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  1. For every amazon there are 100 counter examples . We will see
  2. Something like Xrp can only work if it was available for everyone .
  3. Eos is not a security according to the Sec and the developers used eos to fund their operations . Worst case ripple pays a fine and that’s it. Besides Ripple already paid a fine for selling xrp back in the old days, you can bet that they are doing everything according to the book.
  4. They already got some remittance companies using xrp. Many others like Instarem I think plan to use ODL this year, same with SBI Remit I believe. Thing is, it all takes time, especially building liquidity. Also, remittances arent really that interesting imho, its not that big of a market. Not sure how long one can say that regulations are a problem, arent they pretty clear in countries like Japan, England, Thailand, Singapore etc.? Maybe I got the wrong impression. MXN/USD Corridor is looking stronger every day. Apparently regulations arent a problem here. Anyways even with utility this is a highly speculative market. Dont look so much into fundamentals, it will only hurt and give you an excuse to hold through the endless downwards pressure. Ripple has a professional team of people experienced in building liqudiity and yet some other coins have better liquidity, keep that in mind. I dont doubt that xrp will be succesful but the time horizon may be much longer than we want.
  5. How do you expect utility to work? There has to be buying and selling. Demand is low right now, not just for xrp. If you arent happy with your investment then get out (when in doubt get out). You only need to judge your own behavior, if you think Ripple / Coil is throwing out free xrp and its hurting retail speculators then open a short position or look for a better investment. I had the same thinking as you so I sold 90% of my xrp.
  6. Where are you from? Not sure whether the service is offered for every country. You need to get KYC'd there and the rest is pretty simple.
  7. Swell is at least for me an event for Ripple partners to meet. It was certainly nice that they invited "normal" people but there is no need to do that imho, of course I wouldnt mind them inviting me One can only blame himself when an asset doesnt behave the way he wants to. Wyckoff said a 100 years ago that you shouldnt look too much into fundamentals when investing in a speculative asset and take responsibility for your mistakes. Everyone who provides liquidity is "needed" in some form. If you have 10 Million people putting 25$ into xrp each month thats still 250 Million Dollars or 1.25 Billion xrp at current prices. Besides, retail participation is what makes a market interesting / volatile. If Ripple didnt want retail participation than Xrp wouldnt exist on the free market. And of course Ripple is dumping on us. There cant be a sell order without a buy order, this is neither bad nor good. Besides what should Ripple do with 50% of the supply? They gotta use it somehow. Uber Founder sold 2.5 Billion Dollars worth of his shares, its his right to do that.
  8. Where are you from? Bitpanda for example offers this service. Maybe also Coinbase, not sure. Bitpanda works perfectly by the way, its a regulated exchange in the EU, no need to worry. My bank does the same for my stocks, not sure why @ADingoAteMyXRP thinks that one shouldnt do that
  9. Yeah I think it was a mistake inviting some of these you tubers . Shit happens
  10. I do believe that whales will pump btc around the halving. But its nothing sustainable or of fundamental value imho. Its always easier to pump a coin if there are some news, it attracts retail
  11. People are often trying to connect dots where there arent any. Doesnt matter whether its the xrp community or any other. I do remember back then that someone had inside infos about a possible AMEX deal and few weeks later it happened
  12. We are both on the same team (pro xrp), I just think that building liquidity is one of the hardest things possibly. I give it another 5 years
  13. Flip the switch babyyyyyy . I forgive you for insulting a platinum member of the xrp community
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