descesion is made. Dont spread Misinformation
  5. I think he is talking about the G20 meeting and the annoucement of Xcurrent /Xrpaid becoming standard in Crossborder payment... pfff we all know this already .
  6. We discussed this a while ago. I really hate to type those links into the browser just to get them some clicks on youtube. Please provide them in comments or something.
  7. Talinos

    Coffey drops lawsuit

    In my opinion this was a sponsored case by some bitcoin maximalist. So my guess -> not much .
  8. Not really. I will try to metapher it really simple and not to complex ( and a bit wrong but you will get the idea ) Imagine visting friends and putting 5 beer in the fridge /cooler. The fridge is the nostro account. Now you tell your wife/husband/divers to get you a beer. Your Significant Other now moves really really really slow and needs up to 5 days to get you the beer . Now you change your wife/husband/divers to a new one . This one is really fast! it gets you the beer in 4 s. Wow cool you would say..and yes it is better. But let me tell you this i have a wife/husband/divers called XRPetta which is freaking fast ... She brings me the beer in 3 s still wow -- but she dont get me the beer from the fridge ... instead she gets it from the local supermarket. You will never have the need to bring your beer... because she is just that good! Oh my I know which one I would like to get because in this example your friends are kind of weird and strange... they dont let you lent beer . If you dont bring your own... you stay thirsty! ( in my culture this is called a **** move)
  9. Its called swift gpi( search for it) and we already discussed it. I personally doubt your story. Really sorry for that but a) swift officily told that they dont work on a blockchain product anymore b) they cant deliver a product in an forseeable future ( they testet on a Sandbox with an unknown blockchain) c) they could easily implement ripplenet on swift gpi
  10. Talinos

    Bearableguy123's Heart-Picture

    Last info I have : Rachel lee got it ... something about the number 6558Xxx look at her Twitter ... but she is gone since 3 weeks .. so please care.
  11. “We’ve seen several successful xRapid pilots already, and as we move the product from beta to production later this year," Jus to make sure you read it!
  12. wow... this dont belong here ... pls pm if you want something like that since its illegal and there bounty programms for pump and dumb groups (or vice versa)
  13. You only thinking about speculativ cause. A use case will probably be a greater catalyst and with it , it could possible go higher then 50$.
  14. Actually it is linked to ripples succes . Since Ripple is a benefactor of xrp. Ripple as member of this ecosystems try´s to grow it . They even Encourage other firms to operate on their platform, because they know that the whole will be much greater than the sum of its parts.