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  1. Buy moar zerps today or wait until Friday?
  2. If the price is around $5 and then the Coinbase announcement occurs then bam $10!
  3. I want a JK Bobblehead for my collection!
  4. Cashing out

    Very true. Also, remember when bitcoin cash got listed on Coinbase and they froze activity for a few days. We can't have stuff like that happen given the volatile nature of cryptos. They should increase daily withdrawal limits and allow one to buy/sell coins anytime once launched.
  5. We're quick to fall and quick to recover. Hopefully when all this futures bs is over we'll have a healthy recovery back toward $2 and go from there. Way too much money involved in this for the whole thing to just crash. Even governments making money off it.
  6. Why Red?

    We're quick to drop and quick to recover
  7. Isn't there another futures contract expiring this week? Maybe that's why we're seeing this activity.
  8. Why Red?

    Isn't there another futures contract expiring this week?
  9. Perhaps we'll see a more conservative but stable price at end of year. Maybe $5-10?
  10. I should've been more thoughtful in my word selection. I meant price instead of value but you understood what I'm saying.
  11. I know many people think that adding XRP to coinbase will cause a bump in value and I totally agree but how much do you think value will increase? Many zerp fans are already a part of many exchanges and currently own ripple and know how to purchase it. On a similar note, assuming the value "doubles" as many predict when it hits coinbase many will also sell at that point. So it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I definitely do see it listed on coinbase in the future once they improve their infrastructure to streamline the transition.
  12. All good brother. Appreciate all of your efforts for the community. Keep us updated! Respect.