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  1. Sooo...basically you thought it would be easy money, fomoed in near the top and have been fretting as your drawdown increases? Here's a thought. Instead of wasting time worrying about the current and near term prices, educate yourself on what is happening in the big picture, who Ripple are partnered with, what those people are doing in the space and buy into the big picture. I guarantee you, that without that grounding, you will be one of those who sell out at or near break even and miss out on the long term potential. And @BluKoo, sorry for adding to the derail on your thread.
  2. OzAlphaWolf

    XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency

    Hopefully our merger will be more orderly.
  3. OzAlphaWolf

    Commenwealth Banks new product

    NPP is a domestic currency fast payments system. It's not Stellar. Don't know where I got that idea from.
  4. OzAlphaWolf

    Saudi/UAE Digital Currency Goes Live in Q1

    Look at all the issues with the Euro and the underlying instabilities. Multiply that across the world. What you're talking about is ultimately a one-world currency. But the world isn't ready for that yet. XRP will have a role to play for awhile and I still think it has the best shot at becoming the global bridging currency.
  5. OzAlphaWolf

    Hidden validators?

    Thanks. I also threw the question out on Twitter in case someone there knew as well. Sharing here for others.
  6. OzAlphaWolf

    Hidden validators?

    I searched but couldn't find an answer. Sorry if it is available somewhere. It is possible to hide a validator or mask its physical location? Thanks. Ps. I understand the one of the goals of DLT is to build trust over time through high consensus and that hiding a validator is counter-productive, but is it theoretically possible?
  7. OzAlphaWolf

    Now the riddler is gone, will sanity prevail?

    You think people working on confidential projects telegraph everything to the public? Interesting.
  8. OzAlphaWolf

    Now the riddler is gone, will sanity prevail?

    How do you know this?
  9. 1) Go read the article about Jay Clayton on The Intercept. Ripple will not be ruled a security on his watch. 2) There are a bunch of countries - Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, UAE, etc who have sensible regulatory frameworks that don't see the major cryptos as securities. If the SEC or US Gov act differently they are shooting themselves in the foot and will push crypto built enterprises offshore 3) Ripple is the most important tech unicorn in the USA right now. They are talking regularly with the White House, the SEC, other regulatory people of importance. Unless such talks broke down irrevocably, there will be no hostile announcements that blindside Ripple. 4) The courts are the only unknown. If a lawsuit makes it to trial, I would fully expect depositions from relevant authorities explaining why XRP isn't a security. I'd also be unsurprised to see a guidance provided to the court from the SEC. If a black swan judgement comes through I'd expect the Ripple legal team to exhaust every avenue of appeal. That will all take years. in the meantime, Ripple Net will be exploding outside the USA to such a degree that an adverse ruling in America will barely be a blip on the price chart.
  10. So you think Ripple would sell R3 a f***ton of XRP for their own profit? That's cute.
  11. Weaver is a computer science researcher. His opinion on XRP is literally no more meaningful than any other reasonably educated layperson. The only opinions that matter are the SEC's and the courts. Everything else is noise.
  12. Bank of China connected via Finastra