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  1. As posted elsewhere on this forum i have been very badly wrong many times over... but Coil just does not sit well with me at all as an idea. A BILLION XRP?? Seriously?? 1% OF THE ENTIRE SUPPLY of XRP - unbelievable. I know its not 'growing the XRP ecosystem' (excuse me while i vomit out the chunks of XRP army) but i'd rather they just built a hospital with the $250 million, sorted out some ill kids, saved some whales or planted some trees - at least i'd feel the money i ploughed into XRP was doing something worthwile. 🤔 time to sell mine for some whale saving?
  2. 1. How do you feel about Ripple holding such wast quantity of XRP? - sexually aroused.
  3. Hold up guys think about it for a second why would they need to burn them? So say they need a certain value of XRP to be used for a cross border payment.... lets say a £5Million payment. What difference to Ripple does it make if thats made up out of sending 1 million xrp worth £5 each, or 5 million xrp worth £1 each?
  4. Well i didn't lose a penny as none on exchanges so its not something that personally effected me, but given the insignificant impact to Ripple if the did (especially with prices as they are today) i thought it might be a kind gesture - not everyone is going to agree. When i first went to the Ripple site, on my mobile, in the UK, I'm sure Kracken, Gatehub and maybe 1 other were the options? Maybe i didnt look too hard or am remembering wrong.
  5. I wasnt around at the start but i am led to believe Ripple encouraged, or recomended Gatehub to early buyers? I was certainly directed to gatehub when i went to the Ripple website end of Nov 2017 as a place to buy XRP. If they cared about the xrp community so much they would give the people who lost in the hack what they lost from the next escrow release. It would make no difference to them at all.
  6. They've said a lot of things - that being one of the least believable.
  7. I have no issues with Ripple and the escrowed Billions but i find it really do find it staggering that anyone (no matter how big their initial role was) was ever given such a huge chunk of the total supply.
  8. I really dont mean any offence but can you not see how completely ridiculous it sounds when people say things like this. This forum, Twitter, everywhere...filled with chart gurus - yet none of them consistently right. I mean its not hard when you only have to be right at either up or down. None of them seeming to make much money from it apart from getting chumps to follow their BS.
  9. Is that any worse than me wasting my life here not being ignored 😂🤣😂
  10. No i dont presume to be more knowledgable on markets than Galgitron, but strange that you would automatically presume i'm not, given that you know nothing about me. I guess this is the same blind presumption you make about Galgitron being the holy master of 'whale' knowledge just because of a a few blogs which i personally find so unreadable and irritating. You may believe all you like about the big bad men ruining your pocket money i just dont. Naughty whales.
  11. Genuinely what do i think? That all these conspiracy theories of mysterious whales and holding the price low etc is a total and utter crock of $hit. There is no button to flick. There is no one wanting to shake out any fvcking hands, weak or otherwise. There will be no magic to increase the price. People might chase 'silly' coins - try cashing them out and see how far u get. Just be patient and hold xrp if u still think its a good investment. If not move on and buy some DOGE.
  12. Most master of timing, you are definately not.
  13. At current rates of sale about 15 years i believe.
  14. Yeh, how would you cope with that. It would be surely confirmation that you are the unluckiest person alive 😜 On when you should buy... NO ONE knows. DS sold a big stack a few weeks ago when we were back at $0.32 or so. Half of twitter calling for BTC back to $1000 and XRP to $0.10. Truth is no one knows. You might buy today and feel a genious once it goes up 80%. Or you might buy and it drops 80%. 'Welcome to crypto' as they say. Not to make it feel even harder to decide but the people saying 'what does 10c difference make right now if we are going to $XX' - Thats just the most unmathematical thought process ever! Of course it matters! Spending $10k on XRP when it is $0.32 provides a significantly better return than buying at $0.42 if it ever reached $10/xrp (roughly $75k difference)
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