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  1. It was just a simple question, you should know I am bullish on xrp
  2. Exchanges actually employ market makers, pretty sure I read that Binance and Ocean Ex do it, basically every professional exchange out there. They provide liquidity
  3. Good observation. Thats why I keep saying that all of this will take a long time, the mexican corridor is open but still very small. And it has to be that way, you cant build deep liquidity just over night. Good thing is Ripple is more or less alone in this field, there is no real competition in crypto for that use case
  4. Great speaker ... start small , build liquidity and then go big
  5. Nobody beats the market , you can’t expect xrp to be in a bull market while the rest isn’t ... As long as this market is driven by speculators . Some people here act like they can the financial infrastructure within a decade , get real . This is at least 5-10 years away before massive adoption
  6. So Ripple does sell below market price?
  7. Cant wait to hear that airplane story one more time !
  8. Csc has nothing to do with video games lol
  9. Instead of arguing with words maybe you guys should wait for actual results . Watch the next quarterly reports from mgi and you will see whether xrapid is a game changer or not
  10. Only because he is ceo doesn’t mean that he knows about every little detail imho. That’s simply not possible. Brad is neither a tech guy nor a banker , there is stuff that should be answered by other people than him
  11. Why would they buy r3 if sbi is already a large shareholder from both ?
  12. Every smart person can track the wallet movements on their own
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