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  1. Most master of timing, you are definately not.
  2. At current rates of sale about 15 years i believe.
  3. Yeh, how would you cope with that. It would be surely confirmation that you are the unluckiest person alive šŸ˜œ On when you should buy... NO ONE knows. DS sold a big stack a few weeks ago when we were back at $0.32 or so. Half of twitter calling for BTC back to $1000 and XRP to $0.10. Truth is no one knows. You might buy today and feel a genious once it goes up 80%. Or you might buy and it drops 80%. 'Welcome to crypto' as they say. Not to make it feel even harder to decide but the people saying 'what does 10c difference make right now if we are going to $XX' - Thats just the most unmathematical thought process ever! Of course it matters! Spending $10k on XRP when it is $0.32 provides a significantly better return than buying at $0.42 if it ever reached $10/xrp (roughly $75k difference)
  4. Alex - it must be hard to see people talking about you and in some cases saying not the nicest things. I guess when you put yourself out there thats going to happen - not sure i could do that myself. You're never gonna please all the people all the time.
  5. Look is this all just jealously that you havent had a shout out. Cos i am about ready to spend $89 on an our long phone call asking him to give you a big shout out duuuuuuuuuuude šŸ¤™
  6. Dinoizzy

    Zerpening Club

    Been in there since day one. Far from a fanboi myself and i regularly have a moan about the price etc. But why do u want to be in it when you obviously detest it so much and mock the content/members.
  7. Personally i will have all but totally cashed out between 5 and 10 Ā£. Wont make me rich but it'll be a lovely help.
  8. But...but....but... @LilBender said all i had to do was suck his _____ and i'd be let in the cool gang. I feel so used. šŸ˜„
  9. Still here still hodling. I'd love to see $22 within 5-10 years let alone end of the month.
  10. An asthmatic ant with heavy shopping (Unlikely to get the reference if not from UK)
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