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  1. Tether will die by itself once binance and other big guns Launch fiat trading.
  2. Many different things to consider but I agree . Let’s just hope that big exchanges like binance offer fiat pairings soon and that xrapid creates constant high demand according to some reports otc volume is much higher than what we see on lcw and other sites , so I am not too worried . Clever people should probably leave tether alone for now and switch to other stable coins or just btc
  3. If tether loses its stability it will be treated as any other coin . I don’t see any problems
  4. Zerp_Legend

    DCEX (XRP Base Exchange) Opens Next Week!

    Yeah, was this echange hyped for nothing?
  5. Zerp_Legend

    XRP Chat Millionaires (Paper & Real!)

    Don’t have any big plans when xrp moons . Would still like to have a part time job. Rest of the time I can focus on martial arts , meditation and maybe a second college degree having enough money to support my family is all that matters to me
  6. Zerp_Legend

    11.4 tx/second

    589 TPS
  7. Zerp_Legend

    We will see some magic from Omni very soon

    Ethanbeard really needs a beard.
  8. Binance offers other stable coins . Or just buy xrp
  9. Wait : every swift bank has to upgrade to gpi right ? So nothing special here ...
  10. Zerp_Legend

    Santander goes live with SWIFT gpi

    Ripple is signing two productions contracts per week . Production , no tests or pilots or anything . There is a reason why big banks from South Asia and the Middle East are moving to ripple Maybe ripplenet will be used for inefficient corridors while efficient corridors usw swift . Everything is possible This Is not a black or white situation
  11. Zerp_Legend

    Santander goes live with SWIFT gpi

    Also Santander is a ripple Investor
  12. Zerp_Legend

    Santander goes live with SWIFT gpi

    Swift gpi could connect with ripplenet. All thanks to ilp I guess