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  1. Bring it on with my average of $0.67, need to clear that ever growing Lego room of my better half!!!!!!!
  2. Always interested, do TA actually works on Cypto? It barely works on stocks..................
  3. Thanks for doing this, much appreciated. Lets keep the tradition going until it moons (If it ever moons)
  4. Geeeesss...............big drop today. No chance of clearing that Lego room this week now...............
  5. 23 cents to go before i break even, and 104 cents to go before i clear out my husband's lego room................. And i have never been this excited! lol
  6. You better have good high heel shoes than mine because all it takes is one misstep lol
  7. New Predication Game for 4 Quarters of XRP Price in 2020, Lets keep this tradition going guys. I started this game in 2018 I believe, its been going for 2 years now. No point stopping it now. Rules: Each member will input 4 set of number in USD, each number represent each quarter end with the prediction price of XRP: Here are my guesses: 1st Quarter 2020 $0.20 2nd Quarter 2020 $0.22 3rd Quarter 2020 $0.25 4th Quarter 2020 $0.29 At the end of each quarter, we will announce the winner of that quarter. Since I have few young kids to look after, I need someone to input this into an excel sheet, anyone willing to do it? Happy investing everyone!
  8. If history is your friend, it might not be a bad idea to buy some BTC now my husband said yesterday. When it falls, BTC tends to fall alot lessor than rest of the coin, when it raises, it goes a lot more than the rest also. Among these raising and falling, I have noticed XRP is falling way way more than BTC and raising way way less when BTC is raising. Maybe he is right, BTC is overall a better investment at the moment.
  9. Hate the fact XRP is following BTC everywhere, my husband said I should buy some BTC now in a very sarcastic way! Well screw his....................................................... A lady needs to keep her class!!!
  10. the once in a life time was when btc was like few cents, not xrp at 10c, you need to get your facts right before posting things like this to misleading others
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