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  1. The price of these IOUs are a complete nonsense and i would be nothing short of amazed if they traded at even a 10th of their current value once the actual airdrop has taken place.
  2. @Gilligan, @CountZerpula, @Plikk, @Single_Malt, @Flintstone Few requests above in this thread for an invite to the Zerpening for consideration - always good to get new guys and girls in imo to get a wide spectrum of views and increase our contributor/lurker ratio 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. On the contrary. A few long term hodlers in the zerpening have sold the majority or all of their zerps and the club discusses lots of other projects. In fact over the last 3 weeks one member traded $5k up to over $500k recently with leverage trading futures in Binance with a huge spread of 'coins". Simply amazing. There is no restrictions on negative talk on XRP, just not posting 'XRP is a scam' ' XRP is shyte' over and over with no other input.
  4. Yeh lots was middle of the road but a lot not so much either - guess its not gonna work for everyone.
  5. Mmm just did it and dont recognise the person it thinks i am at all 😂 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Absolute dream-world stuff, and clutching at old straws as the price just continues to sink. More than anyone i wish it wasnt, but honestly i cant see anything but this now having a slow and painful bleed to 0. Those that made money from this have done so, and left. I hope it comes for you guys but hanging on for another 2017 forever.... 🤷‍♂️
  7. Sorry princess, you must have me confused with someone who 1. Bought at ATH 2. Gives a **** what you think
  8. And i will happily sell to them and let them lap it up like a dog in the sun, just as the pre 2017 buyers did to me 😌🤣😂🥳
  9. The potential coinbase listing was a tiny part of why what happened in 2017 happened. Neary every coin went banzai - with or without CB rumour. The people who bought at the low prices at the start of 2017 and didnt sell are either blinded by greed or have a cast iron belief this is going way higher than $3. Either way i dont believe when they say they dont regret selling at least some near the ATH.
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