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  1. https://www.friatider.se/225-miljoner-svenska-skattekronor-delas-ut-till-sudans-befolkning-direkt-till-mobilen Its in swedish, but the news is from the government of sweden that a deal with the world bank abot sending money directly to the cell phones of Sudan people. No dates mentioned, not either how the transactions will be made. But bank the unbanked sounds familiar šŸ™‚ Edit: to the original governant press release. https://via.tt.se/pressmeddelande/sida-stodjer-utsatt-befolkning-i-sudan-med-pengar-i-mobilen?publisherId=2170078&releaseId=3284307
  2. Nononooooo... first i want to tell you that i understand your lack of faith... But I remember the time when you where so positive and happy about how you had the trust of growing the investment. if someone tell you that you have faied, please dont listen...because you have not. Its not kaputt yet, so until that the game is on.. Do as you wish, but just dont let emotions take over... Good luck and see you here until sky ot under ground šŸ˜
  3. Thank you for your answer. we Will see, but its banks. They want profit from their business. Who Will pay the development of everything? If they have several $1 assets, can JPM make 1000 piece and another bank 100? Then there is no equal in it. And the co-operation Will problably fail.
  4. I just wonder, if there Will be a fixed price of maybe $1. How many coins must JPM create? Will other banks adopt the coins and make JPM even richer and bigger? If all banks create their own digital assets, then there are still a need of value between them like todays Fiat. So there are no gain in create more than one DA all use with the same value? Am i missing something? No matter how it become, i think that asia are more into XRP than throw that aside and support a US bankcoin.
  5. They are similar to skrill and neteller. But for sallary payments.
  6. I hope that Brad dont ask for a devorce when he see what he acctually married and wake up tomorrow
  7. Like Benchmark Said, buy and sell. I think its good IF have money there that Will not be used in a while, because you get no interest in fiat, but IF buy dig assets you at least can see passive money grow.
  8. Thanks šŸ™‚ I found the info, its just kept on an exchange. But real XRP.
  9. The XRP stays at Skrill. So can not be moved to other wallets. Not a Good place to hodl big amounts then. But easy to buy and sell at least with a low fee. If have money on skrill its at least s possible way to increase the money by exchange to XRP. If not need the money short time of course, then maybe loose value instead.
  10. Hi, i have a skrill account and When i was looking at My account i saw that i could buy XRP. I tried with about $90 and have now about 240 XRP at My skrill account. Is it real XRP or just like derivatets? I did not find info at the moment but Will search more. But maybe someone here know more about it.
  11. Saturday november 17 i made a banktransfer from Thailand to Holland. THB/EURO western union had the exchange rate of almost 41 and transaktion fees/commision for 2250 THB. SCB had the exchange rate of almost 38 and teansactionfee/commision of 550 THB. At SCB they Said transfer could take 3-5 bankdays. We where There on saturday, on monday the money was on the Holland account. If bankdays not involve saturday and sunday it means the transfer was made the same day Sounds at least interesting since the fee and the time was really low and fast. The amount to send was 48000 THB or about 1300 Euro.
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/13/for-gig-workers-that-paycheck-could-be-in-cryptocurrency-sooner-than-later.html " Sharing economy workers, also known as "gig" workers, are often in financially uncertain situations to begin with, and paychecks in bitcoin will make life more risky for them, said Niam Yaraghi, assistant professor at the University of Connecticut's business school and co-author of a recent report on the sharing economy."If I say this year I'm spending one-tenth of a bitcoin on office supplies, how much will I be spending next year in bitcoin?" said Yaraghi. "I don't think there's anyone in the world who can answer that question. It's very, very dangerous." " The article mention to use crypto currency for salary. The professor use bitcoin in his example. I think its really good that people start to think about digital assets as fiat. It means that more people get their eyes on the digital asset world and try to find a way how to use it. But as the professor says, use it as fiat for example get your salary in DA is with the high volatility not a good idea. Will people adopt the fact that the usecase for DA are different between the DA:s? I see xrp as an asset for global transactions. Bitcoin as an asset for now buying other assets. Depending of the usecase not all the assets gonna stay with us. But those with an usecase, well, they will live longer. The professor quoted in the article above, some kind of an economic professor talk about DA as a fiat. Who gonna teach people about digital assets and their usecases if a business school professor talk about them like money? Aint the real value of DA gonna get into peoples mind if the use of them actually come out more than being a speculative thing? Maybe they talk about it in universities but this professor was quoted as the journalist wanted the message to be?
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