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  1. We need Brad. Hopefully he will make a statement that will throw some water on the fire for us.
  2. https://cointelegraph.com/news/can-crypto-record-a-1-000x-return-and-reach-200-trillion-market-cap This article has some good perspectives on the future market valuations. I think crypto will be worth hundreds of trillions of dollars in the next decade or so. I agree with Changpeng Zhao’s (CZ Binance) perspective.
  3. I got in to the game late. I first heard of BTC back around 2014 or 2015 but was too hesitant to buy any because I didn’t trust adding my bank account to Coinbase because I had never heard of them. Now I wish I would have! I started reading about the technology more and kind of abandoned the subject until fall 2017. I revisited BTC and started reading more and more about it. Soon after I started learning about Ethereum. I quit smoking cigarettes back in 2016 and had saved up a years worth of money I would have spent on cigarettes. I decided I would buy something nice for myself and ended up deciding to invest some into crypto. I got some ETH and then I learned about XRP and the more I learned about it the more interested I became. Havent looked back since.
  4. The author, Francis Coppola is a known FUDster when it comes to XRP. I ignore everything she says. She has no idea what she is talking about. Perhaps she should focus more on her musical career since she clearly knows nothing about XRP.
  5. This lightning torch sounds like a mess.
  6. I suppose me too. Although 16 years from now I would not even be close to retirement age yet so I suppose that is a good hodl.
  7. I will sell some at certain price points will hodl some until at least 2035. I believe a maximum value should be achieved by then.
  8. I like his “Hodl” shirt with Hodor on it. Hahaha
  9. Paulo

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Welcome Bob! Thank you for your insights.
  10. Please note that I did not think I bit in the hackers phishing expedition. I hope not at least. I was just trying to change my information on file just as a precaution. I still like Uphold, their staff is very friendly, just had a bad experience I suppose.
  11. Hopefully these are non-issues, yes you are right. Now they are doing damage control. Here's a link to a reddit thread on the subject. I am surprised more people aren't talking about this.
  12. Ledger is scaring me lately. The link for the TRX wallet app on their site contained a virus/malware. I just got a response back from them today saying they took the link with the virus off of their website. Thankfully I did not proceed with the installation but others in the TRX community may not have been so fortunate.
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