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  1. So we're done here, then? Righty-o.
  2. Yer, hello. A new riddler? Or an old one.
  3. 1) Ripple is NOT getting into gaming. 2) Via Xpring, Ripple provides resources including XRP to entrepreneurial ventures that will help grow the XRP ecosystem overall. The Xpring team is separate from the main Ripple venture. Ripple's primary focus is therefore NOT diminished nor the relevant teams distracted. 3) Gaming is a bigger industry than movies so why would Ripple NOT support ventures that have both a high return potential and a high potential to build XRP usage? So no, your post is not based on reality or critical thinking.
  4. To me, this is exactly why things like Bakkt focusing on BTC make no sense to me. I've been saying for a while that I can't see American, or Western companies in general, wanting to transfer chunks of the financial system onto a platform that is slow, prone to be expensive in high use times, subject to bottlenecks, centralised in China, and basically under the majority influence of profit seeking anonymous people. Brad (IIRC, or maybe it was Cory) was saying not that long ago about their chats with the White House, about these reasons to prefer Ripple/XRP tech over PoW coins and they indicated that the administration seems to 'get' that. I've been saying that building on bitcoin presents at minimum, a commercially dangerous idea (eg. there's no one to ring if something goes wrong), and at worst, national security concerns. Do you have any other comments about this issue? I'd love to hear your thoughts in more detail. Thanks.
  5. It's public knowledge. I thought most people knew this? https://www.fincen.gov/sites/default/files/shared/Ripple_Facts.pdf
  6. Yes. For (5), Chris Larsen invested in Tron at the start. 7. BCH - Roger Ver bought a large stack of XRP in the early days and that was part of the Fincen action against Ripple due to KYC failure. I'm sure there are more.
  7. Well, Custos aren't squashing any rumours by doing this... Edit: Ps, hi Pavel!
  8. Some questions posed to Rushd (the CEO) and his answers in a telegram group: 1) does the this VC control babb direction:a) (Not at all, one of the advise Christen gave me is never give control of your vision or your Company to anyone) Christen for me is a mentor 2) will babb still remain blockchain: a) Definitely 3) is bax still the bloodline of babb: a) Oh Yes 100% 4) when is alpha: a) Alpha will be delayed unfortunately, we will update our road map soon 5) are you in control of babb direction and bax: a) I am ---------------- Ps. I topped up a little today!
  9. @Pablo @ecent @TheHoff cc: @Tinyaccount This was posted in the official BABB Announcements Telegram:
  10. I'll keep you all posted if I learn anything that seems of value. Also feeling the temptation to stack some more!
  11. I took a screenshot for posterity. These things have a habit of disappearing.
  12. @Pablo @ecent @TheHoff I've joined a few Telegram groups and am getting a glimpse of a bigger picture change in execution of their roadmap. One of the investors in BABB is a company called Custos. They do more than simply invest, they also handhold and provide access to their group resources to the ventures they invest in. My best guess atm is that some staff have left or been let go because their positions have become redundant. If so, that might not have sat well with some who responded by dumping out BAX tokens they got for free as part of remuneration or bonuses. There is also a whale dumping and buying lower - standard whale games on low cap markets. An announcement will be coming next week according to BABB CEO. It may or may not touch on any of the above but is expected to say something about app release (alpha or beta) and developments in Lithuania (I think). Lots of rumors, deliberate misinformation by a trading group and general confusion being exacerbated by lack of detail coming from the company. We'll see.
  13. Actually, he's even more wrong than that. The slide shows two products. The IIN and the JPM Coin. The 185 banks are signed up for IIN, not JPM Coin which is not even in live testing yet. Lol.
  14. The three guys who've left have purged BABB references from their LinkedIn's. Wonder if it was bad blood/argument over company direction/something like that, and they've left and dumped their stacks. Paul Johnson Adam Haeems Jorge Pereira
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