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  1. If that happens all crypto market will have panic and u dont want that , it will hurt way more then splitting by time.
  2. Yea i got little signal that we join into drop trend but , who knows if btc does well then we might follow nicely
  3. Btc fighting to stay above 11k , hopefully it will , so atleast it will give some positive sign to market....
  4. Well chart is clear right now on btc and has nice uptrend signal , dunno we will see
  5. Oh so close. I got one more 4 digit buy to get. I'm starting to get greedy thinking it's continuing down but you never know, I might wake up tomorrow to over a $1 again. I believe u good for tomorrow, if we break the .85s support , we might have free fall , just watch the price closely then
  6. Ema 50 and 200 getting close.. chart is not looking good at all.. hopefully they wont cross Edit: well we r recovering little bit uptrend and volume is higher compare to the yesterday
  7. Butcoin looks like gonna break 11k Edit: ofcourse we r following up too
  8. We r on the little climb again and we started to climb before butcoin..
  9. Dont worry , looks like not yet.. P.s: we will know our direction more clear in 30 min
  10. Yup , we r turning arround looks like... have to much little more
  11. Looks like either we changing trend again or false breakdown coming
  12. You r right, Its too much disturbing... i dont have to watch how xrp doing bc i know when btc dives , everybody goes with it.... doesnt matter how things are positive looking..
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