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    CoinDesk (#FUDDESK) Spreading FUD

    This is all a big conspiracy orchestrated by raccoons so they can raise the money to buy back the real estate stolen from them by the humans, while maintaining instant access to free tempura whenever they want it.
  2. Vader-DeWelt

    CoinDesk (#FUDDESK) Spreading FUD

    *Snark* being a writer on coindesk gets you special early access to the PumpSignal. Donchaknow? Or is it the other way round? #getthemoney
  3. Since getting hip to crypto fud I have started to notice it all over the semiconductor industry news as well, which I never really read until yahoo news started pumping it to my feed, probably because I occasionally search for stuff on newegg.. It all sounds the same. "AMD's new announcement has some serious flaws and will never be able to compete with nvidia." Always the same tone.
  4. the chart tells a different story.
  5. I didn't listen! Did he refer to it as radar? So personal data is the radar of the facebook ad? That's pretty sweet!
  6. Value is a really broad concept. You get a sense when Zuckertrix says "we did not and do not sell personal data." IT's going to be turtles all the way down soon.
  7. Vader-DeWelt

    XRP Price Speculation

    oh BABY! that's more like it. keep it coming.
  8. Vader-DeWelt

    XRP Price Speculation

    "He" is a person who used to go to the btc-e trollbox and say "watch this!" about ten minutes before the price starts wildly fluctuating. A really despicable person. But whatever. Also, being articulate is highly overrated and usually a sign of not having much going on in the ole noggin. Anyone who lives in times like ours and has the personal wherewithal to appear articulate should not be trusted. But anyway. Now that I'm apparently rolling in happiness that happened sometime around one day after april 5, I have this to say: next stop thirty cents whatever-ish. Choo choo.
  9. Vader-DeWelt

    The getting out.

    "it is easier if you are taken care of" uh huh,
  10. Is it appropriate to refer to ILP as "Ripple's" ?
  11. limited experience! I played with them a few years ago with some kaggle/instagram data. I've also used graph connectedness to segment images. I'm going to shut up about community detection now
  12. I was thinking of something like this: http://igraph.org/c/doc/igraph-Community.html#igraph_community_multilevel or some other community detection algo. So start with a graph in which all vertices are accounts in the ledger. Run the community analysis. Replace vertices within the same community with a single node to represent the entire community. At this point the graph would have two types of vertices. Some would represent actual accounts for recent transactions, and some would represent communities of accounts for transactions that are older. Clicking on a vertex representing a community would reveal the transactions between accounts within that community. It sounds complicated but that's only because I've had too much coffee. It's actually a really good idea! However I also like your current simpler interface. The fact that it gets hard to draw as the size of the ledger increases just means "don't run it for five hours" and I don't really see that as a bad thing.
  13. Because of the increase in lines and using svg to draw them? So maybe making connections with lines is good for recent transactions, but perhaps the older transactions should be represented as some kind of community structure among the nodes that doesn't require all those lines be animated?
  14. OMG it just broke above 7000 satoshis. I better make double sure Gromit packs the crackers this time.
  15. I've been adding chlorophyll to my drinking water. It turns it a wonderful color of green. I don't mind the taste. Also I'm staring at my laptop, and even though the light is off, I have the eerie feeling that somehow someone has activated my webcam and is sort of staring at me through it. Very odd feeling. Oh look! The value of xrp is below 7000 satoshis... yawn!