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  1. OzAlphaWolf

    Does xRapid effect volume? Analysis.

    xRapid is starting with remittance companies who are more likely to be open weekends but also tend to offer online services 24/7. These companies attract individuals who will send money whenever it's convenient. I think your hypothesis would be more viable when banks are online, or more corporate oriented payment processors such as AmEx.
  2. Thank you. But my s**t posting isn't on par with launching an exchange! May you reap the fruits of it!
  3. Congrats @P3T3RIS. Great to see this launched. I hope it's a roaring success!
  4. It's not possible. Between the topics and the number of Ripple customers on discussion panels.
  5. OzAlphaWolf

    Temenos/ripple connection??

  6. That's because it's so fast it always overshoots the destination.
  7. OzAlphaWolf

    Sadad Bahrain (payment company) using xRapid

    The plan is a regional platform that links to international Ripple Net members.
  8. OzAlphaWolf

    Sadad Bahrain (payment company) using xRapid

    What's this? More evidence that Ripple have already stitched up the Gulf in accordance with the GCC's plan to have an integrated regional payment system?
  9. OzAlphaWolf

    Ripple Presentation Prepared for Fides

    With respect to Australia, I'll chuck this out there. It's just anecdotal but interesting. There is a new major fiat exchange opening here that will use more than AUD. Think they'll have EUR and USD as well. Could be others, I can't remember. I asked them on twitter if they were going to be an xRapid partner. They replied something like, "We want to be the everything partner." All of our Big 4 banks at one time or another have demoed Ripple. Westpac is on the rulebook committee and do significant remittances to Asia. I think it'll only be a matter of time before we have an xRapid partner here. So that slide gels with me as being a planned route.
  10. So you know how @OOL is a thing and poor @OOL gets so many notification that have nothing to do with @OOL's posts? I guess we should make @CoolYourJets a thing too. Whenever someone is fudding too much we can just tell them "Hey! @CoolYourJets!" Or if their fomo is running too far ahead we can say, oh I don't know, maybe, " @CoolYourJets!"
  11. Thank you. I did have plans to write more on other areas but it hasn't happened...yet.