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  1. Can you enable coil on a current medium account?
  2. @Molten Excellent points. You have voiced what we are all thinking. That this rise in price is due to the MGI Mexican bitstamp-bitso corridor opening. I want this to be true. I hope it is. But every Swell season there has been a PnD. The price goes up. We all think “this is it!!!” And then it collapses. We will know for sure after Swell. If there is still this steady increase in price then i might get cautiously optimistic. Until then, my excitement is being kept firmly in check.
  3. I just wanted to say thank you @Hodor. You have been an invaluable contributor to this community. I will miss your blog and unique insights into xrp. Wishing you all the best in this new phase.
  4. This reminds me of when Maxentropy whined and sold all his xrp right before the bullrun last time. I’m taking this as a sign that a new ATH is coming 🔜⏱🛫
  5. @Archbob Probably not...might start slow and ramp up over time. Maybe a slight bump? So I don’t anticipate anything earth shattering price wise. Thrilled to be wrong though. With regard to volume and price...More important is network effects. That’s where the value will start to show itself. Utility is the name of the game.
  6. Big banks are not going to jump into this until the advantages of the tech are proven. It was always going to be the small and medium sized banks who would be first. Think of them as the testing ground...where everyone else is watching to see how it works, what the pros and cons are. Once they see the advantages and savings then the deluge will start. SBI is very important...it’s not small like Euro Exim, plus it has a vested interest in seeing xrp being used (hence their push with R3....which is giving them exposure to the top banks in the world)
  7. At 15 minutes....BG says Siam Commercial in Thailand is using digital assets...safe to assume...most likely xrp. ?
  8. On the increase of xrp sales Cory says, “The buying by Wall Street institutions...up 400% quarter over quarter.” That is awesome
  9. That’s a joke right? I Can’t tell sarcasm on these forums ? I mean...it’s obvious many countries and companies transact with SA & UAE. They have some of the biggest oil reserves in the world.
  10. Yeah...I’m not holding my breath for that. ?
  11. Yes...so then that would be the ILP if they don’t intend to use xrp. Does the UAE have it’s own CB crypto? If not...then they might have to use xrp. I also think it’s going to take some time for banks to get accustomed to the idea of not having nostro/vostro accounts. They’ve been doing it this way for decades....they will dip their toes in slowly and when they realize it’s working well then they will move to the next phase. Crawl.walk.run.
  12. I have no idea if they are listed on any exchanges...don’t even think the CB crypto is out yet? Think we’ll have to wait and see.
  13. I thought you could only use xrp on xRapid. But you could use btc on the ILP or any other DA. Except xrp is the cheapest fastest etc. So it should naturally default to xrp anyway.
  14. XRP’s purpose is to be a bridge between different currencies. Whether that be fiat to fiat or CB crypto to fiat. So each country doesn’t have to hold the others currency...yes? So XRP will facilitate that. Unless of course they’re using xCurrent here...but then the rails will be laid for later on for XRapid. Still a win in my book.
  15. Extremely exciting....looking forward to their interactions and any potential juicy bits. Is there plans for a livestream for this? I can’t find any info on one.
  16. So this is just like SWIFT GPI? A messaging system? It doesn’t solve the nostro/vostro? At least as far as I can see....
  17. What timeframe? Daily? Weekly? Do you really think there is a chance we would get that kind of volume in such a short period of time? That would be kinda crazy....would have to be massive volume + intense fomo.
  18. This is such a fun thread @AllinXRP Well i can’t say that i heard about bitcoin back in the day...simply because we lived in the Caribbean at the time and it was on no ones radar. The first time i heard about bitcoin was in spring of last year. We were watching CNN and a guy my husband had gone to school with was on talking about bitcoin and why he was bullish. So my husband facebook’s him and asks him if he really thinks its a good investment. His friend replied that he really wasn’t sure due to the volatility but why not throw a couple hundred at it.We decided not to (my husband had gotten laid off from work earlier in the year) and so we thought it wasnt worth the risk. Then we saw ether mooning. My husband again brought up the idea of buying some ether this time. At first i thought yeah...why not...we could buy a little. But i always like to research before i make investments. And while researching bitcoin and ether i came across xrp. i was totally sold on the usecase and IOV and also kept trying to figure out why it was so undervalued. So we didnt buy in till the end of August/beginning September when the price had retraced. That was totally dumb luck. I will also confess here that my husband was still unemployed at this time. He used to work in Oil and Gas and we had known the lay off was coming and had a sizeable cushion to last us at least 18 months. But it was still a gamble and sometimes i still wonder how did we decide to buy xrp at that time. We had a strict amount that we could invest at the time and we stuck to it. We had the xrp fall doldrums and then December comes around and we all lose our minds. My husband got a job offer in December and with XRP mooning we felt like we had won the lotto. Was ecstatic at the ATH and HODLER all the way down. Have been slowly accumulating more on the dips. Feel like this is either the find of a lifetime or i will feel like a total idiot if this doesn’t pan out. I guess in the next 6 months - 3 years i’ll know for sure.
  19. @Hodor Excellent blog...thanks once again for your insight. I just have a question...trying to wrap my mind around Multihop. I am neither a financial nor tech wizard....so please bear with me. ? When you said, “Other" xRapid instances means that Multi-Hop can be used in conjunction with others that are using XRP to settle - in the same payment flow.” Are you saying e.g. Bank A wants to send money to Bank B. He uses SCB because he does not have a bilateral relationship with Bank B. Bank A is also in a country that does not have regulatory certainty, so he uses his nostro/vostro with SCB on the first leg. However Bank B has regulatory certainty...so SCB uses xRapid on the second leg? And if yes....wouldn’t this have massive implications for XRP adoption. Cause then the SEC and any other country that doesn’t have regulatory certainty can take as long as it wants....nobody has to wait for them?
  20. @DaftPunk IIN seems to be a messaging system...doesn’t account for the nostro/vostro problem that xrp solves. They’re trying to retain business by slapping a bandaid on it. Don’t really see this as a threat. This has nothing to do with price drop. This is a Healthy correction after we went up too far too fast. Welcome to the world of xrp...where riding a roller coaster of price is the norm.
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