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  1. "Contempt of court" sounds sufficient from the judge as well.
  2. He wants me to source that Western Union charges high fees to cover transfers and that Swift is a messaging system? Sorry, I read it that he wants a source that says Ripple products do not provide these services, but I was not arguing that they do not. My argument was about the implication that current parts of the system referred to in a law from 2010 do not provide these services. They do. They just do it inefficiently.
  3. Yes, for many people it is, particularly if $2500 represents most of their wages for a month. Some folks are just scraping by, and any system that will reduce their costs and put more money in their pocket will be welcome relief. Plus the fact that the fees are potentially higher.
  4. I think you may misunderstand me. I am not saying that Ripple's products do not perform these actions. I am saying that other mechanisms currently exist that also cover this issue -- but they are not very efficient so the price ends up being higher to 'cover costs'. As to it being limited to the messaging layer, I take that from the language offered: "in connection with the remittance transfer, a disclosure describing...." This part of the act covers knowledge of the transaction -- it is there to protect consumers, so they can know what they are getting into -- not the actual tran
  5. Isn't that one of the reasons why services like Western Union charge so much? xRapid will do this more efficiently and for far less money, but I don't think remittance providers have been in violation of Dodd-Frank all this time. I have only sent money using Swift cross border a few times, and the fees seemed to be fixed prior to the transaction.
  6. That would imply that an act passed in 2010 provided an impossible situation, a the time, for the banking/remittance industry. I guess I could be reading this completely incorrectly, but this looks like it describes a messaging system. I don't see why xRapid would need to be involved.
  7. Don't think GPI needs to enter into it, isn't this just what Swift does?
  8. Correct, but that was not the context of the argument, which concerned XRP adoption by Coinbase based on its speed and frugality for exchange transfers. It is undeniable that XRP is one of if not the fastest options and it is pretty clearly the cheapest -- for the banking industry and for moving assets from one exchange to another. When it comes to discussing XRP as the global banking choice it simply makes Coinbase look more idiotic. Unless you meant that Coinbase wants to avoid XRP because they hate banks. Which also makes them look like idiots as far as I can tell.
  9. I offered counter-arguments to them 'protecting their BTC'. That was the entirety of the point I made. So, whatever.
  10. I'm not proposing a theory, I don't have one. Even the idea that they have big BTC holdings doesn't add up because they can dump what they have over time and load up on XRP. It isn't as though we haven't seen others dump BTC in large quantities before. Sorry, but I don't see having big BTC holdings as a likely explanation. Coinbase is not acting rationally if they recognize XRP as a big player in future, so there must be some other reason. It's either a philosophical/personal issue or they simply don't think XRP will be worth much in future. Egos get in the way of rational decision m
  11. Never encountered any of that. I've used ETH several times as bridge and it was relatively fast compared to BTC, which often took 6 or more hours, but also much cheaper. I understand that LTC is equally fast and cheap. I am not comparing them to XRP, but they are worlds better than BTC. And Coinbase adopted them quite a while ago. Sorry, but I do not think that is the reason that Coinbase made its decisions. It could be one factor, but they adopted other options that bit into BTC as the prime base transfer option, and they did it many months ago.
  12. Um, Yeah, except that Coinbase lists ETH and LTC, both of which can serve as a bridge currency in just the same way. Granted that Coinbase has BTC set as the first thing you see, that would not change with XRP adoption. And ETH and LTC are dramatically faster than BTC, which is why anyone with more than a passing interest has already use them instead of BTC to transfer to other exchanges. So, as much as I want to agree with you, I don't agree with you.
  13. Haven't actually looked at Gatehub in a long time, but is there a big sell wall at .39988 -- looks like the price (looking at XRP Charts) has leveled at that point for most of the day?
  14. Susie should know better, but maybe she doesn't (which should raise serious red flags). Like that other guy who posted about the price increasing because of a single large buy, this is wrong on so many levels -- but already discussed elsewhere. Sure, it might increase for a few minutes on a single exchange, but what difference does that make?
  15. Hello and welcome to the forum. It takes a bit to explain how xRapid works. Suffice it to say that your fears are unfounded. I would start with this: It should answer your questions.
  16. Please explain your point. Explain it like I am a 5 year old. If you can't do so, then you clearly don't understand it. I will repeat, do so with the understanding that we are adults here and take responsibility for our own actions.
  17. I'm sorry to go off on you, but that is just stupid. We are all adults here, well most of us are. We can make decisions with our money for ourselves. We all know this is a risky investment. Buying large quantities of it is a personal decision for anyone involved. Who are you to decide that someone needs to see 'yuge' usage to make such an investment? With risky investments the idea is to buy low so that you don't risk too much money. And with low price the possibility of large quantities for the 'little guy' becomes possible. If it pays off, great. If it doesn't, then fine
  18. That may be exactly right. If so, we should find out soon. Then we will also know the repercussions of all this.
  19. Aside from helping others it shouldn't really serve any other purpose.
  20. There are exactly how many quotes from White House officials? This is getting ridiculous.
  21. Not making any predictions, just not my thing, but your thinking is very...linear...
  22. 47 is old? 600K is not a lot to retire on depending on your location. Also depends on age. But I understand your point and agree.
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