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  1. No. Instead I will just mention that transfer of value is often accompanied by legally binding contracts. Most of the time people can't just create these contracts on their own, they need to be represented by people who are sanctioned. Fast transfer of value can facilitate abuse of fiduciary duties. Now. I know this isn't a popular position around these parts. I don't have time to read to all the outcry. Instead of responding to me and extending a completely pointless conversation you should just think about what I'm saying.
  2. Are you sure it needs instant value transfer? Sometimes it's better to wait. Sometimes there are hidden advantages to having to wait. I can think of many. I don't think the world will become a more fair place when we get instant value transfer. Probably less fair, frequently.
  3. Robert is your aunt's husband. There's even an Arthur in there somewhere. hilarious. AND twitter post by an a-type personality. *shudder*
  4. 147/416 "like ratio", says it all.
  5. did she then say: "that's nice aurther. do you want to have a real conversation with me now or do you just want to sit there and expect me to jump up and down in ecstatic delight because clearly WE ARE SO RIGHT?" honestly, who says sh** like that? i'd want to be a very very long way away from them, wherever they are. is there any background to this conversation, or do people just run around asking rhetorical questions all day long?
  6. When the #2 spot is referred to as "the throne" you know that there's something wonky about the rating system.
  7. Imagine you are a developer, and you've made something you think is really great for technical reasons. now you have to schmooze the people who have sunk money into the market and think you're going to make them rich. imagine the fake smiles on their faces when they meet you, and having to brown nose those types of people. god. SHUDDER.
  8. Yes the article certainly eluded me. I didn't even read it.
  9. Everyone seems to know when the "bull run" is coming. That is good. Yes.
  10. This is a popular sentiment but my feeling is that people are more likely to trick you into giving them money you don't realize you're leaving "on the table" by taking advantage of your own mental errors. Remember if they take you to court and lose they will pay your court costs.
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