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  1. Paulo

    Uphold comments on XRP!

    Please note that I did not think I bit in the hackers phishing expedition. I hope not at least. I was just trying to change my information on file just as a precaution. I still like Uphold, their staff is very friendly, just had a bad experience I suppose.
  2. Hopefully these are non-issues, yes you are right. Now they are doing damage control. Here's a link to a reddit thread on the subject. I am surprised more people aren't talking about this.
  3. Ledger is scaring me lately. The link for the TRX wallet app on their site contained a virus/malware. I just got a response back from them today saying they took the link with the virus off of their website. Thankfully I did not proceed with the installation but others in the TRX community may not have been so fortunate.
  4. Paulo

    Visa buys earthport

    It is worth noting that if you go to https://www.earthport.com/ you will see they are still partnered with Ripple.
  5. I certainly took advantage of the TRX/XRP pairing and scooped up some cheap TRX! I think both coins will be successful.
  6. Thank you @Armanius!! Lot's of very bullish news coming in and I appreciate you sharing it.
  7. I could go through countless threads on the General Forum that do not specifically mention XRP. Why do you single out this one post? Spreading FUD?
  8. Because it mentions Coinbase we should automatically move it to "other?" Go ahead but I think everybody has a right to see this.
  9. @JoelKatz has said this from the beginning. That's the beauty of a decentralized technology.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/18/business/dealbook/digital-reserve-currency.html For some, the NY Times are the gold standard for news. You heard it here first. #XRPTHESTANDARD
  11. XRP can go to .01 cents and you can bet you bottom dollar I will be buying more than ever. This is a long term hold. Unlike BTC.
  12. I have a hunch that maybe Bank of America could launch an xRapid institutional exchange. Just speculation due to all of their blockchain patents and the fact they are a RippleNet Committee Member.
  13. I think Coinbase is just messing with all of us. lol