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  1. I appreciate that analogy a lot. I had previously heard about marketcap being irrelevant, but no one had explained it like you did. Makes perfect sense.
  2. @BluKoo Considering 13-15 USD per XRP only necessitates a 400bil mcp, I think that's a realistic prediction.
  3. I can't decide whether to consolidate and ride BTC back up to new ATH, or keep stacking XRP, Cummies, NSFW, and HAPPY for when the market recovers.
  4. No, he's advising me to invest what I can afford to lose. If I can afford to lose $5k and have to pay it back after school over the course of 10 years, then he's advising me to do it; and if not, don't do it.
  5. I like your idea of splitting it in half. That seems like the safest bet. Having to pay back 2500 over 10 years as an NP won't even be noticeable, and that's assuming XRP becomes worthless, which is irrational.
  6. My end goal is to just accumulate as much XRP as I can this Spring and then sit on it and forget about it until the last semester of my senior year. Then I'd like to be able to cash enough in to pay off undergrad. Then ignore it until finishing grad school and re-asses, pay off grad school, then decide what to do with the rest. Maybe hodl, maybe liquidate, who knows.
  7. 5000 is definitely feasible to pay back. Loans get deferred until 6 months after you graduate, and I'll be in school until I'm a NP.
  8. Real question guys.. I'm a 25 y/o full-time student on track to hopefully start Nursing school this Fall. I'm a GI Bill recipient, which means I get a living stipend to help with bills while my GI Bill takes care of tuition costs. My question is: Would it be worth taking out a small student loan of, say, $5,000 to invest in zerps? I've read from some investment books that the best way to use debt is to buy assets with it, and we all believe XRP will at least break $10 this year, which would make the ROI worth it even after paying back the loan. Do any of you think this is a smart idea?
  9. I don't think we're giving these regulations as much credit as they're due. Governments are making their own cryptos, they're not going to adopt these anarchist coins (however you can bet your *** that central banks will certainly be adopting xRapid). You could probably count the amount of cryptos that will survive the purge on your 2 hands. You're talking a soon-to-be trillion dollar market consolidating into like 10 coins instead of thousands. These regulations alone could be what launches us into the triple digit numbers, and utilization of XRP will drive it even higher. I still stand by an eventual $2k XRP in the next few years.
  10. So you're not a part of the "Waiting Over a Month for Bitstamp to Verify my Account" club? You don't know the struggle!!!
  11. I need moon asap so I can switch majors and quit this retail job. It's all about hitting that sweet sweet 3mil after tax.
  12. The Reddit XRP community is essentially a giant marketcap circle jerk. No matter how many times @Hodor addresses that argument it still keeps getting upvoted.
  13. Then again, if it reaches 100 with mass adoption, it's highly likely to continue to increase, especially if regulations crush to market resulting in a consolidation into the few remaining tokens that survive. I think 250 is attainable organically, but regulation could be what causes it to surpass 500 or more (not considering scarcity from ownership and usage).
  14. I'm considering cashing out a good portion at 75 and then buying the 100 dip when it likely falls back to around 40-60.
  15. If regulations crush the crypto market then the value of XRP will skyrocket to numbers we've never considered. Imagine only a handful of coins actually surviving the regulations, and the entire crypto market consolidating into those few remaining coins. We're talking about seeing gains of 100,000% within weeks. It would likely earn a place in textbooks as one of the most iconic investment booms of the modern world.
  16. So, for those who have thousands (or even tens of thousands) of XRP, what is your cash-out plan? My goal was to bust my *** to accumulate anywhere from 2k-5k over the next few weeks (depends largely on tax return), hodl until it hit $100 USD, then liquidate. My concern is that I know $100 is the goal for a lot of people to cash-out, and I think we're going to see a dip once it hits that number due to all the people trying to liquidate. Trying to dump thousands of zerps at once will seem to be much harder than most people realize. My question is, what is your liquidation plan? Will you hodl any even after it reaches $100? Will you dump in percentages?
  17. Okay so like can we get over the idea that these XRP hoarders are gonna constantly crash the market with their dumps? Most wealthy people don't stash their wealth in fiat, most keep it safe in commodities and assets. This idea that XRP will hit $100 and suddenly drop to $4 is ridiculous because of trade volume, depreciating value with each dump, and the sheer fact that this isn't how wealthy people store their wealth anyway. It makes muuuuuch more sense to buy as much as you can, hodl, and liquidate as needed to afford your lifestyle. Sure, some people will cash out when they hit their goal of a million dollars or whatever, but it's unrealistic to think that the big XRP hodlers are gonna dump and crush the market. They wouldn't be able to liquidate fast enough to avoid their own dip. Now, do whales manipulate the market? Obviously, but we can ride their waves and profit from it. Don't be an emotional crypto investor. Trust your investment.
  18. XRP would have to hit $3k per token before I'd even hit 3mil, and that's before taxes
  19. I just want to find a way to hit that sweet sweet 3 million mark. With 3mil in fiat I can retire on a budget of 70k annually, invest 30k into 6 IRA's, and draw from them at the age of 60 to keep my lifestyle moving steadily. I don't want a lambo, I don't want a mansion, I just want enough to not have to worry about paying bills and splurge a little bit every once in awhile while writing and publishing my books. Even if I can't retire off of crypto, if I can make enough to supplement my income so I can justify moving into a career that makes me happier then I'll take it. Right now I'm on track to become a nurse, but I don't really want to. I'm a huge introvert. My idea of a good time is reading at home. I considered changing majors from nursing to comp sci and taking a programming bootcamp for a few months (the idea of working remote is so appealing), but I struggle with math (which is surprising because I kill it when it comes to philosophy and logic). I just want to retire from the world and live a modest life while heading towards death.
  20. I need to learn more about whale behavior. Riding their waves seems to be the best way to pick more XRP via dumping/buying without putting more money out of pocket into it. Basically profiting off of other people's emotions.
  21. Do you think the burn rate and escrow lock-up is enough to push XRP into the same supply/demand territory as ETH and BTC though?
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