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  1. The price of xrp is not important in the short run. The main question remains is if the volume will remain even after tomorrow interview. As long as there is decent volume the price will be on a steady rise.
  2. @Ripplista79 this looks like witchcraft to me. No pun intended.
  3. Will ping you for sure. The next 52 hours is off from work so can be glued to the charts anyways.
  4. Interesting. For this day onwards. My question will be. When sunny in San Francisco?
  5. @Ripplista79 there is spike alright. Oracle.
  6. Some how you always manage to get my attention in this forum. Or is it that you always manage to say what I would want to hear.
  7. What are the parameters for your prediction. Is it past trends volume or news.
  8. But my point being. Say there is an xrp/fiat pair. And using xrp is the cheapest and the shortest. This xrp/fiat pair will be the public exchanges or private ripple. If public exchanges wouldn’t the transaction appear on that exchange and the volume increase substantially. Say cuallet is now using Xrapid. The exchanges between USA and Mexico which ever one has usd and piso pairing should see some volume increase not consistent with the regular traders. And if the above assumption is true then Xrapid will connect to select liquidity providers with a private socket into the exchange. Hence there should be a list of current liquidity partners.
  9. Now if a FI is using xcurrent which is on the ripple net but not on the public block chain. Then we add Xrapid will it now source xrp from the public exchanges and do the transaction on the public block chain. I am getting confused my self now.
  10. But if Xrapid is going to source from ripple directly. Why will it drive the price higher on our exchanges.
  11. With their current war chest of money may be they should buy a stake into PayPal and start releasing PayPal ripple powered debit and credit cards.
  12. But this does not clarify from we’re can caullet, WU, lianlian, MoneyGram will buy fiat to xrp>settle transaction>sell xrp to fiat If the purchase and selling happens of the standard exchanges which we are using then how the price get effected.
  13. Speculation is welcome? Anybidea who the Xrapid liquidity partners will be. Say if the transaction is run on the public Blockchain I would think the current exchanges will be signed or plugged into ripplenet thru Xrapid. If I remember correctly Ripple said that the transaction on Xrapid can also be on the public markets. Will we ever know who the partners are. Or we will see the volume increase on exchanges and the transaction volume increase on the ripple net to speculate. Although I might be shooting the stars here or thinking out loud.
  14. Yup. A perspective from @JoelKatz could clear up and give some perspective. But I guess they it would not want be in their best interest to comment if there is something simmering behind the scenes.
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