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  1. Yes but btc is slow and fees are not reliable. The only advantage right now would be that btc has better liquidity xrapid could in theory be implemented with any coin imho .
  2. I know lots of australians who would like to support their families in the balkan (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia). Croatia got € so that would be an awesome step to be honest :).
  3. Burning 50% Of the non circulating supply won’t help , or did you see Stelle suddenly go 100% ?
  4. @Tinyaccount thanks for fighting fud but I honestly don’t think it’s worth it. David said it himself , he will work until he proves the fud wrong . The rule is to always win an argument by taking action and not using words . Some people here try to sound smart using fancy words but it’s really just that , words . No value behind them
  5. Thx . What do you think about the coinfield project
  6. I see the number 589 , is it a sign ? Are you bg123
  7. @MaxEntropy was the only troll worth listening to. I measure every troll by his standards , so far I am disappointed
  8. @dr_ed what i sometimes do is Setting the Limit order slightly above the market price . This ensures that my order get executed, but I know exactly what premium I pay
  9. When I was in college it was sometimes hard to find papers for topics that really interested me . Lucky me the authors gave me their articles for free even though they were really expensive I would have loved a system like coil where I could have read any paper I wanted for a fixed fee a month. But that’s a special use case If big magazines like the economist started experimenting with coil i could maybe start using coil , right now I don’t know why I should pay fort articles because everything I read is free or physical, nothing beats books
  10. It was just a simple question, you should know I am bullish on xrp
  11. Exchanges actually employ market makers, pretty sure I read that Binance and Ocean Ex do it, basically every professional exchange out there. They provide liquidity
  12. Good observation. Thats why I keep saying that all of this will take a long time, the mexican corridor is open but still very small. And it has to be that way, you cant build deep liquidity just over night. Good thing is Ripple is more or less alone in this field, there is no real competition in crypto for that use case
  13. Great speaker ... start small , build liquidity and then go big
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