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  1. If you're having a doubt. Shut your stuff off now. HODL. We came here because we believe in Ripple. Which we do. Decline means nothing. We will come back up. Buy more.
  2. Another point. Once XRP is added to exchanges and USD can easily flow to it, since it's so quick it will be a top choice. Traders can benefit, banks can benefit, money transfers can benefit, a whole list can go on. Right now it's being held back. Once news/Q4 (Which should be very soon) come out and we are LIVE on exchanges we should be okay. DMM on the 11th should be a nice pump.
  3. Preach. Don't let a few days of staring at the market fool ya. Look at the bigger pictures and WHAT is gonna make that damn chart go UP or DOWN. Know your facts and research and your confidence will build, especially with XRP. I like the comparison to 'Apple' when I think of Ripple in Crypto. Simple, quick, boiled down yet complex and professional. Working with big companies off the jump.
  4. DMM DID launch XRP they didn't announce it. bitcoin.dmm.com The household names aren't a rumor. The 3 of the top 5 money transfers aren't rumors. Nothing I said is a rumor, unless the company is lying through their teeth, which I doubt. They all stated these things through twitter/interviews etc. Hopefully 3-4AM EST when its 6PM Japan/Korea they will come home and see DMM or start rallying again. But we have to wait for the news anyway.
  5. We still are going to go on Coinbase, I strongly believe it because if they want to make money they will do it. It seems like people are holding off and huge amounts of XRP has been moved around here and there lately. Something is gonna come. Don't worry.
  6. Ripple still has to release 3 of the top 5 money transfers they are partnered with. Don't forget the big household name(s). Microsoft dropped bitcoin and is doing things with Ripple. The DMM japanese site launched a new exchange that includes XRP, they have 27 million members on their site and it's not even 5-6PM in Japan/Korea yet. Don't forget a lot of other coins are in the same place and Ethereum is currently rallying. It's gonna be Ethereums spot for a little bit but I believe Ripple is going to come out with a nice amount of good news at once and we're back on the ship boys. Every other altcoin (almost) is in the same boat because they have nothing going on. Ethereum is rallying because its way faster than BTC atm and it's sort of replacing it, until XRP sneaks up...
  7. I have a feeling we’re gonna be way more than fine soon.
  8. bitcoin.dmm.com is now exchanging cryptocurrencies including XRP. I guess nobody announced it
  9. Banks won't use XRP. Bitcoin is built to go against the banks. XRP is centralized, company owns 60 bil. Says wallet min. is bad thing. Privacy is bad. People really believe one day you'll have a mainstream currency that overpowers the FEDERAL RESERVE lol
  10. Don't forget guys. 27 Million is better than 13 Million, but it's possible we can get both https://news.bitcoin.com/japanese-dmm-crypto-exchange-launch/ Asia influences the price way more than the west
  11. Brad is stating factual evidence and proving the FUD false. The amount of comfort from that is unreal. He didn't make himself look like an idiot either, he completely owned everybody lol. What a great boost to our attitudes on this day of a big drop in price. XRP baby
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