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  1. On the basis of the last however long i think its safe to say that it will have absolutely no effect on the price of XRP whatsoever.
  2. Cool.. imagine how much we could all buy if it was at $0! 😂😂😂😂😂
  3. Surely they would just sell a few more hundred million xrp, which would cost the buyers exactly the same as before just get more xrp for it, then carry on as they were. The problem comes if no one wants to buy the xrp - not just what price its at. Although obviously the dent in Ripples overall worth would be significant.
  4. I have seen these prices too many times already its not even funny 😂
  5. Also thats a point to consider. We have shot up 100's of % on nothing at all. Yet actual live use of xrapid now is doing nothing - in my opinion its going to take a BIG bank and lots of xrapid use to shift our price.
  6. If only we knew. And if only 20 banks/dozens were a certainty 🤔
  7. This isnt the type of topic to joke about. This is serious stuff here mate. When people say they are in it for the tech - this is the type of thread they flock to 🤣
  8. Sex in elevators... sorry but thats wrong on so many levels....
  9. Thats getting easier to do over time, as it feels to me like anything happening to send us 1$+ is a long way off yet.
  10. Dont know where you've been looking but this entire site has definately not been harping on over the cartoons or $589.
  11. Taxes aside... ETH certainly is getting close to re taking number 2.
  12. If xrpaid is in full production and price doesnt move.... we're f$cked right?
  13. My a$$ will be twitching like a rabbits nose if we go anywhere near 0!