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  1. Well when I click on it now it just takes you to the Yahoo front page...which I am not even sure if it's really the Yahoo front page or just a really slick scam version of it.
  2. Well, for what it's worth - when it comes to crypto, it would seem the SEC also has an incomplete picture of how the SEC defines a security.
  3. On a slightly unrelated note - I noticed KuCoin has a lending feature. Given the SEC recent stance towards Coinbase's attempted lending program, is KuCoin at similar risk here?
  4. That may well be the case, but unless I am mistaken (which I would be happy if that were the case) - my XRP was on Coinbase during the Flare snapshot, so I believe they're my only option for participating in the Songbird airdrop.
  5. Much appreciated - thank you. I thought I had read something about Kucoin not allowing US customers, glad to see I was wrong, and that we have another option!
  6. Hmm, I thought Kucoin wasn't open to US citizens.
  7. Apparently Coinbase isn't even aware of Songbird...SMFH.
  8. Do you guys think this one is going somewhere (akin to the general sentiments about Flare)?
  9. Ugh...that is virtually guaranteed. What a mess. Did they also keep the parts that are anti Proof of Stake?
  10. What is the actual end result of the Senate version at this point?
  11. Their support basically boils down to radio button options that have nothing to do with asking them to list other tokens or supporting airdrops.
  12. I used Coinbase for my claim - anyone have any idea how I contact them to request Songbird support?
  13. Oh I know he does - just wondering if he'd risk getting in hot water over a situation that the SEC is actually "prosecuting".
  14. While XRP is certainly one of the most energy friendly cryptos, I doubt even Elon is willing to tweet about it, given the SEC case.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it expected (or at least the intention) that the Eth 2.0 launch in July is meant to address the high fees? If it does successfully do that, wouldn't the window for Flare be rather small (at least on that issue)?
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