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  1. Your memory is as bad as your search skills. I never deleted it nor did I say it was definitely Ripple involved. I connected all those dots to point out to the poo-pooers that it could very potentially be Ripple in the background. Turns out it wasn't. So what? Ripple are involved in that many pies anyway. Now what do you do for this community exactly? Oh right, spread negativity. Highly desirable skill set. Ps. Here you go. I even found it for you! Then you could continue to read through the thread and see where I updated my thoughts... But hey! Why let facts get in the way of a good smear?
  2. Happy to help. Just not happy to always do other people's homework for them.
  3. Yes, for some years. They're a member of Ripple's Global Payments Steering Group that is building the rulebook for RippleNet.
  4. OzAlphaWolf

    ICE/Baakt and XRP

    Completely agree. This is one of the things I was thinking of when saying it's a bad business decision.
  5. OzAlphaWolf

    What if...

    It's also the reason there has been a proliferation of private clubs. Some people can't help themselves.
  6. OzAlphaWolf

    ICE/Baakt and XRP

    I find it difficult to believe that a US consortium is going to build a 2nd layer platform on bitcoin when the main network is controlled by Chinese miners. Does this really compute?! Isn't this, at minimum, a bad business decision and at most, a national security issue?
  7. Why? This thread is an optimistic redress to the litany of negativity that besets this sub-board.
  8. A helpful reminder for the unrealistically pessimistic crowd.. https://www.xrpchat.com/obituaries/
  9. The probability is very high that most of the negative posters bought high, were hoping for easy money and were not emotionally equipped to handle a fall of this magnitude. The probability is very high that the positive posters are predominantly focused on the long term vision, have researched far more than Joe Average, are comfortable to keep accumulating and have the patience to see this eco-system mature.
  10. OzAlphaWolf

    Ripple Lawsuit Tracker (August 2018 Update)

    It's a positive for Ripple but there is a long way to go yet.
  11. OzAlphaWolf

    Ripple Lawsuit Tracker (August 2018 Update)

    Where we can read the full document? Thanks. Edit: found it
  12. OzAlphaWolf

    SWIFTNet using RippleNet?

    Ok... I.....heard... many months ago that SWIFT is working to integrate Ripple. At first I was excited, then grew increasingly skeptical as the animosity between the two openly grew in public. I could not find any meaningful connections and important people in the right places flatly rejected it. However, the SAP association is real. SAP builds core banking systems and up until recently SWIFT was the only game in town. With the rise of Ripple, SAP have also been building solutions to integrate FIs onto RippleNet. So the questions I see are these: - is SAP merely acting like a vendor to provide their FI customers with the solutions they want? - is SAP acting as a mediator to build out a new system that integrates the two, SWIFT network and governance, based on Ripple technology? At this time, I don't know.