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  1. Requesting all those who have asked for entry to the club to DM me. I am sure I've missed some requests in the thread.
  2. I am a default UNL validator. I certainly will not collude to do any such thing, and I am sure the rest are of the same mindset. That is a slippery slope, from which there is no return. As pointed out, we have diverse interests in the ecosystem. Any malicious behavior such as this will be spotted very quickly.
  3. To all those who have requested access to the private club, please bear with us. We will surely invite you in the coming hours. After going through the thread. It is preferable if you DM either @Silkjaer or me. So that we can see the requests without missing any.
  4. It will become very difficult for us to manage, and also there is no requirement for victims to know each others mobile numbers. Also, the analyses and data which we will present is not amenable to Whatsapp.
  5. Sending you an invite. To everyone : If we don't send an invite immediately, please don't panic. We're just running a bit crazy right now
  6. Sent. Users who have not interacted with @Silkjaer or @alloyxrp on DM earlier, are requested to send DMs please. This is only in order to protect victims.
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