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  1. https://blog.coinbase.com/adding-support-for-bitcoin-forks-to-coinbase-c4bee020898c Thats it, big deal.
  2. Here's the thing, if life has taught us anything it is this... you can potentially create something "better" but that in itself is not a sure fire reason it will be used. A lot I mean a lot of getting something used has been done by Ripple for years now. Not that I believe Craig at all but even if true, so what! Look I made a better lotto scratcher, what no buyers?
  3. Sadly a taping means nothing earth shattering which is fine. Doubt he'd go on that joke of a show again to announce any big news.
  4. Are we so desperate that 6% is now a moon LOL Remember the 70% bounce back last month with no coinbase rumor. Will it be added in 2 days, highly unlikely and no XRP is not the only green light today, look again.
  5. Well the evening of the 6th or 7th am in Asia will be quite interesting. Rocket or free fall mark my words.
  6. yes... LOL AMA ! btw not long ago he stated he did not know what partnerships or partners were being made or when announced etc so how could he honestly even answer that question. If you take him at his word he knows NOTHING about who or when which while hard to believe may be true.
  7. I have been shocked at their constant spammy feeling emails I get constantly with your typical slim ball promises. Either trying to print revenue or desperate not sure which.
  8. I suppose time will in fact tell, was just looking into the quote and or meeting. What they use, will use, don't use or the fact JPM has been brought up before every two weeks is here nor there to my question. As stated 15 JPM exec's don't talk to Brad to say no thanks, steal idea's maybe lol but not to say no. There is hope there, small as it may be, hope.
  9. Ya not looking for opinions @dadofzara on how JPM is moving forward rather I am trying to confirm the statement made in the article. If true it could mean very big news soon and our opinions on JPM using ripple or not affected greatly, for the good.
  10. Curious, just read this article and while I have heard most of it before this stuck out to me (quote below) is this true did Brad actually post that and make that statement? https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/02/15/jp-morgan-new-technology-will-push-ripple-xrp-to-3-again/
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