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  1. Not your keys not your coins, that it obviously the number one rule for crypto I dont trust Coinbase as a european, for example I rather use bitpanda, they are 500km or so away from me. I use Bitrue to buy csc
  2. Small/Medium banks will choose ripple, they will benefit the most because the current banking system costs them a lot .
  3. Hi guys, many in the Zerpening use Bitrue, but I believe that it is for most still an unknown exchange. If you use non fiat exchanges like binance you should really consider switching to bitrue (they also offer cc purchases now): - XRP as a base currency. You can buy lots of coins with xrp like vechain, csc or bat. Some of them have good volume. - 7.3% annual interest for xrp holders if you participate in their power piggy event (paid out daily). Same offer for other coins like ada or trx. - Big ties with the xrp community. They recently had an event with @wietsewind in Amsterdam - Fast and effective customer service - Withdrawal times usually around 1-2 minutes. - They will soon offer their own exchange coin. If it gets successful it will draw many new customers, which again will indirectly help xrp because it is a base currency They also did a great job explaining some important parts of the xrp ledger Imho Bitrue has the potential to become the new binance. The latter was very disappointing, only two xrp pairings there after announcing them half a year ago. Also Bitrue doesnt reorg Hope that @Hodor will one day write a nice blog about @BitrueOfficial
  4. https://www.givecrypto.org/ Backed by coinbase, brad and chris frigging larsen
  5. Let the poor social media managers alone , dear xrp army
  6. Less Xrp available to sell means that the price could go up if demand stays the same
  7. Pretty sure that coinbase Europe ( at least for Germans ) has their bank in Estonia or so
  8. There is always some random FUD when xrp pumps, and every time the arguments get more ridiculous.
  9. He knows all of this, he obviously can read. If he thinks that an initial set up cost of 20 XRP (which is dynamic) destroys the value proposition of xrp (micropayments, smart contracts, cross border payments) then he should first provide some facts. So far he wasnt able to provide any arguments
  10. Holy crap 24 pages dedicated to a troll
  11. i am pretty sure that even within the same currency it is good to have a decentralised crypto which is fast , scalable and works 24/7 ( weekend etc . ) . Things will change when banks will hold crypto for their customers
  12. She knows how to burn people , respect https://publish.twitter.com/?query=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fhaydentiff%2Fstatus%2F1131343197421080578&widget=Tweet
  13. First central bankers meet with brad and now with mr rao. While brad is awesome mr rao is the real deal when it comes to banking
  14. 4 People . But only because I gave it to them as a present
  15. I think Buffett said that . He is not a trader or anything , just a smart holder
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