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  1. 2017: 0.50$ - 2018: $5.00$ - 2019: $10.00 - 2020: $50.00 - 2021: $100 - 2046: $7000 - 2100: 10,000 Rubles -
  2. By all mechanics XRP price can not be low as the system only be liquid when XRP market cap is in trillions. What if a Financial Institution wants to move 1 billion dollars - and the price is 7 cent per zerp and marketcap of like 3 billion dollars - no way that transfer is happening. The system (XRP market cap) literally will have to be in trillions of dollars in order to provide sufficient liquidity for micro, macro, and jumbo payments of Financial Institutions and Retail Customers from all walks of life.....and thats just talking about payments.........
  3. I did not know you can squirrel away XRP stash into a Roth IRA - sounds suspicious - you sure its an "XRP Stash" ?!?
  4. 272K sounds like a dirty bluff - I have 69 XRP - and I sacrificed a bottle of Smirnoff for such Heroism -now that's Balls !!!
  5. If all goes well (which it will) - and XRP is $1000 - then what should i do ?!? ( amateur question) - You should do nothing - by that time - your XRP will be in a bank vault of Bank of America or something - and when you want to buy some Lobsters in Whole Some Foods - u just flash your BOA Debt Card - and a cashier winks at you - you say "Miss - I am an early adopter! - can I adopt your godly Form?!?" - She has 2 options: Sue U or $*ck U - and if she is smart - she will choose 21 century..... (WTF am I writing - no more dope for me !!! )
  6. With all due respect - I think it just means - they can not deliver you a physical bitcoin - all other chess mechanics are the same
  7. I don't know - maybe i forgot my finance classes - but I am with Mr. Duffy - I do not know how can you currently short Bitcoin or XRP or any other crypto for that matter. But I guess - CME addition of Bitcoin and in the future possibly XRP is very important - because - that futures market will overshadow everything - and at least - in the current scenario with bitcoin - all small time speculators in traditional crypto markets will start looking at what the big boys are doing at CME and adjust their valuations accordingly. I think this stuff is huge - really under the radar development in the crypto-currency/asset ecosystem.......
  8. Hello All, I was browsing internet articles (in the short moments I am not drunk) and found a recent article from cnbc https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/13/cme-ceo-says-bitcoin-futures-will-list-second-week-in-december.html Here, they interview Mr. Duffy, and he says such words about Bitcoin in perspective of them adding it to their platform for futures trading in December: "Today you cannot short bitcoin," Duffy says. "So there's only one way it can go. You either buy it or sell it to somebody else. So you create a two-sided market, I think it's always much more efficient." One thing that stood out for me is that indeed (from my understanding) today, its not possible to short crypto assets and with this addition to CME platform -mainstream investors - will gain the option to short digital currencies...... So my question to the community is: Is Mr. Duffy correct in saying that you cannot short digital currencies such as XRP and Bitcoin today, and if it is the case, what will be the consequences to the price of XRP and other digital currencies when/if they will be added to CME Futures trading platform ?!? Thanks in Advance for providing some light on this issue.
  9. I read the article recently: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/13/cme-ceo-says-bitcoin-futures-will-list-second-week-in-december.html and there CEO of CME says that: "Today you cannot short bitcoin," Duffy says. "So there's only one way it can go. You either buy it or sell it to somebody else. So you create a two-sided market, I think it's always much more efficient." I thought this comment is pretty interesting - as being from a financial background - I was always confused how can you short digital currencies in the markets they are currently trading on. I guess Mr. Duffy shares this view. In my opinion when big money investors will be able to start shorting Bitcoin - it can negatively affect its price - hard to predict - but interesting fact to analyze I think - any ideas about this?!?
  10. I thought 1000 XRP - sorry - drunk brain I have sometimes - well 5000 XRP is even better !!! (I definitely can not afford to purchase this much - but if I could - I would of done it faster than a fox can catch a rabbit)
  11. 1K ? get more ! - its only 200$ - ( i must swallow my tongue - i am too cheap to invest even that )
  12. Amigo - you are not inflaming a faayaa - you are extinguishing IT - maybe we all be dead in 20 years !?! - cause we are all humans !!! - I mean, not Joel Katz, - cause he is Fu%$*ng Alien.....(Comment Providers/moderators: Easy - Easy - Real Talk - Think about It !!!)
  13. Joe.....a collective response IS - stop being an idiot - of course it will reach 100 dollars in 20 years !!! DONE DEAL
  14. Come on maan - mighty dog beef can food for humans and ramen for human kind is best They can offer - usually I survive my day on grilled cockroaches and spoiled beer - (I am such a lier - such a dirty pig - eating caviar like a filthy animal everyday - and I am loaded on XRP - more Caviar>?!? - Albino Beluga Kind !?! - God Help US All......)