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  1. Current volume data: { "candlesticks": [{ "close": "33.878000", "high": "34.722000", "low": "33.878000", "open": "34.700000", "timestamp": "2019-07-31T15:00:00Z", "type": "candlestick", "volume": "12493.000000" }, { "close": "33.750000", "high": "34.237000", "low": "33.721000", "open": "34.000000", "timestamp": "2019-08-01T15:00:00Z", "type": "candlestick", "volume": "84820.000000" }, { "close": "33.648000", "high": "33.730000", "low": "33.000000", "open": "33.730000", "timestamp": "2019-08-02T15:00:00Z", "type": "candlestick", "volume": "168729.000000" }, { "close": "34.224000", "high": "34.224000", "low": "31.000000", "open": "33.881000", "timestamp": "2019-08-03T15:00:00Z", "type": "candlestick", "volume": "799084.000000" }, { "close": "34.000", "high": "34.200", "last_tick_id": 33, "low": "32.139", "open": "33.700", "timestamp": "2019-08-05T00:00:00Z", "type": "candlestick", "volume": "43849" }], "request_id": 14, "type": "candlestick_recap" } Notice how we don't see 2019-08-04 mentioned in that list. Either they had issues and are not showing it or they've consolidated it into the 2019-08-03 timestamped data (that timestamp can be when they started counting that period). Since on 2019-08-04 we could see at least a volume of 505k, 2019-08-03 is showing 799k XRP and the previous day to that was 168K XRP, I wouldn't be surprised if they've taken the period from 2019-08-03 15:00:00 UTC to 2019-08-05 00:00:00Z into consideration for the 799k XRP (~294k for the 3rd of August + ~505k for the 4rd of August).
  2. Their 1D (1 day) candle graph isn't returning the volume for the 4th of August and they went into maintenance less than an hour ago and came back. However their trade list is now empty and their API is returning an empty list of trades, so they either made it do that for non-logged in users or they were having issues around it and disabled it (or perhaps it only returns trades made during today, and none were made so far?). In any case, here are the values they use on the 1D candle graph: { "candlesticks": [{ "close": "33.878000", "high": "34.722000", "low": "33.878000", "open": "34.700000", "timestamp": "2019-07-31T15:00:00Z", "type": "candlestick", "volume": "12493.000000" }, { "close": "33.750000", "high": "34.237000", "low": "33.721000", "open": "34.000000", "timestamp": "2019-08-01T15:00:00Z", "type": "candlestick", "volume": "84820.000000" }, { "close": "33.648000", "high": "33.730000", "low": "33.000000", "open": "33.730000", "timestamp": "2019-08-02T15:00:00Z", "type": "candlestick", "volume": "168729.000000" }, { "close": "34.224000", "high": "34.224000", "low": "31.000000", "open": "33.881000", "timestamp": "2019-08-03T15:00:00Z", "type": "candlestick", "volume": "799084.000000" }], "request_id": 16, "type": "candlestick_recap" } P.S.: Trading history is back.
  3. As @Janno said, the volume has been jumping quite decently each day and there was a big one today, with also big trades: 48k, 40k, 2 x 30k XRP in the last 100 trades alone (to a total volume of ~505k XRP). There are several reasons to explain this, but it would be speculation. What's important is that we went from a handful of trades a few days ago to hundreds now. If the trends continues in the next week (big if), they could get to BitBank's level soon. For now it's still low, but also remember that, as stated in their earnings presentation, they are not doing any signup or trading campaign just yet, as they've deferred that to the Autumn.
  4. Regarding the confusion around whether or not they are accepting new accounts, this is what the English slides say on page 72 (my highlighting, underlining): "(...) the full-scale acquisition of accounts and service promotion will start in earnest from this autumn, (...)" Since that is under "Regarding promotions", my interpretation is that it refers to customer acquisition campaigns (marketing, rewards, etc), and not if one is allowed to register or not. The signup page (and VC Trade Pro's section) seems to be working, but I guess only people living in Japan can confirm they are able to open an account and trade in the new platform. Also remember that it's very unlikely this will move the price on its own in a sustainable way in the short-term. What SBI is trying to do is to create an interconnected ecosystem with a focus in Japan (and then expand from there) and that takes time and is not bound by the speculative interest of people outside Japan longing a digital asset, who are mostly not going to interact with that ecosystem directly.
