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  1. Guys, how do you determine what technology an ICO or coin is built on? how do you know when a coin is built on its own orginal blockchain technology?
  2. Guys, tradeview doesent support some of the altcoins im looking at, and the charts on cmc.com etc suck. so what can I use that has ALL altcoins?
  3. the same benefits that any IM service has over a forum. and also having a solid rapport with the other users allows you to help each other better
  4. Hi guys, I want to start a small focused whats app group for discussing crypto. probably an initial maximum of 15-20 people. will allow people to ask various questions without going 'off topic' please message me with whats app details if your interested.
  5. Guys when I want to skim my profits from a coin to buy in to another coin, how would I work out what amount of coin to sell to lock in my profits?
  6. guys how do I change which exchange im using on tradeview? right now its showing kraken and is stuck on 1.6 dollars
  7. so is TA still worth learning? elliot waves etc...can I increase my profits using such things?
  8. so what exactly is haejin saying? he's pretty much known as an oracle of technical analysis.
  9. According to @haejin_lee news does not affect the price of a coin. so why all the focus on news?
  10. Guys, forgive me for going off topic but seeing as there are 1300 coins in the market, how do people find promising opportunities? surely they cant research every single one, by the time you have researched the market will be different. so how do you quickly seperate the crapcoins from the ones of promise?
  11. MG confirmed and still hovering around 2.15? the hell? is it due to the time of day in the big market regions?
  12. 1.98.....1.99....1.98....1.99....1.98....1.99 Guys do you know to do?
  13. Last I hear Stellar (XLM) were most likely to secure a deal with Ali Baba seeing as the founder of stellar was disciplied by the chairman of Ali Baba?
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