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  1. Patience . If you can’t hodl for 10 years then sell ASAP. New technologies take their time
  2. Dollar cost averaging is usually the best way to deal with in this random market .
  3. Besides it’s not clear what ibm wants to focus on . World wire is currency agnostic and they rather seem to focus on stable coins than using xlm . They are aware of the fact that you need liquidity and there are no plans so far how to achieve that Still interesting project
  4. Hmm Last year stellar people told me that stellar is cooler than xrp because it doesn’t focus on banks but rather the unbanked, so stellar is for the good guys Now it’s suddenly a ripple killer , while ww doesn’t offer anything special over the xrp ledger / xrapid
  5. R3 knows very well that Sbi wants xrp to succeed . Better not anger kitao who invested a lot in both r3 and ripple
  6. It’s quite annoying and I hope we can somehow reach someone at ripple to ask them about that No wonder price is so stable lol @miguel @BobWay @JoelKatz @peebo38 @nikb
  7. Going to Disney land and paying with crypto would be cool 😎
  8. According to lcw they have the largest volume for xrp https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/XRP-XRP But pretty sure the volume is fake
  9. Why say Blockchain when its xcurrent? Afaik xcurrent is not really blockchain. Would be much easier if this kind of info was clearer
  10. One company owning a lot of something creates problems for investors (speculators), this is true and I think anybody who is honest will not deny that. Then we have people like Jed who are dumping xrp constantly. Still, for what Ripple tries to achieve, owning a lot of xrp is crucial. Price will eventually rise because of adoption, not speculation
  11. Using https://transferwise.com/gb/compare/?sourceCurrency=GBP&targetCurrency=EUR&sendAmount=15000 it seems that for bigger payments WU is cheaper than TW. I wonder how much mercury would save
  12. I still don’t get the discussion . Ripple provides software for other companies . Unless transferwise starts selling their software to mercury etc. I wouldn’t see this as a problem . The question is whether transferwise can be competitive against xrapid in the corridors where xrapid is currently working ( mexiko , Philippines )
  13. Besides , transferwise is not a competitor to ripple . Ripple is just providing software , transferwise should rather look out for mercury , sendfriend etc.
  14. I can send money with revolut within seconds . Nothing new Ripple net is far more advanced than you think
  15. Coinbase is just one exchange and they don’t have high liquidity in every corridor . True , if coinbase had high liquidity in every currency pairings , small spreads , low deposit fees and low withdrawal fees it would be the ultimate exchange . But that doesn’t work just like that This service is more a competitor to existing remittance companies , xrapid itself is just a software that can benefit anyone , especially coinbase
  16. Hi @BobWay, maybe you have already answered this somewhere. According to some reports most volume in the market is actually fake https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2019/03/95-of-bitcoin-trading-volume-reported-on-coinmarketcap-is-fake-bitwise-report/ Has Ripple ever talked about this? I mean for example Jed is selling based on volume afaik and if most volume is fake then the selling pressure has actually more impact than one would think
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