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  1. TheHoff

    Escrow Sales, Who's buying?

    NDA or not, are FI´s actually allowed to hold DAs in their books at this point of time with no regulation? I don´t think so. Maybe depends on the country.
  2. Was invited for some beta testing and I reported feedback. One thing that holds me back using Bison is the fact, that you don´t hold the keys. You cannot withdraw. Even though behind this is Börse Stuttgart, who have an excellent reputation (!), I don´t wanna risk my holdings by leaving it on their plattform.
  3. I´m 98% convinced XRP will succeed in the upcoming years. For those remaining 2% i put my money in the old grandmother of crypto. At current prices I can take a 100% loss in btc, actually bought a decent round figure sum a few days ago. Who knows where it will be in 5-10 years. If you consider the existing amount of bitcoin in the wild (minus the lost ones), the chances aren´t that bad, it will be one day in the 6 figures. If not, xrp will save my butt. And btw, why should Brad sell his btc now? With his xrp holdings he can pretty much hold without fear of not having food in the fridge.
  4. Ok, i did this Poll end of April 18. Who would have thought...well, exactly 9 people.
  5. @XRPto50dollars FOR PRESIDENT!!! VOTE N....oh, he already is was. You did a pretty sober explanation of XRP not being a sec.
  6. I am gold, too and I am fearful of writing anything constructive and contributing now.
  7. Have to check how a UI made with the help of an imposter, a wall street wizard and a drunken robot looks like... ...aaaaand another KYCAML torture to be done...*sigh*
  8. TheHoff

    FXChoice adding XRP

    I´m not into Forex, can anyone explain if that really raises demand and where can that volume be seen? Especially when it comes to calculating the valuation of xrp. Guess no fx on CMC, so will it impact any MC? If so I guess the only reliable info on this will be Ripple´s website metrics. Jeeez, not my world.
  9. TheHoff

    Take your profit

    could happen. could not happen. who knows.
  10. No respect to the whale swindlers!
  11. Breath in ................................................ breath out. We hear you. Ok, things are simple for me, cannot speak for everybody. I´ve got money in it I can afford to lose. And I keep buying as soon as possible. Not gonna invest from my spare money, only from monthly payments. as soon as the price gets higher than my DCA, i´ll let it ride. If we go to 0.08 cents, I´m fine and buy more. And if we go to 0.006 cents i´m fine and I will buy more. Answer helping you? Welcome to the Zerpening, land of the the BHODL Zombies . Anyone invite him there?