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  1. After 1000 years, humans will be living in caves, foraging for food and all traces of the past civilization will have disappeared. So don't worry about xrp.
  2. Try using Transferwise, gets the job done much faster than a bank.
  3. Neither coinbase or binance could adequately explain to me how the accts were hacked as I had 2fa enabled. They assumed I was lying.
  4. When my coinbase and binance accts were hacked, phone 2fa was enabled.
  5. What is the chance of the ledger nano failing? I use it perhaps once or twice per month.
  6. I feel for you. Several months ago my coinbase and binance accounts were hacked even though 2fa was enabled. Lesson learned, I bought a ledger nano and a trezor.
  7. I have some coins stored on ledger and others on trezor. I have been teaching my wife how to access these assets and sell them, but it is not easy. So many convoluted steps from her perspective.
  8. Alas, looks like WU is just not interested.
  9. You guys will grasp at any straw.
  10. The xrp price is 59 cents. You call that successful? What planet are you from?
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