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  1. Pump up this number: 4,6 Billion. Sauce: https://xrptracker.kka72.com/
  2. Hey Guys, recently I saw a lot of talk about Jed Mccalebs XRP. I just wanted to ask: are we already in the seventh year? Can he already sell more then 2 B per year or is the timeline different and we are now in the 6th year ? Selling possibilities: $10,000 per week during the first year $20,000 per week during the second, third and fourth years 750 million XRP per year for the fifth and sixth years 1 billion XRP per year for the seventh year 2 billion XRP per year after the seventh year
  3. I would like to first simplify your example and de-rant it a bit since it is very good . If a supermarket (Orderbook) runs out of fruit (Xrp) then a second supermarket( second Orderbook) just immediately fills in the needed fruits (XRP) (-imagine beaming the fruits). This is a great function of the xrp ledger(called bridging) and thus would normaly debunk the shane ellis theory. - (see paths on the https://xrpl.org/ I added a picture for a better understanding). When I say normally your know there is some more. As you can see via normal order there is no way Shane Ellis could be right! But we still have gateaways. Since i dont know the specific functions of a gateway I dont know if it would be possible there. For example there is bitso gateway for mexico. This gateway is a so called issuing Gateway. All currencies on this gateway , except for XRP, take the form of issuances tied to this specific issuing gateway. So I dont exactly know if an specific issued gateway order can use different order books for its xrp executions. If this would be the case Shane Ellis could still be right. I would be happy if you have information on that specific case!
  4. This is a good question. I would also like to add a question. Do CBDC ´s need an extra settlement(or settlement provider) or are settlement and payment basicly simultan because of its digital character ?
  5. So you are really into the assumption that banks use win 95 and disks? I dont think you mean a bank as whole. You mean certain services. For these(for you outdated services) there is simply no alternative or the alternative is not economical. For example in my bank we had some programm which gave us an overview over certain transfer purpose. Yes it was an 3270 emulation- yes you couldnt use a mouse BUT it was highly effective. You just had to press a certain code ( like F10- x-n-1-4-F10 - also for certain codes you had a bot thats it. So yeah we could have upgraded it but it would have been much slower or the same speed. Also we would had to buy new server +new software +new support. I will give you another more up to date example: Sonos a music system. Sonos has an app on your handy which you can use to start playing it. But it also has a button to do the same. Yeah the app is new technology but you are just slower on it then pressing the old school button. People would go so far to buy a 99$ remote switch because it is still easier then getting your telephone open the app and press play.
  6. No Quality First Software cant do that.
  7. Can't find anything about the possibility of a second gateway for a corridor .
  8. Also you should mention that the avaible XRP differ from Gateway to gateway( for example Bitso is one gateway) . It is not 1 giant pool .So one also should know that the avaible xrp are torn between gateways, private exchanges, merchants and lets call them investors (holder). What I dont know is if a corridor(USD /MXN for example) can have different gateways ?(in my view it is possible but not likely).
  9. Dont get me wrong but in my view you did not think that thought quite to the end. Which company stands behind the puplishment of btc - none. So its pretty hard to classify it as security. Also ETH was a crowdfunding in early days if I remember correctly. So this one is obviuos to. The legal situation behind opencoin and ripple is pretty much different and waaaayyyyy more complex. Thats also the reason i dont expect a statement soon nothing to do with manipulation.
  10. Nice read anyway. They have strong arguments tbh. Never thought about the origin of my own xrp. My XRP could have been already be owned by David Schwartz .
  11. This is ******** -- Ripple waited until it **** marriage was legal in most states. They could have shown support every year before .. but didnt. So this is all just marketing and fishing for likes. Sorry but many companys find this " cool"+"hip" now.
  12. The Question is answered multiple times. OP is currently just trolling. Please close this.
  13. Ripplenet also drasticly reduces the need of an Backoffice for those banks- because most of those needed backoffice steps are done in the program (xcurrent -> cant say a thing about xrapid). This is also why some banks wont see any price difference if they still want to keep those Employes.
  14. Hey great work finding this . Could you tell me where you found that ripplenet is an avaible choice for an NSP? To my information the list of avaible choices will be made official end 2019 -not now.
  15. Where do you got it from? How did you find the link ?
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