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  1. @JoelKatz please help me out bro I am so confused.
  2. I don't understand where XRP stands now and ripple.com is confusing right now. Are these all new coins or what the heck??
  3. I think gatehub is working with ripple labs to get the coins refunded to you, that is just my personal opinion and it probably takes a little while.
  4. Where do you live in the US? @enej helped me out I'm sure they are just trying to get to the bottom of this. He got me my funds back so have faith my friend.
  5. @ptk yeah I know it's frustrating but like I told another. Just have to be patient, I was and it took a little while but I ended up getting my funds back.
  6. @aggnikhil it took almost two weeks, just have to be patient though, I know it sucks but they will handle it. I know how you feel though.
  7. @JoelKatz yeah it's pretty crazy stuff. Who knows what happened.
  8. @JoelKatz the minimal ripple client cannot connect to the ripple network using the secret key because it doesn't not have the correct address. It just gives error messages.
  9. You won't be able to import the secret key because the ripple address is not the correct one attached to the secret key. So once you import the secret key it will be a different address.
  10. Guys you just have to be patient, Enej will take care of it he just has a lot going on right now. I tell you because I had the same problem a while ago and he fixed it but I was patient.
  11. If anyone is able to tell me where I can store it. I know flash drives are good but what if they break or something?
  12. @enej found the issue and worked it all out, gatehub is awesome and at first I was worried and reluctant but they showed integrity, perserverance, and competency. Enej is the absolute man! Glad they worked it out though.
  13. @Professor Hantzen I did that with ripple client and it says the identity could not be established.
  14. @Vertigo two wallets, two addresses, same secret key.
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