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  1. Yeh agreed i would take these figures with a huge pinch of salt, loads of people keep their XRP (or other crypto) on exchanges (if they didn't then we wouldnt see these huge hacks so often) and so it almost makes these figures meaningless. Sorry to burst anyones bubble about being a 1%er but i think these figures are way off.
  2. Obese? Mate i would be pretty confident i am in the same or better shape than you. I have been in gyms most days of my life since i was 18.
  3. 10 more in 1000 🤣 Yes mate line up the 'super foods' otherwise we're all f*cked with those figures 🙄
  4. Actually this is exactly where you are wrong and the answer isnt clear. For example they may say if you eat 3 portions of processed red meat a week you are 3 times more likely to get bowel cancer. Yet that 3 x more likely means that rather than being 1 in 1000 people who dont eat processed meat, 3 in 1000 do who have a bit of bacon and sausage. Its really not as clear as you think. But hey chug back as many smoothies as you like brother.
  5. Haha jesus amigo i was trying to be a bit light hearted dont bust ur balls. Yes and i could tell all about my friend who died of a brain tumour and only ever ate healthy. Super foods is a load of BS that makes people pay a ton for some weird berries. Super foods - i mean even the name is ridiculous.
  6. If you think eating a smoothie for breakfast and avoiding a maccy d's every now and then will stop you getting cancer you are sadly deluded. Unless you have gone from a huge obese slob who ate nothing other than **** all day every day. If you avoid things you like your whole life what kind of life is that just to get cancer anyway 🤷‍♂️ By the way i love smoothies and healthy food but it aint gonna save ya.
  7. What a weird thing to say. If you need a car but dont have the immediate funds to buy it but can easily afford the repayments whats the issue?
  8. Well it was an unexpected turn of events that led to me needing the money so 🤷‍♂️ Again I am not doubting the progress or the products/services provided by Ripple. But I am going to be honest here I couldn't give two squirts of pi$$ about Ripples success unless it translates to XRP price increasing. If every single bank in the world uses Ripple products and zaps XRP accross the globe zillions of times a day and the price is still $0.28 there will not be a single cell in my body that will rejoice at Ripples success unless Brad makes an unexpected knock on my door and drops off the suitcase of money he has been flying on planes to thank me for being a jolly good old boy for buying and holding XRP for so long.
  9. Well of course I hope you are right but it certainly feels like there is some serious clutching at straws going on regardless of what the realities of the price are.
  10. And yet nothing happened to the price. Thats also massive. Massively worrying. Ripple seems to be doing great. And seems they really may be at the start of something pretty special - but even the most positive amongst us have got to start considering that none of this is going to shift the price of XRP in the direction we want it. Unless they were full of $hit there are some posters in here who bought regularly all the way down. I did too but never had the money (thankfully) to sink into it on the scale others were. Again i assume a good proportion were talking BS as I have never met such a large group of people with a seemingly weekly and endless supply of spare cash to splurge at the rates they were saying. Lots of people have lost lots of money. Apart from the early ones, and if i hear that those of us here now are early again i might have to smash my head through a wall. I sold out at a loss as i was desperate for my money but i really am considering if i am ever going to buy back in, which i dont know why, makes me kinda sad.
  11. Ffs there is an easier way to solve this. Oi @RegalChicken have you sold your XRP. And....... wait for the answer 👍
  12. I think many of the posters around that time have probably reflected and realised how much lots of us were caught up in this seemingly simple process of buy xrp it goes up 1000's of % and we all get rich. Anyone who bought pre dec 2017 or even better early 2017 can hardly be blamed for thinking that - however misguided it was. But it was misguided, not malicious. Personally i think the days of 1000's of % increase are well and truly over. I had to sell my xrp fairly recently but will consider buying back - only if to see a slow rise to $1, $2, $3 or even a new ATH but i wont hold my breath. Lets face it an increase back to $1 would be a great return from where we are now. What i just dont get is how XRP is so low compared to its ATH and BTC and others have flirted around the 50% mark. If only XRP was doing that i think many in here (me included once i had bought back) would be pretty pleased.
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