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  1. One company owning a lot of something creates problems for investors (speculators), this is true and I think anybody who is honest will not deny that. Then we have people like Jed who are dumping xrp constantly. Still, for what Ripple tries to achieve, owning a lot of xrp is crucial. Price will eventually rise because of adoption, not speculation
  2. Using https://transferwise.com/gb/compare/?sourceCurrency=GBP&targetCurrency=EUR&sendAmount=15000 it seems that for bigger payments WU is cheaper than TW. I wonder how much mercury would save
  3. I still don’t get the discussion . Ripple provides software for other companies . Unless transferwise starts selling their software to mercury etc. I wouldn’t see this as a problem . The question is whether transferwise can be competitive against xrapid in the corridors where xrapid is currently working ( mexiko , Philippines )
  4. Besides , transferwise is not a competitor to ripple . Ripple is just providing software , transferwise should rather look out for mercury , sendfriend etc.
  5. I can send money with revolut within seconds . Nothing new Ripple net is far more advanced than you think
  6. I think this is more targeted at ICOs . Xrp is just fine
  7. Coinbase is just one exchange and they don’t have high liquidity in every corridor . True , if coinbase had high liquidity in every currency pairings , small spreads , low deposit fees and low withdrawal fees it would be the ultimate exchange . But that doesn’t work just like that This service is more a competitor to existing remittance companies , xrapid itself is just a software that can benefit anyone , especially coinbase
  8. One of the main guys at Nintendo once said that a delayed game can become good while a released bad game stays a bad game . Especially Japanese people like to do everything as best as possible Video games ( even the best ones ) can get delayed by years , nothing wrong with that
  9. She knows Twitter 101 better than anyone else
  10. Hi @BobWay, maybe you have already answered this somewhere. According to some reports most volume in the market is actually fake https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2019/03/95-of-bitcoin-trading-volume-reported-on-coinmarketcap-is-fake-bitwise-report/ Has Ripple ever talked about this? I mean for example Jed is selling based on volume afaik and if most volume is fake then the selling pressure has actually more impact than one would think
  11. Wait... the saved 15k $ ? How big was the transaction lol
  12. Imatient people everywhere. XRP is open, if you want it to succeed, develop your own stuff on it. Either that or HODL / DYOR. There has been so much news about ripple & xrp, if one good news about the competition scares you than you are not strong enough to invest in any asset
  13. My bank is buying stocks for me on a monthly basis . Everything automated I would love something like that for xrp / crypto
  14. I dont see how this fits the vision of ripple (internet of value). Ripple is pushing xrp to become a bridge asset, IBM isnt pushing xlm. For that first you need liquidity in every possible corridor, which is hard for xrp to achieve but 10 times harder for xlm. This news only gives more credibility to xrp and ripple.
  15. I dont think that IBM wants to push a coin where the founders hold 80% in an unesrowed account. I also believe that IBM right now cant compete with Ripple to be honest, thats why they are pursuing a different use case
  16. Stronghold even ditched some of their xlm pairs (XLM/BTC) because of no liquidity. Tell me again how xlm will become a true global bridge asset. IBM alone is not enough. Exactly
  17. Great question, I would also like to hear Bobs opinion about World Wire. But according to the website world wire is currency agnostic, only using the protocol of stellar, but not the crypto itself.
  18. Visit Bobs Bookclub. He is an ex ripple employee and he will tell you in detail why Frances is pretty much wrong.
  19. Now if ripple could somehow get into console gaming , yes I would scream like a little girl
  20. What XRP needs is more developers doing stuff with it. Thanks to Xpring we now have some very interesting projects
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