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  1. XRP received a C+ rating in their first edition but we were upgraded to a B+ just yesterday. Here is a link to all of their ratings. https://issues.weissratings.com/s/87d57eeacc4cc597d8ebd37aeeb410bc/Weiss-Cryptocurrency-Ratings-20180223.pdf
  2. My friend who turned me on to XRP Chat said if you follow one person make is Hodor... thanks for all you do
  3. Can you share the coin storage that you are using?
  4. I completely agree... the ups and downs is part of what makes this profitable and exciting like it is
  5. Like I said that was simply my opinion and I did/do feel we might get a little lower than that but that would be as low as we go. We actually went down to .87 according to Bitstamp but it looks like we have rebounded to around $1.17
  6. I agree but that is a decent investment for just three different people. I would say the average investor is far from investing seven figures but I could be wrong.
  7. Enough to make it mater IMO the low today of $1.17 is the floor or at least very close. If XRP goes any lower than that it will not be much. I am personally aware of almost $10M that is waiting to buy as soon as their accounts are approved. I realize this is a small amount in the big picture but I am only one person is a group of thousands. BTW... these buyers would have paid much more than todays price so that is part of the reason I believe we are either at the floor or very close. Only time will tell... Cheers
  8. Just a few thoughts... In the mid 90's domain names were first registered. They were new and part of a new technology which was not in the public's eye. I have friends who were early adapters to this new technology and they saw how it was going to be a dynamic part of what we call the internet. Four and five figure investments turned into seven figure returns. Just one example of this is the domain name *****.com which was bought by the Domain King Rick Schwartz for $42K in 1997 and sold in 2015 for almost $9M https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Schwartz_(domainer). Very few people understood or saw the potential for this new technology in its infancy but those who did made life changing money. I see crypto currencies and especially XRP as the same situation. I think with any new technology you have to ask yourself is this something that is truly needed? Will this new technology do a better job than the one that is being used currently (Swift)? Well on Friday morning I was at my bank when the doors opened. I sent a bank wire to Gatehub... my funds have still not arrived and won't until Monday. If my bank and Gatehub were utilizing Ripple the funds I sent would have been there in seconds not to mention it would have cost less. So IMO the answer is obvious... Ripple should and most likely will be a big part of the future. Those who realize this the soonest will reap the greatest return.
  9. This is correct but we used to send a letter etc. in "the mail" there is a reason we now use email
  10. As I said in my original post I'm not an investment banker or a financial adviser my friend but a lot of the twelve attendees were. They were much more open to the idea of investing in crypto currencies than I thought they would be. As I mentioned four of the attendees have already made an investment in Ripple/XRP since the meeting.
  11. I can assure you Hodor that your "theory" is happening. I was invited to a private investors meeting last week in San Luis Obispo, California. There were twelve of us and almost half of the group were either investment bankers or financial advisers (I am neither). We were all asked to bring ONE idea/suggestion to the table so it could be discussed/debated. Digital assets and crypto currencies were discussed more than any other topic. I was third to submit my idea... I made twelve copies of the Ripple logo and put them in an envelope. When everyone started to open their envelope one of the attendees started laughing. His idea to share with the group was... Ripple I know of at least four attendees that have invested in XRP since our meeting. I personally made a an investment in Ripple/XRP last month and I will be adding to my XRP port over the next 72 hours. Cheers
  12. I believe you need to be verified. I would send a message to their support and ask them to confirm.
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