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  1. Did any one else catch this?

    Transaction fee
  2. xRapid out of beta date >?

    Might be a nice easter egg
  3. https://ripplenews.tech/2018/03/20/erste-group-ag-weve-working-ripple-two-years/
  4. Yeah or as they maybe thought of Bill Gates...Why make Bill to the richest guy in the world? But they hoped all the best for windows in their PC Dont think to much Riseup...
  5. Governments already have state-backed currency, fiats. There is no global fiat now and the risk for ripple that it will be a global gov dig asset is now zero. My opinion.
  6. Its over??? I rushed to charts thought it was over...$569 and time to cash in some Dont joke like that...april 1th is not yet
  7. Yeah...a couple of billions back in market in pretty short time
  8. Hmmm, i really dont like the dips...i can tell by feel happy to see the .57 now
  9. No need for excuses...i think that a lot here is not english people I want it to rise...i would never wish it to almost crash
  10. So XRP is a new bitcoin? A coin thats for speculative investors to gain profit from in ups and downs? No, XRP was not made for that...the idea is for FIs to use it in their transactions...be happy that you had a chance to buy and profit on its beginning...now we want it to rise and rise...not to be a tool for greedy smallhodlers...it might bite you in the ***...FIs need something solid, why do you think they have not jumped on the cryptotrain before? If you have money...buy now and support XRP, not treat it as a shitcoin...
  11. I agree with you...i dont think FIs will trust xrp...i dont think they like it as it is now already
  12. I missed the last drop...i think drops come between my incomes...i save this time
  13. If you can...buy...i should if i was not out of money at the moment