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  1. Q1 - $0.38  Q2 - $0.55 Q3 - $0.75  Q4 - $1.26
  2. Geospectrum

    +589 explained

    Here we go again. Having invested since Early December last year and been a member of this group since January all I see is a whole load of hope. That’s great, but the truth is no ones knows when, if or how XRP is going to take off. Speculation is fun (ish) but it is patience that will win the day. Just relax and HODL and come back in three years to see how things are going. I’ll get my coat...
  3. A reflection on the side of my car this morning. Good omens.
  4. I’m guessing most people have seen this? Any thoughts? https://www.ft.com/content/e9353128-e760-11e8-8a85-04b8afea6ea3
  5. No idea. I’ll just watch then pretend I knew what was going to happen.
  6. Geospectrum


    Simone mentioned spikes, are they likely to be xRapid activity? These seem to have been more of them in recent weeks.
  7. Geospectrum


    That will be a yes then?
  8. A little pump in the XRP price so I quickly looked at the Coinbase app expecting to see a similar rise in btc but no, not this time. Is this an indication of decoupling? Perhaps the pump is due to Xrapid action?
  9. Geospectrum


    No. this is in the realms of fantasy along with widespread BTC utility and the flat earth. XRP will be the bridge currency but that is as far as it goes. IMHO.
  10. Geospectrum

    40% in 24 hours....

    I know the feeling....1st world problems.
  11. Geospectrum

    40% in 24 hours....

    Going up faster than last December......
  12. Geospectrum

    40% in 24 hours....

    64% and counting. It’s about now we all wish we bought more last week....I bought an iPhone X. Ha, never mind, my stash will do me just fine if this keeps up.
  13. How much further before we take a brreather?
  14. ....Just one more little buy, just the one, honest honey....?