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  1. bayarea510

    The "HODL to $1.00 Club"

    Usual strategically written FUD
  2. At this point I've decided to become more worried about Costco getting rid of their polish hotdogs than coinbase listing xrp.
  3. bayarea510

    David Schwartz - Ripple's new CTO

    JK #30 Blockchain MVP @JoelKatz
  4. bayarea510

    Coinbase considering everything but XRP

    Someone at ripple should start a coinbase competitor and list xrp just to screw over coinbase lol
  5. bayarea510

    Xrapid & Xrp Manager job just posted.

    We have so many intelligent people on this forum. One of them should apply. Take xrp to the moon! :)
  6. Bitcoin - Ford model T XRP - Koenigsegg Agera RS1
  7. bayarea510

    David Schwartz - Ripple's new CTO

    The most important question is does @JoelKatz like being called CTO or prefer his previous more badass title of chief cryptographer
  8. bayarea510

    Asheesh Birla: 1000 customers in 2 years!!

    So how many of those 1,000 banks does he predict will be using xRapid?
  9. bayarea510

    £100 XRP

    How did you arrive at $8?
  10. Bitcoin is like the death star. It needs to be destroyed because it's keeping everyone else down. Where's @Chewiecoin when you need him!