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  1. Where do you got it from? How did you find the link ?
  2. Jup he has no own opinion and now trys to catch some viewers. Its a shame.
  3. i dont wanna spoiler you ?
  4. We also had those talk about reaching 1 $ in 2016 . Like everything in crypto -> its a circle Historical Date: Oct 07, 2016, Price -> 0,007377
  5. Whoever keeps thinking that fomo has an exact time , like in the last 2 weeks, is in my opinion outta his mind ..
  6. Sorry but this could be wrong . Galgitronics describes the whole process from a wrong assumtion in my oppinion. Why should Banks pay the slippage? There is no slippage for them . The System will determinate how much xrp you need beforehand not in the payment or settlement process. Lets make an example for understanding- You need to send 100 $, cool. XRP is at 0,50 cent -> easy peasy you need for this 200 xrp plus a fee for burned xrp which equals 0,003 xrp( i take this outta the question) . Now you will lock this xrp at the price per mini escrow as desribed . Thats it 200 xrp locked at a certain price because it is prefunded until you actually say : go or no. Lets say XRP price is 50$ its the same you just lock the 2 XRP until go or no. The slippage is for the Market makers not for the banks. It doesnt matter how much xrp is involved in the process if 2 or 300. Banks will just generate the XRP usageage. The demand for free xrp on the market is what will drive the price up because some transaction can only be fullfilled which a certain amount of xrp which the market maker has to offer. .
  7. IF people actually found a formula to determine every prime then we couldnt use them for cryptography since it would be easy to determine any given primer number on the sequence and then it would break most of the cryptography that relies on the factorization problem, it was proven by Euclid that there are infinte prime numbers.
  8. Okay: for xrp LEdger transaction this is in pipeline from Wietsewind : Coming up: encrypted messaging on the XRPL ? Using Diffie Hellman (sender private + recipient public key), so no exchange of keys / secret required beforehand ? So: sending secure, encrypted messages from/to XRP accounts for only a few drops, with the possibility to add extra XRP as payment As for Scalability: http://highscalability.com/blog/2017/10/2/ripple-the-most-demonstrably-scalable-blockchain.html So far me its seems no trilemma for XRP-> they solved it.
  9. Which part of it?Why only Ripple? XRP is not only ripple. As far as I remember : Decentralization , Scalability and Security . right?
  10. Depends on what is importand for you . Do asking 4 times is absolutly the right thing : 3rd Meeting of the International Financial Architecture Working Group -Paris 10.9.-11.09 4th Meeting of the Framework Working Group - Amsterdamn 10.09.-12.09 4th Meeting of the Infrastructure Working Group -Kyoto 12.09.-14.09. Main DISH 4th Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors -11.10-12.10 All of them could give us some clues.
  11. False- no descesion is made. Dont spread Misinformation
  12. I think he is talking about the G20 meeting and the annoucement of Xcurrent /Xrpaid becoming standard in Crossborder payment... pfff we all know this already .
  13. We discussed this a while ago. I really hate to type those links into the browser just to get them some clicks on youtube. Please provide them in comments or something.
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