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  1. Hoping it doesn't break past .80 and falls to .60 where I have my buy backs placed.
  2. Won't hit passed .80 on this spike, will dip to .50...before it rockets passed $1 I think.
  3. I think we will hit .55 before it shoots up. Just recovered my stash from the last increase. All my profit has been put into buys at .60 to stay safe.
  4. Thanks! What a lovely feeling. I said 3 days!
  5. I managed to increase my position by 10% doing a few small trades until the market price increased 40% rapidly. Im now sitting on a -66% loss from my original stack.... Until the price drops to 0.69 again. .....3 days.
  6. I'm with you there. I think sometime within the next 4 days it should dip that low.
  7. I've been playing the dips all day until it shot up. Same boat as you! Need it to drop to 0.69 to get my zerps back.
  8. I got verified on bitstamp yesterday after 4 1/2 weeks.
  9. Maybe due to the fact that for many in their mid 20s early 30s they have so much going on in life and expenses. engagements, weddings, starting a family, first time house buying, having a decent car, pension pots, career progression. For me at 28 everything is at play, the last thing you need is to see your $2.1xrp falling. Having spent what money you do have. I didn't invest in bitcoin 5 years ago because I didn' understand it. This time with xrp I have a much better understanding and feel happy with my investment. However if I was 5 years younger I would probably be havin
  10. I'm on Binance but I don't like trading pairs with BTC. Ive been waiting for bitstamp to verify me for a month now. Kraken is still verifying too. Any others worth while?
  11. To be fair 125-150k will set my next venture up nicely. Still would need xrp to go sky high.
  12. I need £1500 a zerp to become a millionaire. So this thread is rather depressing.
  13. Sorry. I should have said, "bought". My bad.
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