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  1. Great video. Still a lot speculation. Still I am certain I will clear it if it reaches $0.60 again. I have a few shares I am very interested in purchasing right now while it’s low, just need to clear some funds as I won’t ask for more money from my other half.
  2. Oh dear. No wonder XRP won’t go up. Some investors can’t even write properly........... Should be “your” and not “you”
  3. I think I will clear my holdings if XRP went to 60c again and invest in shares instead. This CRYPTO thing is just too hard to read. And I don’t like to see XRP at these levels with so much happening behind the scenes. Should be a lot higher.
  4. I am having doubts about XRP at the moment. Not much statement from Brad and also price is down 20% again. The longer XRP not been used the slimmer the chance of success. I might pull out on the next run and invest in something else. 52% down at the moment on my initial investment of $65000 is not much fun to look at......
  5. Good comment indeed. And so where does that leave us?
  6. Still talking about that $1000 price when we can’t get it up to $0.50....... Dreams are just that, dream lol
  7. Hi Guys: Hello to the new and the old investors here. Just wondering, what if in the not so distant future XRP are not used by the major banks (not used at all) does XRP still hold any value at all??? I am asking as XRP have been making really good progress in the last few years but progress is just that, progress, if no usage occurs anytime soon I honestly don’t see the value in XRP. I dyed my hair blonde recently but do hear me out: Mark Zuckerburg stated it tookhim 2 weeks to develop the first version of Facebook. Unless you're asking how longdid it take to develop the version you see today. I would estimate roughly 13 years, considering it's an ongoing developmentand is never “done”.Jun 29, 2017 Now 13 years it took, however the first version was done in under 2 weeks. I know we are talking about totally different products here but Mark was one man and we have a whole team. Something should happen by now but in reality XRP aren’t doing much commercially. And since many said Crypto space moves 5 times faster compared to regular space, we should be hitting something somewhere but the truth is we are not moving that faster at all? I feel if we are not gonna be used by the banks in the next 18 months we are not going to be used at all. Thoughts?
  8. Don’t need to, he is certain I have made a lemon by investing in this thing.......... Only 3 and half years to go and I am getting bit annoyed with all these silly prices.....
  9. For the first time in a long time I am starting to feel this XRP investment may end up in disaster. I was so close to my cost price and then all of a sudden it’s gone back to down 50% again. May get out and sell the lot when it reaches 70c again........
  10. Good on you. End year price? What was yours? I said few days ago this thing is gonna drop to around $0.50 AUD and looks like I am also not too far behind. Husband looks happy today, looks like can’t get rid of those annoying LEGO for a while yet........grrrrrrrr
  11. To put it simple: There are many mega rich investors out there. Anyone with less than $100k invested is a small shrimp. Because there are so many small shrimps out us small shrimps thinks the mega rich is controlling the movement of prices by join forces or something.......... So I don’t believe Whales are controlling the prices. In reality no one can control a market that big. But what do I know, having just lost a Monopoly game to my older daughter..........lol
  12. Doesn’t make sense to me. Why would someone buy $90k worth of Ripple after first purchase of $1050? I invested total of $65000 but I bought at least 20 times averaged down all the way to my current average of $0.81 AUD
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