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  1. @yxxyun thanks for this thread. I will hold xrp for now but not buy new ones, will see how all this plays out
  2. Its one of the best features of xrp, much more interesting than the speed or the scalability.
  3. Ripple has a company in switzerland focusing on selling xrp to institutions
  4. SBI VC for speculators is not important, plenty of other options by now. But SBI has big plans for xrp as we all know, I cant wait
  5. SBI is a meme Jokes aside, they will build great things... patience
  6. How would that even be possible ? Force all validators?
  7. Agreed. Its just reassuring that they communicate with the community, but if it happens again its over
  8. Write them, they are very open for new ideas.
  9. What does this have to do with me? Or do you means Sukrims answer?
  10. Bitrue handled their hack better than binance, this says a lot. Its also not a low volume exchange, I dont get the hate. There is a good reason why wietse wind met with them
  11. You can set up your own unl. The default unl is just one that ripple recommends
  12. SBI Remit works with SCB afaik. Just not xrapid yet
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