  5. Indeed, although when you mentioned "XRP Community" my first thought was only the HODLers, not the traders. When looking at the current XRP volume by currency (as reported to CryptoCompare - so it will be missing some data points), I think that our current main issue is perhaps the lack of trades using fiat, though we are probably one of the best positioned assets, since except for BTC, most of the the other ones are a lot worse on that metric. The big money will most likely not come from the early adopting retail investors, and despite needing more than one hand to count the years that this market has been going for, it's still fairly early.
  6. Mind expanding this thought? What are we offering? What do you mean by "exchange liquidity"? XRP? Fiat? What are the requirements for xRapid to be a success?
  7. When Ripple Trade was shutting down, they provided an easy way of migrating to GateHub. However in the email, after explaining that option, they also said: with "other wallet providers" being a link, which unfortunately was tied to their CRM system and is no longer valid. No one recommended (and the argument for saying they encouraged is also debatable, weak IMO) anyone to migrate to GateHub. These are snapshots of the "How to Buy XRP" page from ripple.com on August 2017 and December 2017. - https://web.archive.org/web/20170810092028/https://ripple.com/xrp/buy-xrp/ - https://web.archive.org/web/20171211225351/https://ripple.com/xrp/buy-xrp/ I can count 15 options (believe they were all exchanges), with Bitstamp, Kraken, Gatehub, and btcxIndia taking the first row. Ripple is not in the business of being charitable to speculators for mistakes of others. Also, this has been debated numerous times in our community, but also the wider digital asset community: exchanges and online wallets have risks and leaving your digital assets in them is subject to said risks. Even if for some reason you don't want to have and manage your own offline/hardware wallet (fear of losing the seed, trojans, etc), leaving all your eggs in one basket is also a questionable decision.
  8. That would be true if those were Ripple products and Ripple's product teams incorporating those. They aren't, therefore the comparison doesn't make sense. Ripple doesn't seem to be widening its area of focus or muddling its vision, since these are investments in other companies which are not taking time from Ripple's product teams (that seem to still be focused on delivering on Ripple's vision). The way I interpret this, despite like most not having enough information, is that it's about creating an ecosystem and having a seat at the table, which may become valuable later for several reasons (some of which people have already mentioned).
  9. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-escrows-55-billion-xrp-for-supply-predictability/ - DEC 07, 2017 (my emphasis & underline) You could argue from this that they are still keeping what they originally promised (which is different from what people assume/perceive/interpret). They are using it, just not necessarily selling it. Even if there were any legal contract binding this, most contracts are allowed to be terminated or amended, especially given changes in conditions. Agree that Ripple could communicate better and more clearly, but as conditions change, it's normal for tactics to also change, while keeping in line with the vision and strategy. Also keep in mind that if Ripple were to force the whole monthly billion of XRP, that is released each month from escrow, into the market (sales, incentives, etc), it would be much worse for the short term price.
  10. (my emphasis & underline) Might be misunderstanding your intention with that statement, but the value you used there to try and determine the price per XRP omitted the Programatic sales' income ($107.49 million), which is separate from the Institutional direct sales ($61.93 million), but is still part of the XRP sales from the same pot. That last phrase could mean that they may have not sold (directly to institutions + programmatic) all of the 700 million XRP that didn't return to the escrow (and that you've assumed it was all sold). If this is confirmed, then the average price becomes much greater than the $0.24 ≈ (Institutional + Programmatic sales) / 700 million XRP would indicate (if all 700 million had been sold), which on its own is already much greater than the $0.08 you mention.
  11. https://ripple.com/insights/q1-2019-xrp-markets-report/ Institutional direct sales: $61.93 million. Programatic sales: $107.49 million. Also, note the last phrase regarding the 700 million:
  12. Your in that context was rhetorical, not necessarily you. Didn't take long for you to make me question if it should've been rhetorical at all.
  13. Data is useless if your assumptions when interpreting it are incorrect. Also most data collected by tools we use is only a window into some aspects of reality, missing important information surrounding and intersecting our data points.
  14. If you do it in the open market in one go you create a buy wall, which can pressure the price to move above it depending on sentiment. Depth graphs give you an idea of what would happen. You could stagger it, but that still somewhat pressures the price up (clear steps in a depth graph). There's also exchange fees to take into account. With OTC you guarantee a price for the whole purchase volume and could even save when you take into account the exchange fees.
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