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  1. I agree! I enjoy @TiffanyHayden and @AlexCobb both and I follow both of them on Twitter. Nameless and faceless tweeters are always talking crap about them but they are good people to have in the XRP community. Screw the haters!!
  2. Thank you for sharing! Jim Rickards is a very intelligent renowned economist. I recently bought two of his books The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of The International Financial System and The Big Drop: How To Grow Your Wealth During The Coming Collapse both in mint condition at a thrift store. Paid $1.50 for one of them and $0.50 for the other! Definitely worth $2. I am halfway through The Death of Money now. Will be very interesting to see all of this play out. I have absolutely no doubt that XRP is positioned to play a very significant and important role in the new financial system.
  3. I have a three friends who are into crypto now! One is because of me- he’s all in on XRP. One is a coworker and the other is a guy I overheard talking about XRP in a cafe one day and now we are friends.
  4. He gets a lot of crap from the older crowd but @AlexCobb is good for the space and I enjoy his streams. Congratulations on 30k subs!
  5. Paulo

    Zerpening Club

    I don't think you'd like the Zerpening if you don't like a lot of GIFS. I love them and that's part of what makes the Zerpening fun to me.
  6. Wow that’s pretty big news!
  7. Ripple is so immersed in the global financial circle. The writing is on the wall!
  8. xRapid is Ripple (the company’s) proprietary software. You can use XRP without the company and you are free to develop applications that use XRP. xRapid is but one use case for XRP.
  9. https://bitcoinist.com/disney-stake-bitstamp-korbit-bitcoin-exchanges/ This could be big news. Don't forget Bitstamp is an xRapid exchange. I copy & pasted the article below: <snip>
  10. Welcome Eri! I am a fan of your YouTube channel and I have been watching your uploads for a while now. Thank you for your contributions from Japan. Glad to have you on XRPChat!!
  11. I'm still here since 4/5/2019. Missed out on the last one. Still here since then, too!
  12. From the article: "The process of accepting cryptocurrency is not for the faint of heart, university officials acknowledged. To make it happen, they’ve had to convert the digital dough into actual dough — at a pace slow enough to avoid flooding the market with millions of XRPs." Sounds like they have already converted it into USD.
  13. Yes and in the mean time I’m buying more XRP!
  14. Enjoyed it. Thanks @BobWay & @AlexCobb!
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