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  1. Spectre and Meltdown

    Oh my god basically the whole industry just messed up, and now we're all Ostriches. I mean messed it up to the core (pun). Whatever. We can say there are no known attack vectors in the wild. What's scary is to read the comments on the V8 engine's dev list about what is the minimal version of V8 that has protection against Spectre/Meltdown. I doubt that means there is a potential attack vector through javascript/web browsers, but god who knows anymore! I think the positive aspect of this is that it will hopefully help people doing more niche chip development things to get more funding. Or whatever they need. Projects like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabula_(company) I've talked to engineer types in the industry about that and they all go "whoa that would be amazing if they can pull it off." One guy who worked for Intel on memory design, even.
  2. Spectre and Meltdown

    And you get the funny statements coming out of ARM at the IoT conferences saying "this only affects the high performance chips." Sorry can't remember who that was I read it on yahoo news. Apparently there are trade-offs for performance! The problem with Intel is they force all their older people into retirement. We can say that now that they've effed up.
  3. Welcome

    Cat with a hatchet. not this time. anyway coins are not a very interesting obsession. i'd like to see some expressive utterances about Factor Graphs.
  4. Seeking dev community

    I was wondering about this too. I can't answer the question, but did you notice this README, "how to use rpc coroutines" ? https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/develop/src/ripple/rpc/README.md
  5. SWIFT embracing DLT?

    Gimme teh codes or shaddup.
  6. Seeking dev community

    Ah! "Single Compilation Unit" This is fun, no really. I'm learning nothing about the ripple protocol, and maybe just a little bit about cmake I guess the question is how does the way you choose the units affect the compiler's optimizations... EDIT: so this turned out to be very useful, you can use the unity sources to slice the ripple code up into libraries in whatever way is convenient, and cmake has a flag for enabling "interprocedural optimization"... and I would expect a tool like Callgrind would help with that?
  7. Seeking dev community

    Somehow google has learned to give me mostly links about the game engine
  8. Seeking dev community

    So what would be the best place to ask this question: "difference between unity / non-unity source in the rippled build?"
  9. Ledger size

    I found this helpful. If "blockchain" is about consensus, then the question should be "how much information do we need to agree on in order to move forward" That seems like a fundamental thing, if one were to try to reduce an increasingly complex field to a set of simple questions.
  10. heh. it got pumped. ahahaha. i know this almost for a fact. old pumpers suddenly showed up in the forums. well i don't know they're pumpers for certs. but some people like to speak in riddles.
  11. OMG it's happening like RIGHT NOW: down down down like there's no bottom. So exciting! A day after Buterin is all over the news after leaving that venture capital organization and saying "if you all don't stop navel gazing at the charts and spewing lambo memes and start applying yourselves to devs I'm going to leave." Honestly that guy reminds me a lot of Adric.
  12. It does seem unbelievable. I mean that's what I was thinking about BTC after it fell from $1000 to $150 after Mt Gox. I think somebody got in at $106 on btc-e.
  13. There are many things to be interested in crypto about, not just the money on the exchanges. People hate exchanges, but they love money. I mean folks really hate exchanges. Like big time. But the future is always a nice place to be, unless you're a Dalek. Don't be a Dalek!
  14. Seeking dev community

    I have a project on github I could share, although it doesn't do much yet: https://github.com/woguls/imgui-ripple That forks the https://github.com/ripple/ripple-libpp, and runs the demo program in a gui and dumps most of its output to a log window. I don't know whether the cmake file I've got is very good at building on non-linux systems. But I've got ripple lib, and a gui. That's a start. I'll post something in 12 hours after I've tried working on @Sukrim's suggestion. EDIT: AHAHA I am laughing at myself now as I read the ripple code. This is not for the faint of heart! Deep dive. It's going to be a while before I can work on get_richlist()