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  1. You can set up your own unl. The default unl is just one that ripple recommends
  2. SBI Remit works with SCB afaik. Just not xrapid yet
  3. Libra doesn’t offer on demand liquidity and isn’t designed to be built into software systems like ripple software . For now it’s over hyped and at least 5 years away for any real adoption
  4. MasterCard also invested in sendfriend which uses xrapid
  5. Are you sure its 600 Billion just Moneygram? I always thought the whole remmitance market is 600 Billion https://www.saveonsend.com/blog/moneygram-money-transfer/ (Pretty Exciting to see that Ripple has partnered with RIA, MG and UAE Exchange. All very high on the graph in the link)
  6. Not easy to calculate. If you take the yearly volume then you would have to know how many xrp are available/ circulating in 1 year. There might be scarcity for xrp on some corridors so its even harder to know. You could simply divide it by the circulating supply but imho the real price would be at least 10x higher
  7. French Finance Minister already doesnt like Libra. I dont think they will be able to launch next year on a global scale
  8. Don’t worry bro 1. Libra doesn’t offer on demand liquidity 2. Ripple software is / can be integrated into erp systems , software systems etc and hence automating workflows 3. Huge regulatory questions so far 4. Only backed by 4 fiat currencies . How to send money from Thailand to Mexico ? Not quite clear yet. Xrp (and other crypto’s ) can be exchanged into any currency 5. basically a walled garden . Not everyone wants to use fb and certainly not some big companies like banks 6. Xrp is not only targeted at remittances . Sbi has bigger plans ( trade finance etc ). 7. I am pretty sure than libra an freeze your funds , see what you do etc
  9. The news from 2018 was just an xrapid pilot . This seems like mg going full xrapid
  10. Traditional investors will fomo when Xrp reaches 10$ . Let them be happy with their 7% roi , meanwhile crypto people can get 6-10% roi risk free
  11. Xrp is too fast to be valuable , I agree
  12. Settlement in 1 or 2 days ... lol
  13. It’s a good sign that ripple is getting competition . Amex is backing ripple so let’s see In the end it is all about customer value . Which solution does offer the best value for the customer ? Ripple basically had to build a new messaging system because the current ones were so bad . The Internet is value is coming
  14. Fb coin doesn’t offer the advantage that traditional crypto’s Do
  15. Its funny how people always assume that ripple will lose only because a big player is offering something similar . For me it is a sign that companies are actually scared and ripple is like 5 years ahead of the game :). Many big banks are already using Ripple technology and Ripple is already huge in Asia.
  16. I think it’s funny to assume that only because a big company is building something similar to ripple that the former will win . Truth is they have been sleeping all the time and none of these products can compete against xcurrent/ ilp etc . Also look into the details . For example sendfriend is using xrapid and both mastercard and Barclays invested in them ... Same with Sbi . Sure they delay stuff but it’s still funny how 99% of the crypto world ignores what they are building , I wonder if some players try to distract us from the important news
  17. Just wait for the first hackers to hack fb accounts and steal all the coins
  18. Can all these supposed competitors even compete against xcurrent? In the end the question is what offers lower costs for the customers . Afaik ripplenet is pretty strong here
  19. Whatever fb intends to do it will take time to make it into a good product . I am also not sure how some countries would perceive a Facebook coin , afaik facebook is known for their privacy issues , especially in Europe
  20. Not your keys not your coins, that it obviously the number one rule for crypto I dont trust Coinbase as a european, for example I rather use bitpanda, they are 500km or so away from me. I use Bitrue to buy csc
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