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  1. Zerp_Legend

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    Isn’t this the whole point ? That the exchange is holding the fiat ?
  2. Zerp_Legend

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    Don’t know man , but you seem super obsessed about this topic @P3T3RIS I don’t see anything new here
  3. Zerp_Legend

    4 New XRP Trading Pairs Added on Bitrue

    Can you research / add Casino Coin (CSC)? It is a great coin based on Xrp tech, good team and still very at the beginning. Having a good exchange would do wonders for this coin and I would definitely buy from you https://www.cscchat.com/ We even have cscchat, which is based on this forum :).
  4. Zerp_Legend

    Ana Botín (Santander) talks about Ripple again

    They are also a Ripple investor. Not using xrapid at one point would be... (insert something mean here)
  5. Zerp_Legend

    4 New XRP Trading Pairs Added on Bitrue

    Will Fiat trading only be enabled for xrp then?
  6. Now you noobs finally understand how xrapid works
  7. Zerp_Legend

    Euro Exim Bank: 1st bank to use xRapid

    You gotta start somewhere right ? Small companies can easier integrate xrapid than big ones Also there is the famous saying : Take small bites until you accumulate an empire Just saying
  8. Zerp_Legend

    RippleNet Surpasses 200 Customers Worldwide

    There you have your bank little FUDSTERS.
  9. You sound like fun to hang out .I also have not much to say , I am more of a drinker
  10. Zerp_Legend

    Tiff Hayden is XRP Trump

    Can confirm that
  11. They don’t stick to their schedule initial launch was last summer , then got pushed back 1 day before release
  12. You guys are awesome ! I Keep on doing the good work. Do you offene fiat pairings ?