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  1. My bank is buying stocks for me on a monthly basis . Everything automated I would love something like that for xrp / crypto
  2. I dont see how this fits the vision of ripple (internet of value). Ripple is pushing xrp to become a bridge asset, IBM isnt pushing xlm. For that first you need liquidity in every possible corridor, which is hard for xrp to achieve but 10 times harder for xlm. This news only gives more credibility to xrp and ripple.
  3. I dont think that IBM wants to push a coin where the founders hold 80% in an unesrowed account. I also believe that IBM right now cant compete with Ripple to be honest, thats why they are pursuing a different use case
  4. Stronghold even ditched some of their xlm pairs (XLM/BTC) because of no liquidity. Tell me again how xlm will become a true global bridge asset. IBM alone is not enough. Exactly
  5. Great question, I would also like to hear Bobs opinion about World Wire. But according to the website world wire is currency agnostic, only using the protocol of stellar, but not the crypto itself.
  6. Visit Bobs Bookclub. He is an ex ripple employee and he will tell you in detail why Frances is pretty much wrong.
  7. Now if ripple could somehow get into console gaming , yes I would scream like a little girl
  8. What XRP needs is more developers doing stuff with it. Thanks to Xpring we now have some very interesting projects
  9. Would you say that xrp is far more ahead than other digital assets in terms of progress etc ? There is just so much info about xrp , every week new things to talk about , I don’t see it with other cryptos
  10. Xpring is an initiative to expand the ecosystem . I don’t think developers will just dump them on the market
  11. Only 50% of gpi payments arrive within 30 minutes . The fastest was from Singapore to Australia in 9 seconds Back in 2016 Reisebank was able to send € to Canada within 8 seconds thanks to ripple tech
  12. No calculation is correct , they work under subjective assumptions
  13. Hi Bob , I have always wondered what kind of people Mr Treacher , Mr Dao and Mrs Delatinne were . Everyone at ripple is amazing but these guys always seem like they are the best in their fields. ( Well so are the others probably )
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