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  1. Agree 10000%!!! Horrible simple horrible!! I'm done no more debate on religion for me!
  2. From the US, have spent 9 months in the middle east, 1 month in Jakarta, 6 months in Ireland, and 5 months in Mexico city. I stand by my opinion and that is all it is opinion you are welcome to have yours. Let the numbers do the talking and there is only 1 religious group performing atrocities at such a level......100% in the name of their faith in the last 20 years. Where are you from?
  3. I do know....now run the numbers and tell me percentage wise which group does the most? You are comparing mole hills to mountains!!
  4. Volume is dropping..........lets see what the weekend holds
  5. Sounds great! As someone who has been in Islamabad, Tikrit, and Mosul I don't have much FAITH in Islam! Fix your religion it is the only one doing atrocities on a mass scale in the last 20 years!
  6. Agreed reliable safe online interfaces. If you knew how many people asked how do I transfer from Coinbase to binance at work.....I can think of 19 right now. It has to be easy!!
  7. Point? If everyone had that opinion would xrp ever move?
  8. Its all about the volume we will see what the next few days hold or was today a fluke.
  9. Please explain that to me............what is bitmexrekt? Just one trade the "wicked sick" is more dollars traded then BTC has done in 2 whole days............I am confused
  10. I dont count chickens before they hatched i lived through the .com bubble. Crypto is very similar .........lets hope the uptick in volume continues
  11. You would assume wrong just stating the facts. Ive sucked out my original crypto investment twice....a uptick to .57 doesnt mean we are to da moon yet
  12. Agree with this!! .57 is great, but we were at .80s 5 weeks ago...............ask me at $3 sounds like a good number.
  13. I would agree this is global, but one good day of volume almost 14 billion does not a bull run make. I hope to see this continue and the market gain strength we will see Have to remember XRP was in the .80's just 5 weeks ago.....so .57 is a uptick, but long way to go from anytime this year (sans last week ish).
  14. No, im in Volume over 11 billion Im happy!! Great start.
  15. Logical........you are limited. Xrp is the best pick and safest Vitalik Buterin is a super genius I will never count him out. Nice Holding btw!
  16. Interesting you pick xrp for a recovery pick unless you dabble in other coins. Low o/s coins run easier and faster imo. Xrp is lowest gainer today in the top 30 except for binancecoin it takes huge volume to move xrp sustained as well. Xrp seems like a safe longterm play short term I find it easier to make money in other coins. Hold 30.8 xrp now. Hold 21.1 elf now.(go to coin) Hold 21.xxx ETH for balance. I hope you are right btw!!
  17. Ripple acting like a laggard though.......can throw a dart to find a coin up at least 15% in 6hrs Ripple 3%.
  18. Watching the action last night and currently .56 YAY, but gosh Ripple takes a lot of $$$ to move. Would be a great time to have a noteworthy PR of some sort.
  19. Volume is starting to cometh 10.5 billion traded. Are the herds coming back to the prideland? AELF more a killing Flipped profits into XRP
  20. I read it too, but tend to agree with their endpoint. Manias work because of the FOMO and euphoria crypto is not unknown anymore. I do think a few coins (cough Riipple and a few others) could be real gems, but the even with those the huge runs of 2017 I don't ever see coming back. $5 I would be extremely happy. $50 retired and these crazy number $500 and $1500 giving away gobs to charities.
  21. Sounds good. AELF popped and held so Im stoked. Hope Xrp starts to trend up as well.
  22. That wonderful smoke and mirrors act but has saved my arse often. Lol very funny!! Low volume bull run....l like this
  23. That is where we differ I don't believe they will. A few 100 million here a few 100 million there, but not enough to make any difference because all of these coins are insanely overvalued even at there current prices. No institutional investors are going to drop money with a chance of a hack, breach, or some other nefarious activity.....at least not in the buy/hold mindset. Futures and shorting I can see that! If retail doesn't come back we just sit here if we are depending on institutional money to create lift off!
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