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  1. I am cautiously optimistic that an IPO could actually help XRP. Follow me, if many additional investors buy stock in Ripple, thus a real financial interest in the company, then like Ripple, they should want XRP to succeed. Some of those investors may also purchase XRP, seek out banking services that use ODL, or otherwise intentionally do acts that would benefit XRP and/or the XRP ecosystem as doing so also benefits Ripple, which they have have invested in. I think a fair comparison would be people who own Apple stock are probably more likely to buy and use Apple products and services as doing
  2. No one will ever pay for water too right? Water is ‘free’ from the faucet. This bottle water thing will never catch on said the super confident self proclaimed business know it alls in the 90s. How did those type of statements age? Maybe, just maybe, people will pay for content on the internet.
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2018/12/12/google-top-searches-2018-world-cup-hurricane-florence-mac-miller/2282540002/ “HOW TO 1. How to vote 2. How to register to vote 3. How to play Mega Millions 4. How to buy Ripple 5. How to turn off automatic updates 6. How to get the old Snapple back 7. How to play Powerball 8. How to buy Bitcoin 9. How to screen record 10. How to get boogie down emote” First time posting. Even though I have seen top google searches posted before, this is the first I have read about 2018
  4. Is there news of an upcoming Ripple IPO or are you just postulating?
  5. Rolling down the street, HODLin’ Crypto, countin’ my X-R-P. Laid back (with my mind on the zerpening and the zerpening on my mind!)
  6. Well done @Hodor!!! Kudos to the Ripple team for the well deserved recognition!
  7. RubberSoul

    Chatbox gone

    Sad to see it go. Hope it comes back, sooner than later.
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