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  1. Crypthawk actually got two things right. He tweeted (which I won't go looking for) something like he wasn't sure if the Canada/MG news would drop before the news about the Ripple/MG acquisition. Then the news about the Canada tie up did come first. He wasn't entirely correct about MG as it's an 8-10% stake rather than a buy out. But that's pretty good scuttlebutt. Also, the deal is for two years and Crypthawk has since doubled down and insists it's still a buy out but that it will occur at the end of the two years. So he could still be proven entirely correct on that. I don't care what else he's done that's shady. The source he got THIS info from is reliable so far and if he says there is bigger news coming, I actually believe it. In his tweets, he's dropped two hints which to me speak of Apple and Amazon. There are a lot of connections between those companies and Ripple (some which I would say are still widely unknown), so it would not surprise me at all for the next news drop to involve one or both of these major companies. Lest we forget, DS did tweet once that Ripple were working with two household name companies that aren't FIs. It fits.
  2. All true, but.... I know he's full of s***. I just haven't figured out his motive.
  3. He's definitely full of s***. There is no rational reason to continue testing for that long if you've already decided there are no savings or process optimisations to be had. So his rhetoric is coming from somewhere else - either he genuinely is too arrogant to accept recommendations from the people running the blockchain labs, or he is bad mouthing Ripple publicly to try and force a better deal on licensing fees, or something.
  4. SBI Remit has been in partnership with Moneygram for years. I'd be surprised if SBI wasn't significantly involved in planning this deal. Also, everyone needs to start thinking about how this benefits all RippleNet partners, not just Ripple - last mile access at 400k agents in 200 countries, multi-hop considerations, etc. This is a really strategic move.
  5. How are all the negative nancy posts in this thread aging?
  6. Combination of strangling debt levels plus allegations of fraud among top execs.
  7. Except that their statement regarding using XRP for JPY to THB is highly specific.
  8. Not going to comment on the MG rumour itself but I had the initial reaction others had. What are Ripple thinking by going into competition with their customers? On reflection, I thought that it's not so much the MG remittance business that would be valuable but the MG infrastructure. MG have something like 380k agents in about 200 countries. Now imagine that last mile network being integrated into Ripple Net. A Filipino worker in Saudi with a SABB bank account could wire money home to their family even if SABB had no relationship with a bank in the Philippines. The family could collect the money at any MG agent. Now I'm not claiming this is the case but given some thought there are ways that such an acquisition could benefit everyone, not just Ripple. Others have similar thoughts on different aspects of the infrastructure but it's not for me to comment on that. But if this is true, there is definitely more to it than a first glance perspective would show.
  9. Nothing really. The future is bright.
  10. i'm a bit skarred by all the accounts. They keep ghosting on me. Well, I guess my problems are dwarfed by others.
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