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  1. My universal translator is stuck. Sorry.
  2. Hey guys, maybe you missed it, but he is not here anymore. Just sayin. Was fun while it lasted. Btw I blocked him.
  3. Yep, the answer itself wasn’t that good, it seems he wasn’t prepared for such an open question. A run for DAs was the best he could say without shilling xrp.
  4. Well I´d say what you invested before, times the growth from now on
  5. Same question, same date as last year. Poll ends May 31. Good luck.
  6. TheHoff

    Zerpening Club

    God damit, can’t take that anymore. Tears all over the face, the stomach cringing from pain of laughing.
  7. That´s what stablecoins do. Underperforming against BTC. This author is a genius.
  8. TheHoff

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I totally understand. Thanks for clearing this up! Ahm. yes That last line can be printed on a shirt! Good one.
  9. TheHoff

    Hi! I'm Bob

    , + . Would make it much easier to read
  10. TheHoff

    Hi! I'm Bob

    You also consider speed of the market which i never did. And that makes sense. You are saying that as long as impatient buyers/sellers exist, there will be demand. And that has nothing to do with a certain number of xrp available in the markets...gimme a bit time here. Appreciate your offer. Thank you.
  11. TheHoff

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thanks for digging deeper into this. Well, i have read it 3 times and get a glimpse of what you want to say. Let me read it again a few times....Jesus. That clears up a lot and makes the whole process more dynamic than I thought. Just realized I could only have a job as a driver at ripple.
  12. TheHoff

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hey @BobWay, I hope you are willing to answer noob questions as well. Well, here’s one...asking for a friend: Let me ask you about a mathematical problem uuhm he is having. Let’s assume a FI would like to transfer $1M and the current price of xrp would be $1. So, they would be in need for 1M xrp. A year later the same FI wants to transfer $1M again. The price of xrp has reached $2 by that time (for whatever reason, say speculation). They obviously need only 500k xrp to clear this transaction. So, the higher the price of xrp, the less demand there seems to be. (And possibly less influence by speculators). But a declining demand usually would lead to lower prices per xrp. That “heating engine that cools itself” can only reach a certain temperature and stops at equilibrium. Have you guys been talking about that equilibrium scenario and what’s your take on this? Or what do we miss here? Given the total amount of xrp available it’s very hard to think of a time when demand outweighs supply. Or asked the other way round: will all the xrp from escrow ever be in the market? Thanx!
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