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  1. I am sure you will have something better to do than THIS........lol
  2. Ripple threatens to be number 1 soon????? Oh dear I thought my hubby’s joke are bad.........lol
  3. Easy: if the price gone back to $3.60 in our life time it’s a success (almost), if XRP are delisted in our life time then it’s failed. Anywhere in between means it’s a working progress. Hubby is calling me now, bye guys:)
  4. Me and my hubby are still here........lol (also expecting twin girls soon)
  5. Actually I was asking for the timer you set up about 1 year ago? Hubby wants to know:)
  6. Have you girls not noticed XRP are always way behind the rest when it comes rallying? Should get used to it by now.
  7. @XRPto50dollars how long to go before we find out if XRP is a good investment or not in your 5 year plan? 4 years?
  8. Look at SPT on ASX guys. Forget about XRP for a few years. The sentiment is very negative and we don’t even get any spikes these days. Sad really........
  9. End of the year is correct..... but he didn’t say which year. Could be end of the year 2030 as far as we know......lol
  10. You are not looking at the whole picture. You neeed to look at the price of XRP 3 years ago and the XRP today and you will se it’s gone up multiples already. So the price is indeed going up. May not be as fast as many others likes but it’s going up. To put it even simpler: If you purchase at today’s price and in another 3 years the price didn’t at least go up 20% then it may be time to look elsewhere.
  11. Only one minute? Takes more than 1 min to undo the belt. By the way not many man likes a woman with a big belly lol
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