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  1. Ok, dudes. Here we are again. Most of you were plain WRONG We are at less than 200B, who´s thought that? Well, only 6 people! Congrats to those 6 geniuses: @Invincible, @jbjnr, @gxVg826hmf8, @69GTOjudge, @EasterBunny and sadly someone who gave up. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Another year, another poll in May 2020...
  2. Research: Ripple has sold a total of $1.1 billion of XRP, 36% to exchanges JULY 25, 2019, 2:19AM EDT Ripple has cumulatively sold $1.14 billion of XRP out of which 36% was sold to the exchanges and 64% was sold to the institutions, according to The Block's research. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/33383/research-ripple-has-sold-a-total-of-1-1-billion-of-xrp-36-to-exchanges/ ...only 64% left for finding the truth.
  3. My universal translator is stuck. Sorry.
  4. Hey guys, maybe you missed it, but he is not here anymore. Just sayin. Was fun while it lasted. Btw I blocked him.
  5. Yep, the answer itself wasn’t that good, it seems he wasn’t prepared for such an open question. A run for DAs was the best he could say without shilling xrp.
  6. Well I´d say what you invested before, times the growth from now on
  7. Same question, same date as last year. Poll ends May 31. Good luck.
  8. God damit, can’t take that anymore. Tears all over the face, the stomach cringing from pain of laughing.
  9. TheHoff

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I totally understand. Thanks for clearing this up! Ahm. yes That last line can be printed on a shirt! Good one.
  10. TheHoff

    Hi! I'm Bob

    , + . Would make it much easier to read
  11. TheHoff

    Hi! I'm Bob

    You also consider speed of the market which i never did. And that makes sense. You are saying that as long as impatient buyers/sellers exist, there will be demand. And that has nothing to do with a certain number of xrp available in the markets...gimme a bit time here. Appreciate your offer. Thank you.
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