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  1. Oh I know he does - just wondering if he'd risk getting in hot water over a situation that the SEC is actually "prosecuting".
  2. While XRP is certainly one of the most energy friendly cryptos, I doubt even Elon is willing to tweet about it, given the SEC case.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it expected (or at least the intention) that the Eth 2.0 launch in July is meant to address the high fees? If it does successfully do that, wouldn't the window for Flare be rather small (at least on that issue)?
  4. When does it occur and how do we take advantage? As is I still have no idea when I am going to get access to my FLR since Coinbase has been mum.
  5. Well for what it's worth, China apparently also has us beat there according to the latest Hurun Global Rich List.
  6. Progressives vs. patriots? Seems like you have it figured out nice and simple with such a simplistic explanation. Good for you. And clearly you know who the patriots are, right? If that's 'case closed' to you, then I don't think you are equipped to have this discussion, to be quite frank. That is not remotely the only barometer that matters, and even if it were, your inference is way off base. No consideration even for ability to move to another country - for example, more than half of Americans do not even own a passport, and nearly 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. What a simple worldview - we can just ignore life expectancy, crime rates, access to healthcare and higher education, social and economic mobility, happiness, etc. I am quite convinced you have no clue what socialism is. None of the countries in Europe are socialist with the exception of perhaps Portugal. In fact, on the whole European countries are even more corporatist than most in the US would be comfortable with. Nor is China socialist.
  7. Yawn...really? The US Dollar has been consistently losing value for decades now - this has nothing to do with the Democratic Party. The "progressive party" as you call them, are center-right at best. The drive to de-value is in fact a FEATURE of the Dollar's reserve currency status - if the value were too high it would stifle demand and weaken its status as the reserve currency. Devaluing the Dollar and keeping it as the main reserve currency is a major balancing act, along with the petro-dollar. This is no more a progressive agenda than it is a conservative one. Living like a majority of Europeans? You mean with access to top quality health care and higher education that doesn't bankrupt you in the process? Having higher quality food that isn't stuffed full of high fructose corn syrup, and not having to deal with an obesity epidemic as fallout? Well...sign me up then! Look man - every nation has its problems. But if you're going to point the finger at Europe as some example of what not to do...then you better make a better case than you just did.
  8. Meaning we won't get the airdrop for the full amount of Flare we will eventually receive since it will take 2-3 years to receive all of it from the Flare snapshot...bummer.
  9. How long after the actual FLR is airdropped will we have to do the snapshot to get the Flare Finance token?
  10. Excuse my ignorance here - I see above that Flare Finance is separate from Flare/Spark. Is Flare Finance going to have its own token that will be airdropped?
  11. Curious how that would work for Coinbase - I tried looking and couldn't find anything on Flare besides the airdrop date.
  12. Kind of hard to take you any more seriously than you took the guy you responded to. Rome was not a democracy, and the US was not the world's first representative republic. Ffs, our system of government was modeled after the Roman republic - call me crazy but if it predates the USA by over 2 millenia, I am not sure how you can say we were the first - more American exceptionalism I guess? While there were some Greek democracies, there were also plenty that were not democracies - and they all had their asses soundly kicked by various powers of the day. Being a democracy didn't have much bearing one way or the other. The name of the Democratic party comes from democracy, not the other way around. It is not said simply so that an ignorant voter can make a link to the Democratic party. Americans are told we have a democracy because our representative republic is a form of democracy. Can we now get back to talking about XRP please?
  13. I wonder what one calls a nugget of wisdom trapped on both sides by nonsense.
  14. Are you referring to this token? https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/qpay/ Right now only appears available on one exchange.
  15. As I understand it Bitrue is also still offering XRP trades...the list is definitely getting shorter.
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