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  1. So did anyone decrypt what the code behind the countdown page was? Someone made a reddit thread about 20 minutes after the countdown and there was code/riddle that didn’t get deciphered in time. before bg123 closed the subreddit. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, ALAXRP said:

    I also thought the apple image was more about - in time XRP will bear fruit. When it is finally ripe you will reap the rewards.

    I can tell you for sure he was definitely hinting about apple the company, i have spent hours going through his history. There was one thread where he linked 3 youtube videos that associate Apple/Apple pay with ripple. Further he's made 2 posts about apples in the Rippled subreddit, one being the 'low hanging fruit' and the other being just a whole green apple, with a winking face. 

  3. 31 minutes ago, CryptoOwl said:

    This reminds me, should we open a thread we're we could discuss about potential new projects that could become the next Ripple? ? Like legit companies with vision and real world use case? I'm having hard time Ripple is the ONLY player that's planning to utilize and embrace blockchain in real business world. 

    Everyone should look into ICX, highly promising project. 

  4. So it seems the "Rippled" subreddit has been privated/no longer accessible to general public. I have been following his posts, and he has made a lot of interesting claims about XRP that seem like it is sourced from the inside. The "jester" disappears shortly after making a prediction of $589+ for 1 XRP and alluding to Malta. 

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