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  1. Absolute dream-world stuff, and clutching at old straws as the price just continues to sink. More than anyone i wish it wasnt, but honestly i cant see anything but this now having a slow and painful bleed to 0. Those that made money from this have done so, and left. I hope it comes for you guys but hanging on for another 2017 forever.... 🤷‍♂️
  2. Sorry princess, you must have me confused with someone who 1. Bought at ATH 2. Gives a **** what you think
  3. And i will happily sell to them and let them lap it up like a dog in the sun, just as the pre 2017 buyers did to me 😌🤣😂🥳
  4. The potential coinbase listing was a tiny part of why what happened in 2017 happened. Neary every coin went banzai - with or without CB rumour. The people who bought at the low prices at the start of 2017 and didnt sell are either blinded by greed or have a cast iron belief this is going way higher than $3. Either way i dont believe when they say they dont regret selling at least some near the ATH.
  5. Yet they still seem to suddenly be under maintenance or not working when there is a sudden and significant rise or fall in price. I dont trust the exchanges one bit.
  6. Odd that you have hard time believing it will happen anytime soon - given that it already did just that in a matter of weeks 2 years back 🤔
  7. Yeh agreed i would take these figures with a huge pinch of salt, loads of people keep their XRP (or other crypto) on exchanges (if they didn't then we wouldnt see these huge hacks so often) and so it almost makes these figures meaningless. Sorry to burst anyones bubble about being a 1%er but i think these figures are way off.
  8. Obese? Mate i would be pretty confident i am in the same or better shape than you. I have been in gyms most days of my life since i was 18.
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