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  1. The xrp going to $589 posts are just as useless as the ones claiming it's going to .01 cent.
  2. Go ahead and continue to believe his nonsense. Why do you guys even bothering posting on here and wasting everyone's time when there's other coins with higher price and better volume. Go join some other forum!
  3. Most of your posts are nothing but useless, irrational irrelevant stupid FUD comments. Why do you even bother commenting on this board? You never have anything productive to contribute. Go join tradingview and post your nonsense there.
  4. Damn it I was hoping Brad would be the one flying the suitcase across. Who's the director!
  5. Cab driver to jazz guitarist to chief market strategist at Ripple. I think I'd definitely get a high level executive position if I were to send them my resume. Maybe I should stop by their offices sometime after work lol.
  6. Great news! Now if only someone would tip me 1,000,000 xrp!
  7. I get what you are saying. Being a multi billion dollar company they could easily do more to stabilize the price and build the xrp ecosystem by making exchanges. Sometimes I feel the company doesnt care. It will be sad if 5 years from now price is still less than $5
  8. I'll believe it when it happens. Until then doesn't matter what coinbase says lol.
  9. Agreed. They're taking a much more offensive stance now whereas before they were supportive of all crypto working together and winning. If I were an executive at Ripple I would do everything possible to maximize xrp's potential to shut up all the haters and show them who's boss!
  10. I guess one could always hold some bitcoin to see what happens. Right now one thing that really concerns me about bitcoin is how it went from $1k to $19k in one year. The time window is so small that its hard to determine where the actual floor price is. If it goes back to $1k investor confidence will be shattered. On the other hand if $4-5k holds we will be in a better position to be more hopeful for a future rally in some years. So many variables at play and unfortunately xrp is at btc's mercy. But yeah I hope money does flow into btc in a recession.
  11. It's going to be a long road before we see massive xRapid adoption and effect on price. The biggest hurdle atm is regulatory uncertainty in many countries not to mention personal agendas many politicans and lawmakers have as they are btc holders. The next step is developing many more trustworthy and legitimate exchanges that function within country laws. The final step is increasing liquidity and scaling volume via xRapid and other means. It's a long journey that will take time.
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