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  1. Another good read related to tether and stablecoins https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.coindesk.com/binance-stablecoins-tether-crypto/amp/
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ambcrypto.com/geminis-winklevoss-says-tether-is-an-unlicensed-issuer-and-does-not-disclose-where-fiat-is-located/amp/ Interesting article. Nowadays almost everyone seems to be an expert about stablecoins and their legitimacy. Look at all the claims made by Whalepool. Imo we shouldn't believe 100% what people like bitfinexed have to say because he could be spreading FUD. I feel he is making flawed statements to manipulate the market and has some own deeper personal enemity with tether folks probably going back to mt gox. That being said we can't rule out tethers questionable actions but doesn't mean they arent fully legit. Going forward for now what we need to do is keep an eye out on btc and see what it does as we are pretty much going to follow its lead for now.
  3. I agree. It would definitely set us back for a very long time and it would take many years for us to recover. All progress the market has made thus far would be lost. Investor confidence would be shattered and no big player would want to touch crypto at all knowing a single entity was able to manipulate the market twice. The media would tear crypto to pieces and call it the greatest scam in history of mankind. Let's all hope the situation resolves so we can put this behind us and move on. It will be best for all of us.
  4. Hypothetically speaking assuming btc becomes $0-10 and xrp essentially $0 the playing field will be even and we will be able to see the effects xRapid and other Ripple ventures have on xrp price. A true decoupling in other words. Or people can just dump all their random alt coins and btc and that money pours into a legitimate project like xrp.
  5. Even if the market crashes it will eventually recover. Plus xrp price is technically mostly all based on speculation atm and should eventually increase as more production contracts are signed and real use occurs. Once that happens people will switch over to xrp. To say tether is responsible for all bull runs is like saying btc was all a big scam controlled by a certain entity and future aths will never happen.
  6. I was thinking that as well. It seems as if he has a great interest in seeing bitfinex crash n burn but the effects of that would be devestaying for us and media will tear up crypto making it look like the scam of a century. I get tether seems fraudulent but for a long time they were the only ones providing a stable coin. Maybe he's one of the folks who got screwed by mt gox. Saying btc will go to $10-15 is a pipe dream. Might as well say btc will be given out for free lol. People will just move from tether to other stable coins or alts. Or maybe its just a move to stimulate the market? Who knows. But even if market crashes I feel ripple will have an excellent opportunity to further convince government and legislatures to support xrp since it doesn't have the many faults btc is subject to. I hope people start moving more money into xrp from btc, tether, and other alts since its pretty much the safest and most valuable DA out there.
  7. Yup I completely agree with you. Even if we were to crash how much lower could we possibly go from 6k? 3k or 4k? At this point it wont matter much. He's acting as if the whole 2017 bull run was due to tether. I disagree because I personally know a few people who have millions in btc and other altcoins. The market is much more diverse now and there's a lot more interest and players in the game compared to mt gox days. Plus if we use the rational that 19k was all due to tether that's like saying all previous and future bull runs depend on tether only. It seems like a somewhat flawed logic. If btc went to 19k then the big players who are making countless money from this definitely won't let such big money making machine dump to 0. Even if tether crashes the market will eventually recover and move on but tether folks will be stupid as hell to make it all suddenly become worthless. Just my opinions. I pray the best for all of us.
  8. Very scary. He's pretty much saying everything until now was a scam and market is headed to 0. Blockchain isn't going to solve any problem. I disagree, I feel xrp will eventually prevail as king since it will have value from use case insteadof pure speculation.
  9. lol in my mind I imagined tether folks boarding the falcon and jumping to hyperspace. Star Wars ending theme music starts playing in background. End credits start. Till next time.
  10. Do you guys think we should sell all of our xrp for fiat or continue holding it? How badly do you think market will crash if tether goes down? I hope it can recover after such a devastating event. It is going to make all of crypto look bad as media will call it the greatest scam in history and big investors and institutions probably won't want to touch crypto anymore.
  11. Can't the tether folks make another fake currency and start pumping the market to a new ath in which xrp is pumped to the moon so we can all retire a happy life?
  12. bayarea510

    Any truth to Ripple / Trump rumors?

    If America wants to stay competitive and innovative in upcoming blockchain technology then the goverment needs to most definitely support Ripple and pass legislation allowing xrp to thrive so it can compete on a global stage.
  13. Just want to thank everyone who has been contributing to this thread to raise awareness and help each other out. Thank you all.
  14. Got binance level 2 verified in 10 minutes!! Thanks binance!!!!
  15. Copy paste...Do you guys think this whole tether thing is an intentional move to get the market moving again? Right now people are leaving usdt to buy coins or other stablecoins and their prices artificially being inflated. On the other hand some argue the entire bull run in 2017 was due to tether. But if that's the case does one blame tether for prior bulls runs or anticipation of future bull runs (those people saying btc is headed to 35k, 50k, or 100k).