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  1. Zerp_Legend

    Weiss Ratings pro XRP tweet

    They can’t manipulate the market because nobody believes them xd
  2. Is he the only one we found out about ? Pretty interesting stuff though
  3. Seems like following this guy is the best thing right now
  4. Zerp_Legend

    Bloodbath on Reddit

    Reddit is a toxic place full of immature people . Only few nice people there
  5. 1. if he bought early he still up by a few 1000 % 2. Shake out weak hands ? 3. Just for fun ?
  6. Zerp_Legend

    Good news: XRP USD Pairing on Bittrex

    This will be good for the next bull run
  7. Zerp_Legend

    New validator added to the recommended UNL list

    David is best , you can always count on his brutal honesty
  8. Take the 1 million and leave crypto forever
  9. Zerp_Legend


    People don’t understand how big this is ...
  10. Zerp_Legend

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    You guys should see the situation as it is and not as you like it to be . There is a specific reason for Clinton to show up , wait and see
  11. It is so simple . When people know the potential of xrp they will not sell xrp that easily , doesn’t matter how fast it is . Demand creates a price increase , done also , people assume that xrp will be sold for the same price they were bought
  12. Great stuff brother . He even tagged ripple