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    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    Lots of online stores like bitcoin superstore. Anyone can let their customers pay with crypto , even offline . Even you South Korea is more advanced. You can pay in many stores with crypto , same with Japan . Not sure whether you are trolling , unable to use google or really didn’t do any research In South America crypto is also very popular
  2. I am not sure whether I am understanding her. Does she claim that nostros cancel out vostros? thats like saying that the left side of the balance sheet cancels out the right side. Not true , they are are just showing a diffeeent view
  3. While I don’t like her that info is not true . She has more experience, her linkedin isn’t up to date
  4. Zerp_Legend

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Maybe he will join stellar ? Great leadership I hear
  5. Zerp_Legend

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Most top ranking ripple employees are not really known by the public . They don’t appear often in the media Cory wasn’t even a year at ripple. Usually you need at least half a year to learn the basics of the company , the loss of Cory can’t be that bad , he wasn’t needed before and maybe ripple realised that there isn’t much need for him
  6. Apply again now that you are Platinum
  7. Zerp_Legend

    There Is No Such Thing As "Dormant Funds" In Banking

    Sorry http://www.specialistspeakers.com/?p=8055
  8. Zerp_Legend

    There Is No Such Thing As "Dormant Funds" In Banking

    Hmm she is a writer for American Express which suports ripple This whole thing seems so fishy
  9. Zerp_Legend

    There Is No Such Thing As "Dormant Funds" In Banking

    She is either paid or a narcissist ;). Lately people like to attack ripple to get some attention, someone is jealous that a mere startup is sharing the stage with swift, imf etc
  10. Zerp_Legend

    There Is No Such Thing As "Dormant Funds" In Banking

    You got articles from the IMF, Worldbank, BIS talking about challenges in correspodent banking and here someone claims that Ripple is making all this up lol
  11. Zerp_Legend

    There Is No Such Thing As "Dormant Funds" In Banking

    Of course there are dormant funds. Also, powerful banks benefit a lot from correspodent banking. With xrp small banks from all over the world will have more power/options to send money. Ripple is actually decentralizing the banking system.
  12. Zerp_Legend

    Hodor and the Bitcoin maximalist

    Doesn’t mining create constant selling pressure ? I am prettt sure that some big miners stopped their operations during this bear market
  13. I am not sure what’s the discussion here . Banks are already using xcurrent, not testing. Not on a big scale but for certain corridors yes
  14. There are reasons why important swift people left it to join ripple
  15. Zerp_Legend

    Stablecoins and Banks

    Euro exim Bank specialises in trade finance and they plan to use xrapid
  16. Zerp_Legend

    Jed McCaleb & XRP

    It IS interesting that Stellar has been performing terribly this month and going back to number 9. Maybe it is coincidence or maybe Jed has something to do with it, no idea I think the fact that IBM World Wire uses any asset (I think they prefer stable coins) instead of Stellar probably killed the latter
  17. Zerp_Legend

    We all got fooled again.

    Take responsibility for your life . If you dyor and still feel like ripple is crap then leave . There are plenty of legitimate projects with great utility in crypto. Nobody has fooled you , only you yourself. Getting rich in crypto is not difficult , you just need to do the necessary work
  18. Zerp_Legend

    Kriptomat - new exchange in Estonia lists XRP

    Estonia is one of the most digital countries worldwide. It’s an amazing country
  19. For people that think that this hurts Ripple: SBI's Vision regarding Ripple and R3
  20. I am sure ripple loves this announcement as the biggest xrp hodler