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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/13/for-gig-workers-that-paycheck-could-be-in-cryptocurrency-sooner-than-later.html " Sharing economy workers, also known as "gig" workers, are often in financially uncertain situations to begin with, and paychecks in bitcoin will make life more risky for them, said Niam Yaraghi, assistant professor at the University of Connecticut's business school and co-author of a recent report on the sharing economy."If I say this year I'm spending one-tenth of a bitcoin on office supplies, how much will I be spending next year in bitcoin?" said Yaraghi. "I don't think there's anyone in the world who can answer that question. It's very, very dangerous." " The article mention to use crypto currency for salary. The professor use bitcoin in his example. I think its really good that people start to think about digital assets as fiat. It means that more people get their eyes on the digital asset world and try to find a way how to use it. But as the professor says, use it as fiat for example get your salary in DA is with the high volatility not a good idea. Will people adopt the fact that the usecase for DA are different between the DA:s? I see xrp as an asset for global transactions. Bitcoin as an asset for now buying other assets. Depending of the usecase not all the assets gonna stay with us. But those with an usecase, well, they will live longer. The professor quoted in the article above, some kind of an economic professor talk about DA as a fiat. Who gonna teach people about digital assets and their usecases if a business school professor talk about them like money? Aint the real value of DA gonna get into peoples mind if the use of them actually come out more than being a speculative thing? Maybe they talk about it in universities but this professor was quoted as the journalist wanted the message to be?
  2. Yeah maybe...i just teased his fomo
  3. If you believe in it...dont miss out
  4. Well TRX is pumped up pretty good today...
  5. Riddles are funny Right arm of the puppet SUIC. https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/SUIC/news/story?e&id=984925 involved with blockchain etc... Left arm NoVo? Nostro Vostro
  6. Damn...either you are the most master of brain or actually youre beareble guy I really like your decoding...well done
  7. This is earlier FUDers...
  8. Since the market is bearish now its of course hard to tell. But when market rises again i think it will be more smart money that enters. So the digital assets that actually have something with real value more than hype will get the most investments. XRP is one of those real value assets, so the more good news, the more investments we probably will get. My guess...minimum $5 and up to $15 if there is only good news...if xrp is in use by FIs, then i think minimum $10 up to about $50 depending on wich FIs using xrp. In the latter guess i think the price rise more next year and will be the year a lot of us start to cash in good money, the close to retirement kind of cash in
  9. Well, sounds more like Schwarz said "show, no tell"
  10. RTKen

    Why Uphold Matters to XRP Over the Long Term

    Thats great...then we all salut you
  11. RTKen

    Why Uphold Matters to XRP Over the Long Term

    @XRPHdlr Great XRPChat Contest Winner I dont know what you won...but congrats
  12. Here is a guy who shows how to do if tired of waiting...make it yourself
  13. Why not buy your house and in the same time start over with $100 000 to $ 200 000 in XRP? I guess you will send a similar question about new investment for your $10 to 20 million in a few year