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  1. Where is that 5 year clock which someone started about 2 years ago? Want to see how many days we have left before naming XRP failed or succeed?
  2. What? Nooooooooo! I haven’t watched the End game yet.........:(
  3. I vote Tony Stark! He is the only man can taking XRP forward.....lol
  4. Unfortunately you don’t know that. Many before you are convinced that we will never be back under $2, $1, $0.80, $0.50, $0.30 Non of them is right, you won’t be the last. At the moment I have no faith in XRP archive the huge returns we seen in the past
  5. How long is your long term? 5 years? 10 years? If we don’t see anything happening within the next 3 years nothing is going to happen at all. Something else will just take over and making it the next XRP. It’s the truth and many knows it just too scared to agree. If XRP falls below 30c AUD I am am selling half and let the other half go to rot......
  6. Oh boy I been hearing this $10+ $20+ $50+ $1000+ BS price long enough yet we can’t even reach $0.50....... Still waiting for XRP to raise......
  7. If that is the case then why not get into something more traditional like shares? Crypto is so unpredictable now I am regretting putting so much in it in the first place. Should have done $20k crypto, $20k shares, $20k in gold and $5k in USD. Would fair so much better I think....now I am digging this hole I can’t get out of, and I doubt I be break even in 3 years time with XRP let alone double my original investment....
  8. Crying over a 52% paper lose? Yeah right. You should see some of my other investment.
  9. So you agree with her that her comments about dropping to 32c AUD or 22c USD is possible? Well I hope I know how she come up with that but I really hope she is wrong. Because I don’t know what I am gonna do if she is right.
  10. A friend of mine said looking at the graph she expect XRP to go down to 32c AUD in the next few weeks. She does charts for living so maybe she has some inside. Don’t understand a word she used but it does worries me a bit.
  11. I am not sure what to believe at the moment. I am going to give it till the end of next year. If the prices has not reached $0.81 AUD by then I am selling my entire holdings. This is actually suggested by my husband who says we should be able to claim it on investment loses as we are planning to selling one of our investment properties next year. Loses on XRP can offset the Capital Gain attracted when selling the IP as both are capital event happening at the same year. However if the price of XRP does pass the $0.81 I will have CG on XRP also. The way XRP is going I am not confident it will even hit $0.60 AUD or not by the end of next year. All I can say is fingers crossed and good luck to all the holders
  12. I will quote you in 2 years time. If we are still at the current level it means progress is slow and we may have failed. Why because we could use the money for other things like shares which may return way better.
  13. Success in my mind is widely used with a good return for its holders gradually. At the moment we are either. Price correlation and success always binding together. For example: amazon, apple, Microsoft, you can’t seriously call anything a success if it’s investors are suffering.
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