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  1. Heading to San Francisco in a few weeks. Maybe I’ll stop by Ripple and get some updates for y’all.
  2. This period of time now reminds me of when I first bought back in June. Eventually you will relax and stop checking the price constantly and realize that this is not a get rich quick scheme and the day to day price movements are mostly irrelevant to the bigger picture unless you are day trading. If you believe in Ripple then you have not much to worry about. Of course these legacy banking systems are not going to change overnight.
  3. Maybe this will also put pressure on Coinbase to add more coins as well. Best of both worlds!
  4. Don’t have time to go back through the last few pages... has someone already posted the explanation Weiss put out for the BItcoin/XRP/DOGE ratings?
  5. Feel kinda sorry for anyone who actually paid $500 for that BS report. Think of all the zerps that could have been bought instead!
  6. Screw CMC, really liking livecoinwatch. and yes our favorite color!
  7. Already going to Vegas in February regardless so I’ll get the party started! Or maybe we’ll already be at $10
  8. Am I the only who barely reads the rest of the posts on this forum since this topic started blowing up? ?
  9. The rocket ship feels a little lighter after ditching all the dead weight weaklings.
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