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  1. Certain exchanges loading up?? Edit: Source: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/D06C6C4C24C505BB65D292FEAC94996653A498341E65F097DE54DF1EA4C95970
  2. For those who still remember, I'm back.. @RegalChicken @PickleRick @zenkert Missed you guys, however I just couldn't personally handle the whole crypto life that became a addiction and eventually made my life a living hell. I'm back stronger, mental health way better and financial on track! As soon as the market crashed, so did I and needed my time off, thinking and becoming a better version of myself. Got into problems with people that I advised about investing into XRP when it was $2+(You should never ever do that, let this be a piece of advice that you will find out the hard way). Checked my notifications and saw messages and tags in which people were actually concerned about where I went, I forgot how amazing and positive this community is. All I want to say is, now that XRP is getting back on his feet after receiving a near dead blow, be wise with your hard earned money, spend what you can spend and read into what you invest in. It is still amazing to see that XRP is the crypto that actually wants to change the world, as others may try but fail as they are only words but no actions. I hope some of my buddy's are still active, this time we will make it to the moon. Giving up and losing all I had was because I was childish. But it made me wise and prepared. Let this be a piece of advice for you all, never invest more than just money alone, gambling is a poison and you have to be mentally stable for it if it goes the wrong way. Always be prepared for what could happen! Anyways, as you can read A LOT went down this year. I missed you guys!
  3. How long does it take for a market to recover? This is taking days now
  4. Red is my favorite color, first time in my life that I'm starting to hate that goddawmed color.....
  5. It is not just XRP, it is most coins on the market that had a huge dip. Check the charts. How weird that most coins on the same time had this dip!?
  6. If this doesn't convince you that Ripple will be huge than nothing will. HODL.
  7. I know this is a XRP chat, but look at those %.. Darn good investment right there.
  8. Watching a live stream on youtube and I am having the same problem. Would be weird if you aren't affected by it lol.
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