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  1. You are not looking at the whole picture. You neeed to look at the price of XRP 3 years ago and the XRP today and you will se it’s gone up multiples already. So the price is indeed going up. May not be as fast as many others likes but it’s going up. To put it even simpler: If you purchase at today’s price and in another 3 years the price didn’t at least go up 20% then it may be time to look elsewhere.
  2. Only one minute? Takes more than 1 min to undo the belt. By the way not many man likes a woman with a big belly lol
  3. Which part of “too bad I am married” did you not understand? The education level of XRP investors really worries me these days.......lol
  4. Oh well, too bad I am married, otherwise I will say only one thing: “I want to be the mother of your children” lol
  5. Yeap! I am still here! Four more years to go!!!!
  6. Cruel mistress? Excuse me I didn’t spent bucketloads of my husband’s money so we can both have some mistresses........lol
  7. Even if XRP does goes to $0.04 it won’t go away. It could be due to the fall of BTC however it will be the end of many other rubbish coins if XRP falls to the 4c level. Having said that, unless major usage does comes from major banks XRP will likely be in the current level. If in 36 month we still don’t see any major usage I would say XRP have failed.
  8. Nope the bet is on going, its a 5 year bet:) I still have 4 years for XRP to double it. Always wanted another kid, just didn't expect it so soon. Hopefully another girl:) Fingers crossed
  9. Oh its true, just found the article. Well its going to be tough to eat......lol
  10. Please complete the sentence......... or others will do it for you.............lol
  11. John Mcafee at 1m? Am I reading this correctly?????
  12. Come on LEO! I am sure you can hold your own:)
  13. Oh dear, i was going to change to 28 but accidentally chosen 48. Its now been changed to 28. Thanks for letting me know