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  1. She knows how to burn people , respect https://publish.twitter.com/?query=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fhaydentiff%2Fstatus%2F1131343197421080578&widget=Tweet
  2. First central bankers meet with brad and now with mr rao. While brad is awesome mr rao is the real deal when it comes to banking
  3. I think Buffett said that . He is not a trader or anything , just a smart holder
  4. Patience . If you can’t hodl for 10 years then sell ASAP. New technologies take their time
  5. Dollar cost averaging is usually the best way to deal with in this random market .
  6. Besides it’s not clear what ibm wants to focus on . World wire is currency agnostic and they rather seem to focus on stable coins than using xlm . They are aware of the fact that you need liquidity and there are no plans so far how to achieve that Still interesting project
  7. Hmm Last year stellar people told me that stellar is cooler than xrp because it doesn’t focus on banks but rather the unbanked, so stellar is for the good guys Now it’s suddenly a ripple killer , while ww doesn’t offer anything special over the xrp ledger / xrapid
  8. R3 knows very well that Sbi wants xrp to succeed . Better not anger kitao who invested a lot in both r3 and ripple
  9. It’s quite annoying and I hope we can somehow reach someone at ripple to ask them about that No wonder price is so stable lol @miguel @BobWay @JoelKatz @peebo38 @nikb
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