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  1. You have literally no idea what my strategy is. But the fact that you take the time to moan about a panel discussion tells me everything I need to know about you. Bye felicia.
  2. You'll sell before full value is reached because you haven't bothered educating yourself. But no, it's not all about profiting on xrp. Progress in the flow of money benefits everyone, literally, in the whole world. People like myself who rely heavily on payments from other countries will benefit immensely from faster, cheaper payments and settlements. Many new currently unviable businesses will suddenly boom on the back of that update in the way money moves. But toddle along, you'll get at least some ridiculous depreciating luxury item, I'm sure.
  3. Easy - people who are more interested in progress and developments than in moonboi lambo BS will happily listen through these events.
  4. Taking into account surrounding context, I suspect this actually refers to a current arrangement with The Clearing House.
  5. Yes, 'external' payment network operator. All these networks need to interoperate so the fed solution has to work with them.
  6. That's actually simple. Banks use a single wallet with destination tags like exchanges do now. As long as the wallet address is correct, they can find a mistaken deposit and correct it because they own the wallet. Another solution would be to use a convention the way that IP numbers are associated with domain names. Or in Australia, our local faster payments system associates your account details with an email address or phone number. Say you're out with friends and want to split the bill at a restaurant but they don't allow it. One can use PayID, say your friend's phone number, to instantly transfer money to them. That way you can give out something you can remember simply and the transaction is executed seamlessly in the background using correct wallet addresses.
  7. It's amazing how people do not understand what is right in front of them. So much research has uncovered what Ripple is doing in the background, most of it from publicly available information, but sometimes we get a glimpse into the NDAs (like the BoA patent). And yet people still think it's just dot connecting and hype. That's why you will be first out the door when it moves, and why you will not see maturity and the full value of your investment. But by all means...carry on... post your 'skeptical realism' on forums, affect your disdain. It's amusing to those who've put in the hard yards actually...you know....researching our investments. [not directed at OP - I feel your frustration, that's natural]
  8. Realistically speaking, how long do you think it will take to update the global payment/settlements infrastructure? Your emotional responses to your own fomo decision has zero correlation with the actual work going on in the background. You've had over 1.5 years to become educated about the massive, massive undertaking and vast number of players involved. But you've chosen to sit on a forum and complain unproductively because "muh bags, sir". This is one of dozens and dozens of reasons that my confidence in XRP remains rock solid and why I feel no panic or outrage about ****coins mooning while the rails are laid for the one that matters most - https://info.r3.com/corda-settler
  9. GPI can't settle. It's only a payments messaging platform. Users still need to use their own settlement method be it legacy, xrp or whatever.
  10. Bank of China is literally connected to RippleNet via Finastra payment platform.
  11. Oh, those wascawy wabbits holding such wast quantities of xwp. It's depwessing.
  12. If Ripple succeed in their mission, by definition that will include working (in some way or other) with all the major players. As that roadmap advances, more and more of it will come to light. The people poo-pooing right to the very end either don't hold or will be among the first to sell. Don't worry about it. Poo-poohers gonna poo-poo.
  13. Your time is over. The time of men is rising. Shadowy figures of the abyssal fud will fade into the darkness from whence they spawned.
  14. All true, but.... I know he's full of s***. I just haven't figured out his motive.
  15. He's definitely full of s***. There is no rational reason to continue testing for that long if you've already decided there are no savings or process optimisations to be had. So his rhetoric is coming from somewhere else - either he genuinely is too arrogant to accept recommendations from the people running the blockchain labs, or he is bad mouthing Ripple publicly to try and force a better deal on licensing fees, or something.
  16. SBI Remit has been in partnership with Moneygram for years. I'd be surprised if SBI wasn't significantly involved in planning this deal. Also, everyone needs to start thinking about how this benefits all RippleNet partners, not just Ripple - last mile access at 400k agents in 200 countries, multi-hop considerations, etc. This is a really strategic move.
  17. How are all the negative nancy posts in this thread aging?
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