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  1. nobody is going to get rich off this **** as long as everybody expects to do so.
  2. Vader-DeWelt

    "Here's some cryptocurrency. Now please use it."

    This is very interesting. I had a dream this morning. "We" had to leave the place we had always been in, and had designed a rocket for the purpose of traveling to a better place. There were many of us, hundreds of thousands, or perhaps just thousands, but we all fit into the rocket. It was a bit cramped, but the ride was going to be short. The problem was that we weren't sure about the landscape in the place we were sending the rocket to, so the rocket was designed to hopefully land in a certain way in a certain place, but if there were mountains in the way we might all be smashed instantly. We didn't know. It was a very nasty moment in the dream when I was staring at the shaking metal wall of the rocket, strapped in with thousands of others I could not see, realizing that my life might be over in an instant, and was wondering whether I would even have time to be aware of it ending. Then later we were there. There was no money, but we had cryptocurrency. Some people wanted to start using it, but other people had decided they didn't need to use money at all in this new place, and wanted to challenge themselves to live up to this new goal in life. No money at all. That's pretty childish, I know. Anyway I couldn't resist the urge to spend the cryptocurrency I had taken with me. It was the easiest thing to do. EDIT: yes I have been watching too much of "The Expanse"
  3. Why is proof of work not also considered to be a consensus algorithm? I thought "consensus algorithms" was a very broad category of things. It would be nice to look at some informed debate over whether certain approaches to consensus might be harder to attack than others. But ultimately there will always be an ongoing development / attempt to attack, no? EDIT: Heh, so yes what the article talks about.
  4. they used AI, trained to maximize time spent reading a given article in which the BGCI is mentioned. I would like to point out that I was the first person to submit an answer to this question, and that mine is also superior because of the use of the term "ditzy."
  5. index = .3*btc + .3*eth + .1414*xrp + ... + .01*zcash seems to be the implication. kind of a ditzy thing to do when everything just follows btc. maybe they're expecting things to change. DITZY. Does it discuss how they came up with those figures? anyway we have a new index that will be all anyone talks about. clearly bitcoin and ethereum are the future of crypto. someone needs to point out that this expressed a total disregard for climate change.
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    Ripple - ILP - AI

    When I say "can of worms" I mean there are unintended social consequences / side effects. One of the more frightening projects I've seen involves using BC and crypto and continuously updating QR codes to issue "unforgeable" tickets to entertainment events. So for instance, someone could be found to be in violation by a "smart contract," and have some sort of record made against their "social credit score," with little recourse to courts or due process. I don't understand why the libertarian types championing "blockchain" aren't talking about these possibilities and how to avoid them. The ethereum project is quite aware that they are trying to bring about "the web 3.0." The fact that that project is open source and not associated with a specific corporation does nothing to calm my fears. Vernor Vinge perceptively portrayed the effects of such technology on society in his 2006 novel "Rainbows End." Depending on how far things go and how successful the new technology turns out to be, the future of free thought and other liberal values might depend on the existence of a resistance movement, in the sense of there being viable alternatives and a real way to "say no" to the new services. The fact that so many people find it difficult to even "delete facebook," despite findings that using social media has a negative impact on overall happiness, concerns me. I believe people should start thinking now in very realistic terms about what a "post technological" society might look like, so that there will be viable alternatives in place if and when the current developments turn the world into a technological dystopia. BC, IoT, smart contracts, are all fascinating things from the engineering perspective, but there should also be an equally strong movement to oppose the introduction of this stuff into our lives, lest the transition become a one-way trip into the world of "Rainbows End."
  7. Crypto is a briar patch. Let Russia and China go for it. Both those nations, led by presidents-for-life, will create nightmares for themselves.
  8. Vader-DeWelt

    Ripple - ILP - AI

    This is an enormous can of worms. It's going to turn into legal nightmares all over the place. You do not want contracts to be "smart" and you do not want to be in a situation where you don't have recourse to the courts when the mechanical contracts don't work the way everyone intended. Replacing lawyers with AI is a really bad idea. Legal contracts are subject to interpretation. This is a good thing more often than it is bad. Experimenting with this stuff however is a good idea. If people need to think this is the best thing since sliced bread for that to happen, then so be it.
  9. ripple is not the only one they're going after, no?
  10. "created out of thin air and sold for a quick profit." Except for the year or two they were using it to pay people on the world community grid. Not everyone bought this on an exchange. I would complain about the decline their lawsuit will potentially give to my investment (gpu time for xrp) Except I'm pretty sure that if this plays out in court XRP will be one of the few things out there with legal precedent in its support. One of the reasons I was excited about this years ago.
  11. If I were Stellar I would contact someone like this and say "hey I know a lawyer, and I will pay your legal fees if you lose this..." Is that kind of thing legal? You expect it to not be... So basically I am saying that someone associated with a Ripple competitor would step up and make it possible for some joe schmoe to sue over a $500 loss. Perhaps even pay him up front, with the promise that regardless of the outcome they will cover his expenses.
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    Laura Shin Gives Cold Shoulder to David Schwartz

    In what sense is xrp like a paypal account?
  13. Vader-DeWelt

    Laura Shin Gives Cold Shoulder to David Schwartz

    You know, we're supposed to be building a new kind of world where people like this don't have all the disadvantages. That was the goal, anyway. Thanks Corporate America and Capitalism, for taking over social media and handing the trophy back to the jerks.
  14. Vader-DeWelt

    Laura Shin Gives Cold Shoulder to David Schwartz

    ugh never mind.
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    The Emerging Crypto Establishment