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  1. Only still hoping. Can turn nasty before you know it And trust me my boy, after experience the high of Jan 2018 anything can happen:)
  2. Because I am only given certain amount so no more money to buy more:) Also I don’t think it will pass more than $1 by the end of this year. Not yet anyway
  3. Sell? Another 13c and I am even!!!!!!! Now is not the time to sell. (Not the time to buy either) Once this thing hits $1.62 AUD I got a full room of LEGO to get rid off and my husband now is getting a bit nervous.....lol
  4. If XRP does hit $589 like many of you guys believe.......... The entire holdings of XRP forum members here will have enough money to manipulate the entire world economy......... So it’s time to wake up from the wet dreams and let’s us focus on XRP hitting $0.50 for the time been please........
  5. Can’t be bother or don’t know how to reply is two very different things
  6. 1: Totally unfounded comment, the % of your stack is based on the amount of money you have. How are you not going to make decisions on it? 2: XRP has been at the 33c - 35c AUD level for most of last year and this year yet the 10c prices happened many years before. If I am going to look at an entry price I be looking to enter at 35c and not 10c level 3: The amount the OP wants to invest is very relevant, this will give the OP a blueprint of current or future purchasing strategies. To call it irrelevant is just plain silly. Every investment needs a plan. But what do I know. I am just a mummy:)
  7. I wouldn’t buy it now the price has gone up 80% since lows. I would wait when it reaches the all time low or somewhere near that. Way to early to putting in $20k (Trust me as this is for someone putting in $50k too early)
  8. Can’t imagine something created out of thin air can replace the real money. But they did say humans can never visit the moon. You live long enough you see everything...... who knows, maybe in the next 10 years we all get nuked and back to trading animal skins for food...... “Time is a flat circle” Rust Cohle
  9. I see 2 captain gains event in your story if you bought XRP cheap in the first place. Make sure you have the tax situation sorted out first.
  10. And when the time is up and say Ripple is only $1.......what do you do? Sell the lots and move on?
  11. Sleep? Let me look it up what’s the meaning of that word and get back to you.........lol
  12. Actually I am very much against it. Just the way I am against smoking and drugs (recreational or not)
  13. Yes.......best at plastic surgery.........
  14. While it’s all really exciting to see the $30 to $1k range...... For now can we all concentrate so this thing goes past 45c please...............
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