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  1. Check your finance 101 classes !!! - nobody in their right mind thinks that future prices of XxRP is 1.33$
  2. So I guess we should expect a reversal in 2 hours !!! They must deliver those contracts, They must deliver those Bits !!!
  3. Excellent Observation !!! I think You are very correct here!!! I also often was confused when i saw a million XRP wall eaten in seconds and then small few hundred XRP orders would sit like cement, barely being eaten......
  4. XRP and Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other coins are trading in unison now (in respect to fiat) - it looks like it all automated trading or something - strange
  5. I am watching this foolish cheap promotion of Genesi$ crap over here and it makes me want to throw up!!! Guyz (2 of youz - same person who is doing it) - go get some marketing shmurketing classes will Ya !!!
  6. 1.51 $ - should be a bottom! - You people need Vaseline ?!? - I hope - Not - It's MLK Day after all - Behave !!!
  7. I figured why this thread is better than zerpbox: cause a user dont have to log in to view the content!!!.....duh......Winning!!!
  8. For anyone who feel terrible that they did not sell high at $3 to rebuy now at $1.50 - remember that You are looking at it "After The Fact" - so don't punish yourself and GODl - $1.51 seems as firm ground !!!
  9. Lock IT !!! Any Excuse will work !!! But Then !!! - You will have nightmares at Night !!!
  10. Heavinly presence knows sh$t !!! Increase in volume cause it takes in perspective both sell and buy !!! Easy !!! No !!! ?
  11. What exchange goes live in Japan tomorrow ?!? I forgot !!! SBI or something ?!? Maybe today's dip was a way for whales and sharks to get in low before it flies past 3$ again tomorrow?!? Just a thought people !!! I mean i am sober for once - I am obliged to have some Tthought!!! - I mean seriously !!! -
  12. You would cash out some small amount of XRP to "invest in more XRP" ?!? I can write something funny here - but they will lock me again for another 3 months !!! - but honestly !!! - SТFU!!!
  13. I was blocked like a month ago - for getting a fourth warning from the admin - Gomez - for saying some funny sh*t about useless FB of I spy Max, so I was not able to participate in the Zerpening; but before the IG of IL lock me again for being smart - I want to say - this thread was magic - thanks to Negro Hen for creating It !!!- it was like a Zerpbox reality show - Live TV - The Happening - so I guess what can I add to this thread.......I am Holding, and will continue 2 - until the vision cum through - and We will not re/balance our Precious - with fiat - but Will have - real life - mainstream - banking checking account atomic digital currency swaps - with debt cards on hand!!! - when will the vision come true - $100 - $1000 - $10,0000 - its irrelevant - what is mainstream - is that - a true Hodler - will not buy a Beer - with anything less - Than ThaTt !!! - Merry Christmas Amigos !!! - Epic Thread !!! - Love to All !!! @ XRP - THE STANDARD
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